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DBOR //Storyline


The setting is the future; Dragon Ball Online unfolds after a long time has passed since the original Dragon Ball series. In this chapter, in order to make things easier to understand, we briefly introduce the events that have transpired within the time span between the original Dragon Ball and Online.

AGE 774
Peace returns to the Earth.

After Majin Buu, the universe’s greatest threat had been defeated by Son Goku and his friends, peace began to return to the Earth. Thanks to the actions of Earth’s “savior”, Mister Satan, people all over the world became interested in martial arts. The Tenkaichi Budokai, the aspiration of all martial artists, had become a large-scale event, drawing an immense amount of attention each year. A peaceful world’s friendly battles… People’s memories of the fierce battles of the past seemed to fade more and more as time passed. The one who was watching over them was the Kami, Dende.
“For this age, I don’t think these are needed anymore.”
With the aim of eliminating any potential meaningless conflicts on Earth, Dende deactivates the Dragon Balls.
“It would be nice if these peaceful times continued forever...”

Saiyan Blood: Goku and Vegeta
With two Saiyans starting families on Earth, their generations continued to expand and conversely, the Saiyan blood became more diluted as it spread throughout the Earthlings. The majority of Earthlings are not aware Son Goku and Vegeta’s accomplishments. For everyone, Mister Satan is their acknowledged savior. As time flowed across the generations, those who knew of the existence of Saiyans almost disappeared. However, as exemplified by Gohan, Goten, and Trunks, the Saiyans obtain potential to draw forth great power as they hybridize with other races. Saiyans also increase their abilities when they have a near-death experience. However, in the present peaceful world, the chance of a near-death situation is now seldom. If there were to be a crisis in which fierce battles with powerful opponents would ensue,then...
Pure-blooded Saiyans no longer exist in the present universe. Nevertheless, if their Earthling descendants were to someday awaken the latent Saiyan blood within, then that immeasurable power would once again emerge.
Birth of the Majin Race AGE 774

After the battle between Majin Buu and Son Goku’s allies had come to an end, Mister Buu, the good Buu, remained on Earth. Through Shenlong’s power, the people’s memories of the evil Buu were erased and have been enjoying peaceful days under Mister Satan since. Thus, Mister Buu gradually became accustomed to life on Earth and even entered the Tenkaichi Budokai, upon Mister Satan’s request. With his overwhelming power, he eased past the preliminary rounds and lost to Mister Satan in the finals on purpose. Mister Buu assumed the role to help Mister Satan retain his dignity as “World Champion” by repeating this every time. Every year he entered the tournament, he captured the hearts of the crowds with his immense power and childlike innocence, and so the eccentric Mister Buu also ended up as a world-famous celebrity.

Mister Buu is highly curious by nature. Watching a technique just once is enough to help him remember it and, because of this talent, he was able continually learn about and understand Earth’s culture and the various natures of humans. After some years had passed, Mister Buu started to change. From watching the burning passion of Earthling couples and the sight of close families, Mister Buu began to have “special” feelings. By this point, Mister Buu was acknowledged as Mister Satan’s rival and, because of his innocent nature, was quite popular with young women. But even that wasn’t enough to fill his heart. Mister Buu, seems to have reached puberty...

“Yeah, I want to make HOT LOVE!”
Is what he said, but Mister Buu, who did not have the slightest clue what “hot love” meant, found a book from Mister Satan’s library. It was Bob and Margaret’s Forbidden Games, the “golden tower” of erotic literature, which had taken its place as a secret bestseller among naughty “gentlemen”.

“Uhun~ don’t do that, it tickles. My mother’s going to come back soon,” said Margaret, but Bob forcefully---.
Even Kame-sennin himself was a frequent reader of this book in his younger days. Despite not comprehending what was going on, Mister Buu couldn’t stop reading. The more he read, the more heightened the fuzzy feeling within him became... The moment he finished reading the last page, the fuzzy feeling was at its peak.

“Uun! I want to love!”
With a spirited shout, smoke violently spewed forth from the holes in Mister Buu’s head. Accumulating over top of Buu’s head, the smoke began to materialize into a life form. Buu had been forming the image of an ideal girlfriend in his mind. The life form that had been created through the strong Love-Love power awakened by Bob and Margaret’s Forbidden Games sprang forth and turned into another Buu. Just like when Majin Buu had split into the pure evil Buu and innocent Buu in the past, this time he had divided into a male and female Buu.

“Waaa~! It’s my girlfriend--!”
“I also want to love you. Please take good care of me!”
The female Buu, who had been born from the original Mister Buu’s obsession, was naturally well-liked by the male Buu. The two Buus became happily married and formed a happy home together. Soon after, the two started to desire a child, like human families. Thus, they decide to read Bob and Margaret’s Forbidden Games again.

“Oi, I think that if you do something called booby-booby, a baby will come out!”
“Yes, booby-booby, you say...... You do it like this......”
The Buu couple tore pieces off of various parts of their bodies, booby-boobying by kneading them and making a lot of dumpling-shaped forms.

“All right, become a baby with our booby-booby--!”
A powerful beam shot from the two Buus! Then the many Buu dumplings transformed into the form of a baby Buu. The Love-Love’s result, which the inexperienced couple found by kneading with their hands. This is how the Majin race came to be. With each generation, the Majin race steadily increased its numbers. As a result, the overwhelming power of Buu was weakened through dispersion, but in the Majin lineage, it is said that an unknown force without limitations still remains dormant.

Namekian's Warning AGE 762

The Namekians, whose planet was destroyed by Freeza, had initially evacuated to Earth and afterwards, immigrated to the new planet, New Namek. The Namekians worked hard in order to lead a new life on the new world; they built houses and planted Ajissa trees. They didn't waste any energy and were soon able to establish a similar living environment to the old Namek. But soon, after about 100 years had passed, in Age 851, disaster struck New Namek. A flash of light appeared out of nowhere and from it came forth a myriad of unidentified forces. It was a group of artificial humans, like those who had laid waste to Earth in the past. They then started to attack the Namekian villages without discrimination.

“How?! How did guys like these get to our homeland... They shouldn’t exist in the present universe..." The Namekians were shocked and bewildered. In the midst of it all, the man who had been leading the forces demanded the following to the Namekians’ Elder, Muri.

“I seek only one thing. Surrender the Dragon Balls to Miira.”
“Miira...? It can’t be...”
Elder Muri had a realization at the mention of the name “Miira” and refused their demand. The Namekian warriors put up a desperate resistance. But due to the stark contrast between their powers, the Namekian warriors’ attacks were ineffective against Miira’s forces.

“So you are not planning to surrender the Dragon Balls...then I have no choice but to annihilate this planet...”
With those words, the man raised both of his hands up high towards the sky. Following him, all of the enemy forces outstretched their hands in a similar manner and started to send their energy to the man. A large energy ball began to form above his head...

“Disappear, Namekians!”
The attack launched from the man’s hands...the Genki Dama! New Namek was surrounded by a flash of light and burst into a massive explosion. A hundred years’ worth of history that the Namekians had built up disappeared in an instant. However, the Namekians were not annihilated. Right before New Namek was destroyed; Elder Mori summoned Porunga and requested that the Namekians be transferred to Earth. After arriving, Elder Mori informed Earth’s Kami, Dende, of the incident that unfolded on New Namek. A person who is after the dragon balls, the artificial humans of the past, the Genki Dama that demolished New Namek, and the mysterious being Miira.

“I have heard of the name “Miira” before. The Kaiojiken has mentioned his name in the past...”
“I understand. Please keep this a secret from the people of Earth. I will inform the King about all of you.”
With Dende’s mediation, even the Earth’s king accepted and accommodated the Namekians. Thus, they were able to start their lives on Earth again.

Around 150 years later, Elder Mori developed the living areas on Earth around Piccolo at the center. The Namekians are leading peaceful lives while maintaining their own unique culture, although some became wary because of the destruction of Namek and New Namek and distanced themselves from the Saiyans and Earthlings, who had their dormant blood. The Namekians are aware that the Earth is in danger after their experiences with Miira’s forces destroying New Namek. Dende joins forces with the gods to identify the patterns of Miira’s forces and develop countermeasures.

Earth’s Approaching Peril Circa AGE 990

Mayhem arises all over the world and villainous groups take advantage of the chaos to rise to power. There were some who felt that Earth was being attacked by a malevolent force, but the identity was not yet confirmed. Wild animals becoming monsters, demons starting to prowl, the Red Pants Army, the remnants of Freeza’s soldiers, etc. In the midst of it all, an incident broke out...

AGE 999 (July)

The North Capital suddenly went dark, and the Royal Army forces sent to investigate suddenly became inaccessible as well. The King was unwilling to express his own fear, afraid that his subjects would start to panic. He requested help from the Namekian community. Elder Mori accepted and asked Piccolo to investigate the disasters that have occurred around the world. The very first encounter Piccolo had was with a villainous group containing Pilaf’s descendant which had been taking advantage of the mayhem surrounding the world. Just what was the reason behind them committing crimes at the same time as the disorder, when they usually worked alone?

AGE 999 (August)
Trunks’ Conviction, a New Threat: Miira!

A strange vehicle appears on Earth. It was a time machine controlled by Trunks.
After arriving, he immediately begins to search for “ki”.
“...I found it! Piccolo-san’s ki...,Dende too...it’s Kami’s Sanctuary.”
Trunks immediately arrived on Kami’s Sanctuary.

“Please! Help me!”
In the past, Trunks had used the time machine for the purpose of defeating the Artificial Humans and Cell. However, even if it was for the protection of Earth’s peace, the act of using the time machine was ultimately a violation of the laws of the universe. When used, a time paradox occurs and multiple divisions are produced, causing the formation of different histories.
The Kaiojiken, who watches over the flow of time from the cosmos, gave Trunks a stern warning for his actions. Afterwards, in order to redeem his wrong actions, Trunks took up the job of time patrol, whose role was to correct the distortion of history.
"Someone’s expanding history at an alarming rate. If we do not put a stop to it, the universe will end!"

Miira had stolen the “Time Passport” a device that made leaping through time possible. Because Miira interfered with history everywhere he went, the resulting myriad of time paradoxes was putting a strain on the limited capacity of the entire universe. If these time paradoxes were to continue increasing, the universe, unable to withstand the capacity overload, will erupt into a massive explosion!
"It seems clear that the one who is expanding history is invading this era the most."
Piccolo contemplated .
"Why Earth, why this age... I am not sure. But he must be seeking something on the present era’s Earth..."

AGE 999 (October)
A New Savior!

Piccolo had continued his investigation and returned to the location of the Namekian leader, Elder Mori, the King of Earth, Dende, Kame'sennin and Uranai Baba. In a meeting between those who were aware of the imminent danger, Piccolo spoke up.

"Miira’s forces seem to be concentrated around Booby Island. From there, those bastards are likely to expand their forces towards the Northern capital, the military base of the King’s Army..."
The enemy who has transcended time, Miira. With the Earth as the target, his forces steadily continue to advance...

"A person who can stand up against their power doesn’t exist on the present Earth. Unfortunately, that includes me... However, there is a possibility for that in the future!" After hearing that, Dende decided to reactivate the Dragon Balls that he had sealed away, in hopes that the many warriors of the Earth would develop their dormant powers while competing against each other during scrambles for the Dragon Balls.

"I’ve also heard from the Kaiojiken. Miira’s identity is that of an Earthling from the future... Then there must be a possibility that the people of Earth today may have the potential to awaken a similar power. The only thing that I can do as of now is to assist in the awakening of that power... Let us wait. I’m sure one will appear. A savior, just like Goku-san..."

AGE 1000
Putting the unknown threat behind them, warriors all over the world are working hard at their training. The forthcoming of a savior, that potential resides hidden away in every child who is living on Earth...
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