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DBOR //Gameplay

Ultimate Dungeon
Ultimate Dungeons

Ultimate Dungeons are used to challenge players with technical challenges and teamwork.
In Age 1000, many of the rebel armies have established a secret bases;
Players can raid these secret bases, destroy the enemy and obtain advanced equipment.
There are two levels off difficulty, Normal and Hard, You can take a maximum of 5 people into these dungeons

Ultimate Dungeon Locations
Number Ultimate Dungeon Difficulty Level Req Location
UD1 Tao Pai Pai Normal 22 ~ Karin Forest
UD1 Tao Pai Pai Hard 30 ~ Karin Forest
UD2 Dr.Gero's Labratory Normal 38 ~ Westland
UD2 Dr.Gero's Labratory Hard 54 ~ Westland
UD3 Paella Memorial Normal 45 ~ Mushroom Rock North
UD3 Paella Memorial Hard 54 ~ Mushroom Rock North
UD4 Robot City Normal 51 ~ Mushroom rock South
UD4 Robot City Hard 54 ~ Mushroom rock South
UD5 Oil field pipe Hard 54 ~ East Yahoi
UD6 Narak's Fortress Hard 60 ~ Porunga Rock South
CC Battle Dungeon
Battle Dungeons

CC Battle Dungeon works just like Babbidi's ship in the manga.
On every floor the party must beat the challenge presented to them to proceed to the next floor.
Every 5 floors, a boss challenge will appear.

Upon beating the boss, every person in the party will be given a choice of whether they want to collect their prize and leave the dungeon, or continue fighting in the dungeon to get better rewards later on.
Special tickets can be used to skip a certain amount of floors when you start the dungeon.
These can save you a lot of time, if you so wish to skip the rewards for those levels.

No LP/EP increasing or regeneration items can be used inside CC Dungeon.
Only class-skills can be used to regenerate LP and EP. For this reason a dende priest is a must.
There are special LP and EP pots designed for CC dungeon can be used inside the dungeon.
Rewards from this dungeon are binded.

There are 6 different types of floors in CCBattle Dungeon:
  • 1. Mob
  • 2. Ultra
  • 3. Respawn
  • 4. Time Limit
  • 5. Bonus
  • 6. Boss
If your team can complete all 150 floors of CCBattle Dungeon, your team, will be rewarded a Stat enhancing Aura!

Time Machine Quests
ranked dojo

In DBOR A group of ‘Time Breakers’ use cracks in time, and attempt the changing of history.
The player must take a time machine and go back through the temporal rift to help Trunks and ‘HOPE’ guard history.
These tasks are called "Time Machine Quests."

The player can start Time Machine Quests from level 25 and up, the player can repeat a Time Machine Quest any time.
To begin a Time Machine Quest one member must obtain the specified Time machine crystals

Talk to ‘HOPE’ and apply to do a Time Machine Quest.
Only the captain can apply for the Quest, players need to join the party before they can enter.
Only 5 people can enter the Time Machine Quest at a time.
After entering a Time Machine Quest, you must complete all the stages within the specified time, to be successful.
Time Machine Quests are Stage quests; you must complete a Stage Quest before you can proceed to the next Stage Quest.
Every Stage quest has a time limit and must be completed within the time limit.

The following conditions will be judged as a failure:
  • 1.Unable to complete the task within the specified time
  • 2.Team members are all dead
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