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DBOR //Gameplay

Budokai Tenkaichi
Continues the tradition going back hundreds of years, held four times a week!
Want to be the strongest? Be sure to attend!

Budokai system automatically happens:
Junior - every Tuesday and Friday
Adult - every Wednesday and Saturday

Competition is divided into two brackets:
LV1-29 to participate in the Kid Bracket Budokai Tenkaichi.
LV30+ above to participate in the Adult Bracket Budokai Tenkaichi.

Before Budokai starts, the system will prompt players to sign up.
(Appears in the lower right corner of the screen).
Players must register through the registration interface to fight.

Dojo Scramble
When your guild grows to a certain size, you can move to your own dojo, only guild members can enter the Dojo, and open the Dojo warehouses, as well as the exclusive dojo trader.

The cost of a dojo application:
10,000 Guild style points
1,000,000 Zeni

You must find a Dojo administrator outside of each Dojo to make an application.
There are a total of seven Dojos near villages and major cities.

Location of Dojo Temples:
Kokkara Village, Snail Village, Bee Village (Starting villages)
Korin Village, West City, Buu Memorial, Mushroom Village

Dojo's can be divided into five areas, suitable for guild members to learn from each other and exchange knowledge.
In the supply room set up dojo trader, where you can purchase supplies and sell items.
You can store items in the Dojo Bank.
Each Week, the leader of the dojo can give one of his members the ability to skip Preliminaries for the Budokai Tenkaichi Tourament.

Dragon Scramble
Players need to grab a unique set of Dragon Balls, only the final winning team or person with all the dragonballs can summon shenron!

Players will be prompted in the lower right corner, Scramble is only available
once you reach LV45.
Tap the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to participate.
When the event begins Dragonballs, will be scattered around the map at
seven different locations!
When playing in the scramble, press the M key to look at the map
where the Dragonballs are.
After applying to scramble, you and your team partners will glow blue, any other players involved in the scramble will glow red.

In addition to the village, water and other safe areas and all players participating in the scramble will be available during scramble.
The dragonballs will fall from slain characters and animals in the wild, after picking up a dragonball, it can be traded to team members.

However, when the following conditions are met, the dragonball will fall to the ground:
  • Your character dies.
  • Use a teleport or instant transmission or other ways to move instantly between regions.
  • Move to a region where you can not fight; such as a village, water and so on.
  • Changing channel or exiting the game and switching characters.
Players have the freedom to fight against each other, when the opponent dies, you get bonus points for the Mudosa Gambler.
After seven Dragon Balls have been collected, you can go to Shenrons’ altar and summon Shenron.
Stronger equipment then regular dragonballs can be gained as well as your regular transformation skills and HTB skills.
Ranked battles
ranked dojo
Ranked Duels can be played at any time, against anyone of the within five levels or as a group of five against five for team duels.
Rank Duels can be done 80 times in a day.
To find an opponent you must search for opponents using the ranked sign up system;
if no one is found within a minute you must search again.
After being assigned an opponent or opponent team, all the players will automatically be sent to the venue.

 Solo Battle:

  2 minutes per round, three rounds, two rounds won to win.
   opponent KO, or out playing outside when the opponent wins

 Team Battle:

   3 minutes per round, five rounds, three rounds to win.
   Score accumulates via kills against other team.
   Team with the most points wins the round.

After the game the statistics have obtained for each round, the final score will accumulate points to each contestants battle score, as a participant in the world Budokai selection criteria.
At the end of the world Budokai games, battle points will be tallied.
The player must battle to get ranking points. In addition participants can also get bonus points for the Mudosa Gambler as a reward.

Player Duels
In game, players can battle with other players freely. It is an easy way to train without the penalties of death.
One player must first apply for a Player Duel against their opponent and will begin upon consent of the other.

When the Player Duel begins, the two players will appear in a duel circle in the middle there will be a referee (NPC).

if a player leaves the duel circle they must return to the arena within 10 seconds, otherwise the person who left the duel circle will forfeit the duel.
Freedom Versus has no special rules.
if someone’s Life Points would go below 2LP the other player wins.
If the battle lasts for one hour:
Battle will end automatically with the person with the most health left winning.
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