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Do you see stuff like Risk or Monopoly? that's what boardgames are. Sometimes people are lazy to go out or dont want to spend cash and when that happens we end at someones house playing sometimes boardgames to naughtyword out with others.

My fellas that are more into this say this website is great so here it is

I will start with games I have and played recently and hope someone else catches up with more stuff.

Disckworld ankh-morpork

Awesome game, in this game each player gets a random way to win the game and no one knows which victories possibilities are into the game. Everyone is suspicious of everything. you have minions and houses to place around the city and you control parts of said cities using your cards. You can kill and destroy other players pieces so everygame people will go nuts in a good way. You can activate global events, this is the only dice aspect of the game and these events are all meant to afect the players in a bad way, so you either avoid those if the game is going nice for you, or if you are losing hard you make these events appear more and they might afect other players more than it would destroy you.


This is a co op game, all the players team up against the board. the world has a pandemic of virus and the players should erase said virus from the world before its to late. Each player gets a different character that has his own powers. this game is easy for people to get into the game and is in the top of co op games.

Rock the Beat

Played this yesterday and it was a mess, which means I loved this game. You might have played this game but without cards and instead drinks in a bar. In this game people get cards and these are their symbols, then you you set up a beat and the system is making your symbol and then make the symbol of the person you want to be next. If someone fuks up said person gets a bomb and the winner is/are the persons with less bombs.
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