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Dragon Ball Time and Space Legends Setup Guide
« on: January 26, 2019, 03:32:59 AM »

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Dragon ball Time and Space Legend Guide by Dumke

Things you'll need:

  • Android emulator: Nox, bluestacks
  • Android or iPhone

  • QQ or QQ International app
  • Wechat

  • At-least 10GB free space on your PC.

You will need at-least 1280 x 1024 for the launcher to display correctly.

Optional, Recommended: Administrative PC Access to change Region locale to Chinese Traditional

As this step is optional, you can skip this, this will just remove the boxes, and or messy looking symbols, if you can't see the images on the launcher, this step may fix that issue.

To change the region locale to Chinese Traditional
Press the Windows Key, or press the start menu button and type
"Region" click Region under settings, after opening, click the tab Administrative, second box, click "Change System Locale", find Chinese Traditional, click and then click okay.
This will require a restart of your computer.


Start by downloading the game:!ueR3zKBb!ti4rBFobc4VuZQF7KOYU2iYW-ffeVGlpLCLOlZcbSfE

once it's downloaded, rename it from


If you can't see the extension, just change it in explorer "Win+E" and click View at the top, click Options, in Folder Options, click View again, scroll down and untick "Hide Extensions for Known File types" click ok.

once you've extracted to your place of choosing, open the folder rename the two .bin and one .exe in the folder to these exact values:


run the application.

change the install to location of choice, if you don't plan to change the location, just rename the folder to DBOTaSL and click (N >)
It will tell you are about to install a roughly 7.3GB file if that's fine click Yes, if you need to change locations, click No.

this will ask if you want a desktop shortcut, tick it or not, however you want.
click N, Click N one last time to finalize, then click I to start installing.

Once you've run the application and successfully installed the client.
feel free to delete the folder that you extracted.

Open where it's been installed to, and run the Launcher, if it doesn't work, run the Launcher as administrator.
If you have Wpflauncher.exe has stopped working, try running the launcherUpdate as admin.

If you're still having issues, you might need to download .net framework, or run the vcredist_x64.exe in the folder.

If all things are successful, click the bright yellow rectangle to start patching.
It should start downloading roughly 2GB or more.


create qq account:

or create one with the QQ international app.

You can either use your own mobile number & email or just Google temporary phone number, if you are required to use an email, search temporary email.

once you've created the account, save your qq number & password somewhere you can get it later.
start up your qq application on your preferred device or emulator. (if you are using an emulator you will use a qr code reader extension for your browser.)

open this link on your PC

click the qq icon to login with your created qq account

and scan the QR code by choosing the option in your qq app, top right.

once you scan the QR Code you should successfully log in.
now that you have an account, you should be able to login with your qq details

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