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Hello guys, we're all tired and fed up with the continuos flaming threads and having to delete them aswell as give out warnings and stuff.

This will be very simple, you (the usual people who flame) have been warned many times, so next time there's an attempt to start another flaming war, you WILL be baned for a time period depending on how big is the matter, there won't be perm bans for now, but do not force us.

This is a message from mods and admins, not just me, and it's for EVERYONE who has been warned on this matter.

Many of you think that just because, for example Jocer, has a contributor tittle and was on Uprise, he won't get affected, and that is not true. All of his flaming threads (at least the ones reported and seen by us) have been deleted, and he got warnings aswell as any other user. Just clearing this up, so you guys stop with the nonsense of "uprise running the project"

If you find flaming threads, PLEASE, do report it in case we miss it.

Sorry for the inconvenience to any other user that got affected by this.
Have a nice day,
The Staff.
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