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Project status
« on: September 24, 2017, 04:47:40 AM »
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Hey, I just wanted to ask that is this project still active, because the Dragon Ball Online game is up now but with a new name, Dragon Ball Online Global. I wasn't sure if this was you guys or not or you were working with them. Just wanted to spread the word if nobody knew :/

Project status
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The DBORevelations team has been going through problems in the development process and personal life that has slowed down their work drastically. Since they work on this as a hobby, and for free, they can't dedicate completely to it and get these issues sorted out as soon as possible. As to why they work on this as a hobby, well it's because of legal issues. Dragon Ball Online is a game owned by... Bandai? I don't know the legal stuff but a big company owns DBO and no one else is allowed to make money out of it. DBOR just emulates the server and all the money they might get out of advertisements and donations have to go towards server maintenance and improvements.

This other game you talk about, DBOGlobal, is a separate project that illegally makes money out of a game that isn't theirs. DBOG is their job, unlike in DBOR. Because of this, DBOG has to work harder on their project, and basically, DBOG is all they do. They make sick money out of their overpriced game (the cash shop items are more expensive than in the original DBO), and there's no need for them to also get a job independent of this project.
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