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New Dragonball RP!DBRD(OpenApplication)
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Hello everyone this is a new rp I am making that is DragonBall themed, it aims to capture a DB and DBZ feeling as well as provide its own unique features that you may not see in those series.  It is open to any moderate rpers who fancy something a little bit diffrent from what the other rps are like on this site.

Here's a bit of backstory behind this RP - This takes place in the same or similar universe as one of the current dbz roleplays,  "A new beginning" .
Right now the earth is relatively peaceful aside from the current threat coming to attack the planet. With all this peace on earth stuff there isn't any real serious or cool stuff going on,... leaving nothing but mostly paperwork for Roxas, guild leader of Radiant Dawn to do . However recently he received a distress signal far off from space and they've reached out to Roxas and some others requesting help. Having this request sprung on him in the middle of nowwhere there was natural hesitation , he asks for time to decide wether to leave earth or an indefinite amount of time  or stay on earth where he isnt needed as much. With the passing of  Rogue, a comrade who died in a feirce battle, Roxas grew even more conflicted , but after testing the strength and observing the fighters throughout the land , he decided that the Earth was in good hands of the current generation. Now, with excitement ,fear and curiosity he is gathering up a small group of people to assist him on this journey this new planet(s). One of those brave souls is his close freind and guild knight Kaiza , a strong flame haired warrior who fights for the same cause as Roxas.Currently all are getting prepared ,to go explore the new world that awaits .

,Now that that is over with,you can go ahead and apply to be one of the few that accompanies Roxas and his freinds to somewhere in the galaxy to possibly emerge a great hero, villian, vagabond or just explorers .

NOTE: When making this RP I only had me and Kaiza in mind atfirst. But I have changed it for those of you who think you have a good character and can add to the Roleplay and would like to join in on this RP that isnt based around fighting all the time. So anyone is welcome, but you have to get approved...Also don't worry about the whole guild thing as its not crucial to the story and the crew that is with him isnt made up of only RD members.

Now be warned this isn't as casual as the the other Roleplay. For instance , no one worded replies and at least a paragraph.(4 easy scentences isnt too hard to come up with, An occasional one liner is fine but don't make it a habit) Also I don't want any shadow the hedgehog devil may cry edgy types, we arent having a whose balls is the biggest contest here. You can also make antagonists if you'd like, Im really interested in the ideas you might have  .
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New Dragonball RP!DBRD(OpenApplication)
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Name: Kaiza Yamishira
Age: 21
Race: Human (1/16th Saiyan)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 180 lb

Spoiler for Hidden:

To make adjustments to this image to better suit the character I had in mind, Kaiza has tiffany-blue eyes and crimson red hair, following the same hair-style.

Kaiza (SSJ):

*Note: This picture is ‘SSJ3’ form. Kaiza can’t go SSJ3, but this picture is the perfect example of what his hair would look like if he did. Otherwise, his hair has the same design of looking like ‘flames’ when he’s in any SSJ mode.

Personality: Kaiza's personality is best described as a friendly person who has the will and determination to see things through to the end. He is kind and caring for his friends and family but holds a strong sense of justice to those who are evil. This calm and collected human likes to plan and thinks things through before acting. He has been known on occasion however to break that rule if something or someone really pushes his anger past his high threshold limit. At that point, Kaiza can be caught in an uncontrollable rage in terms of his hidden anger and merciless power to destroy his foe.

Background: Throughout his entire life, Kaiza always had a passion for learning martial arts; it was not until he hit the age of 17 that he decided to leave his hometown, North City, in search for a broader view than just the basics. With the limited knowledge equipped, he felt as though his dreams of opening his own Martial Arts school would never be realized. Furthermore, having been raised in a city surrounded by mountains, it seemed only natural for Kaiza to feel obligated to climb over his ‘tall rock fence’ as he calls it and see the rest of the world. For the majority of his life, Kaiza only really fought when it was necessary or out of survival. This included hunting or defending the town whenever some trouble/crime stirred amidst. Now, the fighter aimed to improve his techniques and possibly make a name for himself out in the world so his chances of opening up a school would increase.

When Kaiza was introduced into the reality of the world outside of his hometown, he quickly fell in love with learning and the knowledge that came with fighting techniques.  He travelled from city to city helping as much as he could while simultaneously seeking advice from instructors scattered across the world. Through years of training with under different masters, Kaiza was able to form a mixed set of techniques of his own that tailored specifically to himself.  The positioning, stance, and posture Kaiza often prefers to take reflect Muay Thai or a boxing-type style. Furthermore, a milestone that Kaiza was able to achieve was the ability to turn SSJ – a feat he was only able to achieve at the cost of an entire village. Even to this day, Kaiza blames himself for not being strong enough to save those he cared about. The incident alone left an un-erasable scar within the warrior’s heart. A scar where when he thinks about it, only motivates him to become stronger.

Closer to present day, Kaiza has grown older and wiser from countless battles with others. Some villages he visited in his journey coined him the title 'The Burning Warrior' after witnessing his burning passion and fighting style. In his journey travelling, Kaiza managed to join a guild named 'Radiant Dawn' in effort to put his knowledge and passion for fighting to a better cause. He was reluctant at first, but quickly made good-friends with his heart-warming and welcoming guild mates. He especially became close with the guild leader Roxas, although he does not like to admit it. Eventually becoming a Jr. Master of the guild, Kaiza continues to travel and grow.

Currently, Kaiza had been asked by Roxas to accompany him on a mission. Apparently a distress signal of some kind had been released from a world far from earth. Naturally, Kaiza was willing to help so he quickly packed his things into capsules and left with Roxas in aid of the world in need of help.

Equipment and Possessions: N/A

Abilities and Techniques:
  • Burning Attack
  • Kaioken
  • Burning Blast: An orange fiery wave/beam of concentrated energy fired from the hands of the user. When the blast connects with a physical surface, a blast radius is then formed as if a bomb were to be dropped in the area. Although this blast can be devastating in terms of raw power, the blast cannot bend as it can only shoot straight. In addition, the shorter the charge of this blast the weaker it is.
  • Blazing Combination: A series of flaming punches and kicks starting with an elbow across the jaw and ending in a severe uppercut between the ribs of the opponent, knocking the air out of them. As the opponent falls to the ground, a quick charge of Burning Blast is initiated, ending the combination with a devastating Ki Blast to incinerate Kaiza's foe.
  • Inferno Strike: 3 powerful flaming uppercuts; First uppercut in the abdomen making the foe bend over, Second uppercut to the bottom of the jaw sending a burning sensation through the skull paralysing the enemy in pain, and the last most powerful uppercut that strikes in the same vicinity as the second uppercut only to follow through in searing flames, blasting the opponent upwards.
  • Inferno Divider: 2 Strikes; First strike to wind his opponent and create a collapsing effect (meaning the opponent is paralysed and will fall until they are lying on the ground). Next, flies high up into the air and comes crashing down fist first into the foe with precision. This creates a fiery explosion incinerating anyone within a certain radius. Kaiza does take self-damage from using this move, as this is a double-edged sword.
  • Flame Burst: A defensive move; at the cost of sacrificing both some energy and health, Kaiza is enveloped in a shield of flames blocking and incinerating all projectiles thrown at him. In addition, if a body were to come into contact with the shield the foe would be burned.

Fighting Style: Kaiza excels at being a melee classed fighter; most of his skills being based on physical contact using his fists. In terms of energy waves or Ki blasts, he is only sub-par at best. Generally speaking, Kaiza's mindset in a fight is to take down the opponent as fast and efficiently as possible to save time, energy, and sometimes even people. Because of this, Kaiza often emphasizes a lot on offense and not enough on defence. That said, Kaiza is smart in terms of fighting and is willing to adapt to situations as the fight progresses.
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New Dragonball RP!DBRD(OpenApplication)
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Name: Yorlam Ironhide
Age: 6
Race: Human (1/16th saiyan)
Gender: Female
Height: 3'7"
Weight: 67 lbs
Personality: She is very carefree and anti-warm weather.  She also enjoys trying to out-do her father whenever he wants to try something martial arts related.
Background: Yorlam spent her first three years of her life wondering around Vating and Yvin's home and learning basic martial arts and ki control.  On her fourth year, they took her to a tournament for kids her age and watched her win... Third place.  Later that year they taught Yorlam her first ki blasts and ki attacks.  In her fifth year of her life, She started being home schooled and was taught even more about martial arts, and the basics of how to wield a staff.  Later that year she got to go to another small kid's tournament and this time took a first place trophy.  On her sixth year, she finished her home schooling classes for the summer and then she got to train more and she and her father, Vating, decided to go down to West City to see how well they have improved over the years.  Yvin stayed home that year to keep the home well kept.  Throughout the past month, life has gotten hectic for her, as she got to fight in the tournament, fight a bio-android, die to some aliens, and skip the first two days of her school.  She is revived shortly later with the dragonballs.
Equipment & Possessions:
  A staff (more will appear later on)
Abilities & Techniques:  (Note: Not all of these are named so I will probably name similar things to help describe them)
  Most ki blasts are cold to the touch rather than warm like most.
  A ki blast similar to a big bang attack (again blue, you know what, all of these attacks are going to be blue).
  A ki blast that shoots two small balls of energy.
  Lastly she has amateur skill with a staff.

New Dragonball RP!DBRD(OpenApplication)
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FINALLY. The profile of my character which is long past due.
Name: Roxas



Gender: Male



History:There are many different worlds and timelines that exist in the world. In the timeline most of us know Planet Vegeta is destroyed, causing the saiyan race to be nearly extinct except for a few. There are some timelines where freiza never destroyed the planet, or he was stopped in doing so. However meddling in time usually always causes some kind of disruption, the concept of time itself is complex. Typically when time travel is involved we often see a less than desirable result when someone changes time, but occasionally, things change for the better. The outcome of this change is still unknown.

Roxas is a Saiyan from the Planet Vegeta who would be destined to become a great warrior for the Saiyans, and for Freiza; Had Freiza not gone to destroy their planet. In our timeline the day before Freiza exterminated the saiyans, a child no older than 3 dubbed Romanesc (o) at birth. Up until that point he was brought up like any other saiyan. However instead of meeting his fate at the hand of the evil warlord someone else had a different plan for Romanesc. An adult Saiyan with battle scars would arrive, clearly giving off the vibe that he wasn’t from around there. He showed up to the child's home and abducted the boy, after quickly besting the boy’s parents with small effort.  A crying Romanesc attempted to fight back against the kidnapping brute, but this only annoyed the Saiyan further, causing the warrior to knock him out.

When he awakened the boy had no idea where he was, or when he was, all he overheard were people in strange clothes scolding the warrior who kidnapped him. The only things Romanesc could pick out from their conversation is that whoever it was had to return to wherever they came from, and his response about it not being unreasonable to want to live even if it wasn’t him directly and the current him had to die. In reality that warrior was Romanesco of a timeline where Freiza didn’t destroy planet Vegeta for whatever reason. Due to circumstances caused by who knows what and interferences from time patrollers or other beings with time tech his timeline is ruined and while accepting his own unchangeable fate , he defies the laws to change his own fate from another time.  Making a point that he is aware that they have used magic (the dragon balls) to wish warriors from different times and realms to help them in whatever mission they fight.

Since Romanesc was meant to be dead, as long as he disappears for the majority of the time where the most significant battles of the universe occur, it would be as if that is what happened. In the end they settled on an agreement with the stubborn warrior. He agreed to meet his fate back at his own timeline in excahnge for them sparing the boy, but not before delivering the harsh truth to the Kidnapped boy. He briefly explained that his parents were dead and he no longer had a home on planet vegeta anymore, not that he expected the kid to remember any of this. He did however leave him with one word of advice.

“I don’t care how you live ,(evil, good, lazy, or neither) it's of no concern to me. Just as long as you live the way you want to, not someone else's way…. And promise me you’ll become strong.”
The last bit being more of a saiyan goal than anything.Thus the warrior Romanesco, who wasn’t by any means a “good” person went to meet his fate in his own time, while the ones who remained in our time kept their word and arranged for them to put Romanesco on earth during the new age of warriors .
Since then he has received a new name by the inhabitants of earth, a name similar to the Spanish Rojas, but transposed to be Roxas. Fast forward 17 years and the young adult has long since forgotten of his alien origin, name and parents. Becoming an Earthling of great stature and moral values , he would eventually be the one to found one of the most well renowned guilds of all time , Radiant Dawn.

Having trained in various martial arts styles and gaining mastery over ki, he  has gained a plethora of skills throughout his many adventures.Using his desire to become strong as a way to protect what matters most to him, he vows to take care of the family he created for himself as well as help those who may need him, not only those on earth but those across the universe. For now it seems like changing the fate if this fighter has created a better present and future.

Personality:Quite diffrent from his timeline counterpart, being raised on earth resulted in him  turning out to be a kind hearted guy. He seems very intimidating because of his rough saiyan looks , but once people get to know the real him, their impression of him is usually changed.He also loves to explore and discover , taking life as one big adventure, while still enjoying the small things around him. Learning is somewhat of a passion of his but he is in no way a genius or nerd, just offhanded curiosity. He remains perceptive of people and their ideals while he personally chooses to see the better in people rather than the bad, typically giving them benefit of the doubt to most who cross his path. That being said he isnt exactly very trustworthy , and much rather rely on himself than on others.

Growing up without much of a family to call his own results in him being very protective of his close freinds and people he cares most about. This can often work as motivation , or somthing that blinds his usually logical judgement.. This plays into his stubborness and pride that he often struggles with trying to mediate.That said naturally he perfers things to go his way, and while stubborn on certain ideas he will compromise if nessecary, as he realizes not everything is as black and white as it seems.

There are few that he truly trusts but he is almost always willing to make a friend. They say the most kind people are the lonliest, you wouldnt exactly be wrong in this case either.

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