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Yo, i haven't RP'd in a while. So, why not make an RP for those who wanted to change the Timeline? Well, geez so many people wanted it. I give then this. 

So, this RP took place before Bardock and his team died and every thing happened throughout history. So, events would have been added in, changed, or stopped before it's too late. This is based on my older RPs back in FB in 2014 where Goku became a smart-ass and changed the saiyan race from a murder machine into a peaceful race. I was going to do it in a reboot with my old 'buddy' (No longer sadly. I still miss him though.) in 2014, but that wasn't going to happen since he was mad at me for no reason. (I think my 6 month Hiatus had led to this. He won't add or respond to me, but i am really Goku.)

Now, i plan this RP here, and it's a crossover to the Aether I & II Mod in Minecraft, Starbound, Terraria, Dragon Ball Z (Mainly), Dragon Ball Super (Mainly), Homestuck, and mainly Dragon Ball GT. I am also inviting some Roleplayers who are interested here. I can spread the message and the link to social Media though. (I might get permission from admins.) Plus, i might make a petition to get my old buddy back via the help of 700 signatures, and up to 3,000,000 signatures to get him as my friend forever.

So, if you are going to join as a canon, choose a character from the wiki.
Or if you are going to join as an OC, use this app here:

Basic Ki Skills:
Techniques and Attacks:
Friends With:
Power Level (Must not be higher than Goku's power level.):

Follow the rules for the RPs in Kiyza's post if you want to. But if you remember it already, smart-ass like Goku you're awesome.

Taken characters:
Goku (Dragon ball Super Version. Post-Revival of f Saga. I took him though.) (Other versions of him are open.)

No one likes to mess with me. You mess with me, you're going to have a bad time.

My Skype: Renai Goten (Add me if you want. ^^)


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