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Dragon Ball GT: The Ritual of the Reborn (OOC) (Open to RPers)
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Introduction: Takes place 1 year after the events of New Planet Plant, the Earth was peaceful,. Life diverged and spreads everywhere, but something happened in the past 7,000,000 years. A race called The Reborn in the past tries to take over this universe for the sake of Torture, Slavery, Violence, Terror, and Sorrow.  The Reborn are made of Dark Sorrow Crystals that can be found in the deepest areas of the Demon Realm and beyond the universe. They arrived in 7 Million Before Age, and they are born for Chaos and Fear. They are being known for taking over millions and millions of planets, turning the inhabitants into Slaves, Prisoners, or even worse cases, Driving them Insane and Extremely Suicidal.

But a man, who used the Ritual toward the whole race of Reborn, sealed the Reborn away forever. But something isn't forever would come back powerful than ever. The Reborn went loose after the seal was broken due to an evil being. The Reborn has a goal, To take over the universe and the total enslavement of an infinite universes. If the Reborn wasn't stopped, that means every universe in universe space is enslaved within years, or even worse, weeks. The infinite war will begin and won't stop till reality is enslaved. But 15 chosen saviors are here to stop the Reborn before everything is enslaved to the point of starting a war. Will the heroes stop the Reborn before it's too late? Find out in Dragon Ball GT: The Ritual of the Reborn! 

Main: Hello! and Welcome to my new RP, Dragon Ball GT: The Ritual of the Reborn! Sounds like a cool name right? But the introduction is way cooler (Or if you don't like it, that's fine.) This is a Action-Adventure RP that it centers around Fights, Wars, Fast-Paced music, Sorrow, Heroic Actions and Humor, and last but not least Adventure Action Packed Butt Wooping!  Warning: A lot of Chaos inducing Reborn actions may appear. If you find this unsettling as all hell, consult your doctor right away.

Rating M: Contains a lot of Gore, Violence, and Chaos Inducing Reborn Races may leave you with nightmares for weeks. Oh and, Fast-Paced Music and many musics can appear. Oh and Many, Many crossovers can appear. (Such included, Cartoons, Anime, and Video Games.) 

Character Form (If you wanna sign up this Chaos inducing RP right away.):

Battle Music (You can have many music as you want.):
Death Music (This must be sad, or else.):
Explore Music (Must be from any music at all.):
Skills/Techniques/Forms (Don't be overpowered from your mind. Use these if you are in a franchise.):

For Ex:

Name: Irate Itraria
Race: Pure Blooded Saiyan
Franchise: Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT.
Battle Music:
Death Music:
Explore Music:
Bio: Irate was born in Age 762 as a Pure Blooded Saiyan, when she was 6, she practiced sword fighting. She wasn't good at swords when she was 6 years old. Overtime, she became really good at it and won some sword fighting touraments. Irate made good friends with Bulma during the events of Super. But however, a new evil arose in Age 790 and her steel sword, she could save the universes. She is very brave, and acts like a guardian to Earth and the Universe. Her phobia is Demon Gods as she claimed it was scary as hell, and look so terrifying that she can't sleep in one day. She likes Pocky, Taiyaki, Takoyaki, Yakisoba and Ramen since she like japanese food. Her dislike is only Demon Gods.

She nearly likes every race except Makaios. She claimed that Tuffles are the best, but Saiyans she only liked the best. She can't decide which it's cuter, Goku or Vegeta. Otherwise, she would hugged them both. She likes both Chi Chi and Bulma's food, but her best was Her food. She was the second best cook in the universe. But then, she like her food that she would put toppings to make it taste delicious. She has the chance to save Earth and the Universe with her sword if the Reborn decides to mess with her.
Skills/Techniques/Forms: She has the ability to deflect ki blasts with her sword, but only her sword can take it. She has Insanely Fast Reaction Time and can slice a bullet in half with her sword (Just like in Real Life!).

In conclusion: This RP has infinite slots for Main Characters. A massive crossover, Rate T to M. Also, don't die in this RP or the Reborn will enslave your soul. Anyways, i hope you can enjoy this!

No one likes to mess with me. You mess with me, you're going to have a bad time.

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