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Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • I am a: Super Saiyan
Age: 15
Race:Human (1/32 Saiyan)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4

Appearance: A fit teen,short spikey hair,Blue Gi, with red undershirt,and White pants

Backstory: Lived in a Small town in the west district, But at the age if 5 his father was accused of serious crime with the penalty of death, So his family went into hiding in fear of losing his father but at the Age of 13, his Parents left him and left a note saying it was too dangerous for him to go with them anymore and he needed to fight to survive, and the note came with directions to Master Roshis Island. In only half a month he found the island and has been training with Master Roshi since. 

Personality: Fun-loving, likes a good fight, Freindly towards other allies

Possesions: Steel sword, Backpack filled with training books   
Abilites: Kamehameha: Strong Energy Wave
Super Kamehameha: Full Power Kamehameha
Full Power Energy Volley: An Energy Blast Barrage
Counter Burst: A Counter that unleashes a Flurry of punches and kicks, followed by a smash o the head sending the enemy downwards
Burning Slash: Slashes of a sword followed by a blast
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Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • I am a: Swordsmaster
Name- Kyzen

Gender- Male

Height- 5'11

Race- 6.19% Saiyan, around 30% Earthling and the rest is Dragonic

Personality- Kyzen has a very high sense of humor and jokes around a lot. But he gets angry easily.

Appearance- Kyzen has a Orange hoodie with a red T-Shirt.He has blue jeans with yellow and red running shoes with black socks. He has black hair in the form of Jellal from the anime "Fairy Tail' and Black Eyes with one red eye

Backstory - Kyzen was a young boy in Xeken Village. He trained like hell to master Lightning

Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • I am a: Grand Chef
Race: 25% Saiyan 75% Demon
Height:Teen Gohan Height but a little taller
Weight:Teen Gohan Weight

Personality:He selfish but caring most of the time, funny, likes to flirts, he won't submit failure ( most of the time depending on the situation )

Background:Ryuukage a boy at the time was kind & nice until he saw the world for what it is. Ryuukage getting news from other villagers. That his father was presumably was missing but Ryuukage knew that they were lying & that he dead ( wink wink :3 ). Ryuukage's uncle accuse Chie for the missing of Ryuukage's father & she was sentence life. Ryuukage ran away from the village & to escape this nightmare he was experiencing. But so far he getting his life back on track.

Fire Ball Blast

Flaming Defense

Flaming Breath

Flame Conjurer

Fire Prison

Blazing Death

Blazing Power

A Sword (He will lose this weapon soon)
A Metal Edge ( A weapon he will get later on)


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