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Topic: Roleplay #2 application thread  (Read 5808 times)

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Roleplay #2 application thread
« on: May 10, 2015, 09:56:17 AM »

    Offline vating

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  • Thought I'd shoot my way out, mix things up a bit.
  • I am a: Swordsmaster
Basically you go here, set up a basic bio for your character, and then you can join in when we say so.  GMs for this RP will be Mystic Vegito, Roxas, and I and we're basically gonna make villains (not immediately, or early on at all) for all the characters to face off against, if no one wants to be one.

Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2015, 10:05:57 AM »

    Offline Rogue

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  • Praise the Radiant God! Jr. Master of Radiant Dawn
  • I am a: Swordsmaster

DBO Class:Swordsman
Height: 6'3
Weight: 175 lb.
Race: Saiyan
Clothing: Saiyan armor
Affiliation: N/A
Home:Planet Vegeta and also Earth.
Favorite Food:Anything
Abilities:martial arts, Swordsmanship, a tiny punch in ki blast. Also acupuncture
Omega Offense-able to cut or diminsh any spirtual or physical energy that it over powers
Alpha Defense- able to absorb or diminsh any spirtual or physical energy that it over powers.
Beta ?-?
Dream:To wield the ultimate sword and hold the World martial arts title.
Weapon of Choice: Omega and Alpha Blade
Eqipment and Possessions:
Alpha Sword
Omega Sword
Beta Swords
Simibot ( a gift from Trunks. Simibot is a gift from Trunks and can be used for a variety of things.)
The One Star dragonball (Another gift from Trunks. He assigned Rogue with the task of protecting it.)
Senzu Beans
Personality: Funny,Witty,arrogant, and graceful. He might come off as mean and maybe rude but once you get to know him, you understand that is part of his humor. He enjoys singing also and has  a very melodic voice.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Long ago when a ancient armada came to destroy the sayian race the sayian's sent two pods out to the far reaches of a whole other galaxy, we all know that kakarot was in one but the other is a mystery. In that pod was a sayian named Rouge. Knowing that the sayian race would become extinct from this battle, high nobles sent this sayian to another planet to train and come back and reclaim victory for his race. It took Rouge five years to get to his destination. Within those five years his pod cooked clean and taught him how to read,write,talk, fly and fight. It also came with this holo recording telling Rouge about the sayian culture and root. The two things that stuck out the most were that their once was this sayian legendary warrior and that the name of leader of the armada that destroyed his planet and race was Lord Freiza. He vowed to seek vengeance on him. When he got their strange foreign snake aliens took care of him for a day and then they put a spell on him and it seemed like he advanced a little bit over 200 years into the future but he was still the same age. They then taught him how to fight more for a year and how to handle a sword. Then they sent him to earth where they said that he would find what he sought he was thinking Freiza would be their. So they cast another spell on him and his pod was cast off to earth and he got their in 3 hours somehow. He landed in the middle of a jungle. He tried to fly to civilization but sadly he couldn't fly anymore for some reason. Then somebody came across him in the forest. He had purple short hair. He introduced himself as Trunks Rouge told him everything about himself and he couldn't believe it. He took him back to Gohan in West City, and Gohan examined him and concluded that he was telling the truth and he was a sayian. Rouge asked where is Freiza? Trunks laughed and told him that goku killed him Centuries ago. Rouge was then disappointed and became very angry. Trunks then tells Rouge that one day he will take him back to that day. Rogue ask Trunks how is he to do that and Trunks told him that he has a time machine and he travels around correcting things in time. Gohan interrupts their convo and tells him he can tell Rouge that later and that he wanted to see his fighting skills. With that Trunks and Rogue spared in the back of Gohan's laboratory. He was clearly no match for Trunks but during the fight Trunks power level increased dramatically and his hair went from purple to golden. Rogue remembers the legendary warrior and ask Trunks about it and if Trunks is him. Trunks laughs and tells him no and that it this transformation is called Super Sayian and only the strongest most skilled sayian could do it. Rogue ambitious flared and told Trunks to train him to become a strong Sayian and Trunks said i thought you would never ask. Later that day he over heard gohan and trunks talking. They were talking about Rogue, Gohan told Trunks that he senses Vegeta's energy in rogue just how he felt it in Trunks. Trunks agreed and said he would train Rogue. Then they start training in hand to hand combat, swordsmanship and a little in ki. Rogue enrolled in Kikokenjutsu school. He made friends with this majin named Ezra after they fought a huge battle and caused a huge explosion in the city. Those two became like brothers and sisters. He also made a friend named Sting who is also a sayian. Till this day Rogue trains and journeys waiting for the day until evil comes knocking. He loves being told about Vegeta. He feels like he should be CONNECTED TO him some how.
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Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2015, 10:14:56 AM »

    Offline vating

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  • Thought I'd shoot my way out, mix things up a bit.
  • I am a: Swordsmaster
character to the right, also picture of him as a child
Name: Vating Ironhide
Age: 28
Race: Human (1/16 saiyan)
Gender: male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 163 lbs
Background: Vating spent most of his early years in an Orphanage in North Yahhoi (where he still lives today) because of his Mother dying in childbirth, and his father had slipped on an icy bridge into a frozen lake.  The owner of the orphanage, Magrid Baker, had raise him, along with many other children (most of which were around fifteen to seventeen) that would wonder the town they were in.  While doing just that one day, he ran into a swordsman who, after surviving a really long interrogation on what he did and what it was all about, bought Vating a wooden sword and told him about ki and how it works.  After learning about this, Vating spent the next three years studying this "ki" thing and learning how to harness it.  By now he was the age of seven and the orphanage wasn't doing too well, with few donations coming in.  That's when he brought it upon himself to go out and make some small money for Magrid, as he was now the oldest in the orphanage and there weren't many others there.  Throughout the next year, he traveled all across the continent and learning everything he could from different random martial artists and masters, never actually staying in one place for too long as he had a world to see and money to make.  Eventually he met Kariza and he showed Vating his home.  Vating decided to leave again after a day and continue on.  Eventually he got back home and gave Magrid a well filled bag of zeni.  A couple months later and now eight, Magrid decided to let him enter into a local martial arts tournament because she used his small adventure as a way to help make some donation money for the orphanage as well and he went on an incredibly long trip to help them.  There he met Yvin and after that, they decided to hang out a little and eventually were inseparable and very close friends, then eventually after another fourteen years of Vating and now Yvin learning from many different martial artists that came by, they got married.  A year afterwards, they had a child named Yorlam.  Now he lives in North Yahhoi and continues his martial arts training as often as possible.

Equipment & Possessions: A long sword, and an old worn-out wooden sword. (He will probably have more as I develop him some more)
Abilities & Techniques: (Note: Not all of these are named so I will probably name similar things to help describe them)
  Most ki blasts are cold to the touch rather than warm like most.
  Freezer Ball
  Dual Shot
  Lastly a bunch of sword abilities (burning slash, shining slash, etc)
Any Family relations (That have a character and won't do one for them yet): Yorlam Ironhide (Daughter/ age 6), Yvin (Wife/ age 28)

Name: Yorlam Ironhide
Age: 6
Race: Human (1/16th saiyan)
Gender: Female
Height: 3'7"
Weight: 67 lbs
Personality: She is very carefree and anti-warm weather.  She also enjoys trying to out-do her father whenever he wants to try something martial arts related.
Background: Yorlam spent her first three years of her life wondering around Vating and Yvin's home and learning basic martial arts and ki control.  On her fourth year, they took her to a tournament for kids her age and watched her win... Third place.  Later that year they taught Yorlam her first ki blasts and ki attacks.  In her fifth year of her life, She started being home schooled and was taught even more about martial arts, and the basics of how to wield a staff.  Later that year she got to go to another small kid's tournament and this time took a first place trophy.  On her sixth year, she finished her home schooling classes for the summer and then she got to train more and she and her father, Vating, decided to go down to West City to see how well they have improved over the years.  Yvin stayed home that year to keep the home well kept.
Equipment & Possessions:
  A staff (more will appear later on)
Abilities & Techniques:  (Note: Not all of these are named so I will probably name similar things to help describe them)
  Most ki blasts are cold to the touch rather than warm like most.
  Freezer Ball
  Dual Shot
  Lastly she has amateur skill with a staff.
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Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2015, 10:16:42 AM »

    Offline Parrish

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  • Dab
Name: Parrish
Age: 21
Class/Race: Fighter/Saiyan (Or is he... :D )
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: Over 160lbs

Appearance: A fit adult, with spiky jet black hair. Normally wears a black with orange outlines Yardrat outfit. Occasionally wears a orange gi over a dark blue undershirt, orange pants. Dark blue wristbands, along with dark blue boots with a red border that are outfitted with yellow laces. He also has a tail

Personality: Thinks of most people to be wary, but is still friendly and enjoys people that are actually in need.

Background: Parrish never knew his parents, the first person he remembers is his best friend, Zeno. In his house he found powerful Metallic Gloves. He believes his parents left him this. He found Gohans books, he then realized Saiyans have tails. He also has a tail, so he assumes he is a Saiyan.

Abilities will be revealed in the RP.

Equipment: Metallic Gloves

*Is always with his friend Zeno (Not major enough for a full bio)
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"I am the stone that the builder refused."

Don't you let out that antidote...

Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #4 on: May 10, 2015, 10:20:54 AM »

    Offline Tofu

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  • Solving problems, one punch at a time.
  • I am a: Turtle Hermit
Just gonna copy and paste my character from the other RP bio thread and change a few things

Name: Tofu
Age: 20
Race: Human (descendant of the saiyans, like the DBO humans)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8'' feet
Weight: 154 lbs

Appearance: Usually wears jeans, a simple t-shirt, and a sweater but when he's going to train or fight he changes into an orange and black Turtle Hermit Gi. This is a picture of him from the DBOG alpha:
He's supposed to look about 20 years old but I'm not an adult there yet... nor I think I'll play that much anyway.

Personality: Honest and humble. Smart fighting style, analyzing the enemy and making a strategy before going all out. Always looking for a good fight and will admit defeat on a match if he happens to lose but will never stay down if he or any of the people he cares about is in danger. He's strong on energy attacks but he can still put up a good fight when forced to fight physically. If he's enjoying the fight, he tends to laugh a lot on each short break or after talking.

Background: Tofu was a regular kid that trained martial arts as a hobby. He lived in West City with his parents, who barely even cared about him so he wasn't really fond of them but still cared enough to protect them. When he was 7, he met an old Turtle Hermit while exploring and asked him for training. After 11 years of training the Turtle Arts, his master passed away out of old age. The master had already taught him all the Turtle Hermit techniques and it was up to Tofu to master them fully. After his master's death, he built a house near West City and moved there to avoid alarming the citizens every time he trained but remained close enough to protect his family and the people of the city if something were to happen.

Equipment & Possessions:
  • Turtle Rod: An old, yet still strong Turtle Rod his teacher left him after his death.
  • 3-Star Dragon Ball: His teacher also left him this Dragon Ball but it's a temporal possession since he might give it away or collect all 7.
Abilities & Techniques:
  • Flight: He can fly, like most Dragon Ball characters. This is considered an ability, I guess.
  • Kaio-Ken: We all know what Kaio-Ken is, right?
  • Kamehameha: The classic Kamehameha, not much to explain here. He has the ability to change the direction of the blast while shooting it but the he needs a lot of concentration to do so, making it impossible to do it in combat.
  • Destructo Disk: An energy disk that can cut through anything. His Destructo Disks fly in a straight line.
  • Focused Rod: He can focus his energy into his master's rod and land a strong physical attack through it.
  • Energy Blast Volley: A volley of weak energy attacks.
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We WILL protect the peace!

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Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #5 on: May 10, 2015, 10:24:07 AM »
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  • I'm Mystic Vegito! Hit me with your best shot!
  • I am a: Super Saiyan

Name: Cerego
Age: 18
Race: Human (1/16 Saiyan)
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11''
Weight: 123 lbs

Personality: Cerego is very polite to people and never underestimates them. He makes jokes but never makes fun of other people. He'll never tolerate a bad person and is cold towards bullies. Loves fighting but will always take advantage of his opponent's weaknesses.

Background: Cerego never knew his parents and from a very young age decided to be a hero. He was never good at fighting so he often trained and eventually developed his own techniques with help from the fighting classes he attended. He grew up loving the stories of the saiyan Goku so he decided to be just like him and become Earth's protector.

Equipment & Possessions:
Gloves: His Grandparent gave him these.
Scouter: It's been passed down through his family.
Abilities & Techniques:
Concentrated Kamehameha
Stronger Energy Barrage
Final Effort
Rock Paper Scissors
Final Crash
Raijin Fist
Rock Paper Punch Fist: An powerful move that grows stronger with the user. If used too much, it has a chance of killing the user.
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Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #6 on: May 10, 2015, 10:38:13 AM »

    Offline Shyruni

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  • Money tastes bad. Drink Milk. It's better.
  • I am a: Majin
Name: Shyruni
Age: 13
Race: Majin
Gender: Male
Height: 4'' feet
Weight: ??? lbs

Appearance: Has a blue-ish tint to his body, has short spiky hair, and is often seen smiling.  Wears a long white scarf and always has sunglasses on, no matter the occasion. 

Personality: Relaxed, friendly, and cool.  The hyper active little bro that people want to be around.

Background: Raised in a small village in the East District, Shyruni learned of his combat capabilities at a young age, having a strategic mind and great control over energy.  After meeting Jaryan and Mirrow and having started MarineCorps, Shyruni went his separate ways to train and become the best Squad Leader he could become.  While being cool, of course.

Equipment & Possessions:
Sunglasses X ???

Abilities & Techniques:


Serene Grace: Shyruni has natural physical and energy regeneration.
Malleable Body: Due to being a Majin, his body is less durable but can regenerate and stretch.
Flight: Shyruni can fly (though he doesn't prefer flying in general)
Unbreakable Elastic: Shyruni can drastically improve energy resistance for a short period.
Kaioken: Shyruni can improve his physical capabilities by putting a strain on his body.


Double Whammy Ball: A ball of energy with momentary paralysis
Continuous Homing Shot: Constant barrage of homing energy.
Vanishing Ball/Super Vanishing Ball:  Large ball of explosive energy.  The longer it's charged, the bigger and more powerful the blast and explosion.
Shout: Can yell so loud that it momentary stuns the opponent.
Human Extinction: A powerful move that takes about 3 seconds to charges.  Launches a swarm of energy beams from the sky that rain down and strike a large area.
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We WILL Protect the Peace!

Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #7 on: May 12, 2015, 10:39:26 AM »
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  • I am a: Swordsmaster
Name: Lance
Age: ? ? ?
Race: Bio Android
Height 6'1"
Weight: 160 lbs

Spoiler for Hidden:
We WILL Protect the peace

Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #8 on: May 16, 2015, 10:39:15 AM »

    Offline kobob23

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  • They took my candy... And I took their planet.
  • I am a: Majin

Name: Esper
Age: 29
Race: Majin
Gender: Female
Height: 163 cm/5'4"
Weight: 50 kg/110 lbs.
DBO Class: Grand Chef Majin

Personality: Hot Headed, Addicted to Sweets, Tries to stay Positive.

Equip:  Female Buu-Gi
Ambition: To take down the RP army.

Vanishing Beam: Esper fires a beam with a similar color scheme to the Vanishing Ball, and the same power.

Candy Beam: If the opponent is alot weaker then Esper, then it has the power to turn the person who was fired upon into Candy.

Crazy Rush: Esper sends a flurry of swings at her opponent using her Lollipop Hammer at a crazy speed.

Galactic Donut: Esper charges a donut shaped Ki blast that she can fire at the opponent to trap them.

Vanishing Ball: Esper fires a purple ball of ki surrounded by black aura at her opponent.

Super Vanishing ball: Esper fires a vanishing ball that is alot larger then a normal one. The attack is powerful but drains Espers energy quickly.

Majins Screech: Esper screeches loud enough to stun someone.

Transformation: (( She currently doesn't have a transformation, but will obtain one soon. ))
Pure Majin
Spoiler for What Esper looks like when transformed:
When transformed Espers abilites are limeted down to:

Genocide Blast: A powerful blue ki blast.

Planet Burst: (( We all know what this is. ))

Majin Scream.

Weapon: A giant lollipop that Esper uses as a weapon.

Backstory: Esper never seemed like a fighter, Martial Arts started out as more of a hobby to her to begin with. But she trained every day, ever since she entered the Child tournaments when she was young. She was determined to become one of the greatest Martial Artists. She never actually won a real tournament but she kept trying every time a tournament came around.
Around her village she took up jobs that seemed to help her training, but she went to deep in the Desert one day and came across a Red Pants Army hideout. She was noticed and had to fight her way out, but since the Red Pants where found out they had to execute their plans early. They sent dozens of soilders to the Majin village Esper was living in and wiped them all out. Esper fought some if them down and escaped the destruction with her family.
They hid for a few weeks before going back to their village, seeing nothing but destruction in what used to be their home. Ever since Esper has been training harder to make sure the RP army never do a thing like this again.
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Marine Corps
 the peace of DBO is in our hands, and we WILL protect it

Signatures by Kaiza:

Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #9 on: May 17, 2015, 06:50:02 AM »
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  • I'm Mystic Vegito! Hit me with your best shot!
  • I am a: Super Saiyan
Name: Veis
Age: 18
Race: Bio-Android
Gender: Asexual
Height: 5’11''
Weight: 150 lbs

Personality:  Cruel and selfish Veis won't hesitate to kill anyone who stands in it's way.

Background:  Veis was created to destroy everything in the universe by the Timer Breaker's dying super computer. It was made up of the cells of the greatest fighters. To achieve it's perfect form Veis must absorb Cerego because his DNA is the only thing Veis is missing.

Super Vanishing Ball
Electron Wave
Omega Offense
Alpha Defense
Double Whammy Ball
Destructo Disk

Equipment & Possessions:
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Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #10 on: May 17, 2015, 07:25:47 AM »
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  • I can even tame lightning!
  • I am a: Swordsmaster

Race:Half Saiyan ( more like 34% but wutever )

Personality: Is friendly and admits when he is weaker.He is also funny and believes in himself.

Background:Josh trained with fire.He trained with his parents to become the strongest befriending Kyzen and training with him 70% of the time he trained.But on the day the gang attacked Josh was separated from Kyzen in a huge blast coming their way.Josh thought Kyzen died in the explosion ( same thing with Kyzen ) so he went to train in the far east where it was hottest.

Fire Ball Blast

Flaming Defense

Flaming Breath

Flame Conjurer

Fire Prison

Blazing Death

Blazing Power

Gloves:These Gloves boost his fire power

Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #11 on: June 19, 2015, 07:08:17 AM »

    Offline kobob23

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  • They took my candy... And I took their planet.
  • I am a: Majin

Name: Keiza
Age: 6 (10 Is adulthood for Namekiens)
Demon Claw Attack: Keiza sends a flurry of Claw attacks at his opponent.
Mouth Energy Wave: Keiza sends a ki energy wave at his opponent directed from his mouth.
Draconic Roar: Keiza sends out a battle cry empowering his physical attacks.
Charging Fist: Keiza charges a ball of Ki in his hands and sends a punch to his opponent with the ki attack in hand.
Affiliation: Good
Favorite food: Vole Meat and Namekien Fountain Water

DBO Class: Warrior
Weapon: None
Items: Scouter, Bladed Gauntlets
Backstory: Keiza was a born warrior from the start, he was trained to portect and serve his village. Until a villain called Veis destroyed his village and many others. And he was left to wander out to find a way to bring it back.
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Marine Corps
 the peace of DBO is in our hands, and we WILL protect it

Signatures by Kaiza:

Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #12 on: June 19, 2015, 03:34:31 PM »

    Offline vating

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  • Thought I'd shoot my way out, mix things up a bit.
  • I am a: Swordsmaster
Character to the left, and child
Name: Yvin Ironhide
Age: 28
Race: Human (1/16 saiyan)
gender: female
Height: 5'9"
weight: 133 lbs
Background: Yvin was born to a fairly well off family.  Her parents were easily capable of providing for her.  In her early years of her life, she learned basic martial arts and and ki control and went on to learn some minor abilities.  She grew up learning under her father, until the tournament she met Vating, they then both trained together quite often and eventually got married at the age of twenty-two.  Soon after, they had a child named Yorlam, who Yvin trains and teaches just as much as Vating does.
equipment and weapons: A staff (more will appear later on)
abilities and techniques:
  Most ki blasts are cold to the touch rather than warm like most.
  Freezer Ball
  Dual Shot
  Lastly, masterful staff techniques.
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Roleplay #2 application thread
« Reply #13 on: November 22, 2015, 10:26:56 AM »
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  • zane
  • I am a: Dark Warrior
Age:52 years of deactivation-32 years of activation
Height:6 '11'
weight:150 lbs
BIO: Z-01 was a prototype robot that was supposed to aid the frieza army, only 6 were made Z-01 is the first, after 3 months of development, the lab had ran out of

tech, and it would have to wait another 12 months for the next shipment. They simply could'nt wait that long, they decided to abandon the project, launching all

versions to different planets, 01 was sent to earth, with little energy in him, within his first days on earth he scavenged on the resources, to then stumble on a

capsule corp facility, he transferred all of his current data, to make sure that when his energy runs out is not corrupted, after that he fled to the woods where the

girl named Lime lived nearby. settled amongst a tree, and layed dormant, until a mysterious warrior came to his aid, he helped 01 learn of many things, he also

gained a new source of power that granted him his Ki abilitys, however when he found out about peace, he researched it came up with the conclusion that. "everything that threatens peace

must be eradicated for true peace..." he then flew away from his owner, his location is unknown.

Powers: Gravity defying Ki= ki that is focused on gravitational tatics and destruction
cybernetic abilities= he is able to hack into tech amongst the universe, he can only hack one system at a time.
Gravity spear- a strong Ki blast that cripples the enemy
gravitational stomp-he disrupts any ki that travels from the ground for example/ if someone was grounded he can use this skill to stop it
inhumanitation-it takes 5 minutes to charge and can injure the opponent critically, he is incapable of other strong attacks whilst charging this, it takes the form of a

large red beam.
prime beam= a menacing beam that chases upon the target and causes regular Ki damage
full power outrage-his power enhances 4 x than his regular power
martial arts
copy syndrome-he is able to copy the opponents weakest skill for 30 mins

race-arcosian warrior robot

current equipment=old arcosian equipment

personality: he is very thoughtful intelligence and independent when it comes to defending himself, he doesn't like helping others and is very clever.
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Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • I am a: Martial Artist
Name: Kaio

Age: 20 ( age changed )

DBO Class: Martial Artist

Race: 1/16 Saiyan 15/16 Human

Height: Around Adult Gohan's Height

Weight: 138 lbs

Appearance: A gi similer to Gokus but the orange is black with bed hair from ultimate tenkaichi
                                                                                                                                        Personality: Calm but serious can get angry in extreme situations

Background: Kaio was a proud warrior who always wanted to train he got little education but he had hereditary smarts. As a child he lived in a village in the middle of a Ring of Fire (a literal giant ring of fire).At the age of 11 he decided to leave the village to go find strong opponnets he battled giant monsters in the fields till he was 15 then he moved up to fighting other martial artist he met a cute girl when he was 19 but was dumped 6 months later he then went on to train across the world until he found Johnny and this is where the legend of Kaio begins...

Equipment: None

Abilities and Techniques:

Energy Wave

Power Bomb: A ball of energy

Power Bomb Barrage : A simple Volley Wave Barrage

Blaze Burst: An Attack that takes the opponets Attack and combines it with his own power to be used as his Attack the defender can only be hit by this attack 3 times per use and the while the attack is active the attacker takes no damage and has a blazing yellow aura surrounding him ( this Attack takes up a lot of energy.

Dark Kamikaze beam : A highly skilled beam if this hits a person with Negative energy

Fire Manipulation : Kaio's ability to manipulate fire

Soul Blast: A beam made to replace Dark Kamikaze Beam it has the same power but it makes negative energy positive energy if it hits a positive soul nothing happens

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Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • I am a: Swordsmaster
Name: Alduin
Age: 18
Race: 100% Saiyan
Height: 5'11
weight: 190LBS

Apperance: click here    He has SJJG Red Hair with red eyes and light Brown skin with a red monkey tail he has red runes on his upper body and wears an armor similar to that of Lord Beerus the God of Destruction that is colored red,gold, and black. he has a defined body which is a bit lean but well and hard muceled. True Imiage that goes with description will come soon

Personality: funny guy with a bit of an evil sadistic attitude in there to but usually is easy going he can also get stubborn and pretty arrogant, all in all dont get on his bad side, or you'll be dead.

BackGround: He was Born on Planet Vegeta and was a day old when Freiza decided to destroy it he was sent out into space until a rouge ship captured his pod and when they realized who he was they raised and trained him until they were attacked by space pirates, before the attack the Owner of The Space ship gave Alduin a special kind of armor, anyway since the old space captian ( name is Striker) didnt want the space pirates capturing Alduin and giving him to Freiza he knocked him into staisis and sent him to earth. The Staisis pod froze time on the inside to so Alduins Body and Age as well as his mind so he wouldnt age. Trunks Found The Staisis Pod on one of his Adventures and brought it back to earth. Ever Since Then Alduin has gone rouge, not in the bad way, he just didnt join any groups as he was always a loner ever since the incident in the space ship all those years ago to other people but a year ago for him. He has been on Earth For One year and understands how most things work

Equipment: celestial saiyan armor

Abilities  and Techniques:

Big Bang Attack

Divine Flight- a super flight that allows him to travel at super speeds.

Divine technique: a technique that allows him to do rapid combat teleports and fast hits

Dragon Manifestation: when a Dragon comes out of his aura and slams into his opponent

Dragon Kings Energy.

Fear Aura: when he transforms into his ssj form his red aura puts a fear and shock spell on his opponent so they cant move.

Divine Power: is a power up that adds more than 50% of power to his already manifested power level

Hell barage: allows him to fire many blasts of Ki.

Final Flash.

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.
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Fear? Fear isnt a word where i come from. Striker

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Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • I am a: Martial Artist
Name: Violet

Gender: Female

Age: 19

DBO Class: Martial Artist

Race: Human

Height: Around Chi Chi's Height (In World Tournament Saga)

Weight: 112.5 lbs

Appearance: A gi almost identical to Goku's but the orange is purple,the blue is black,and she wears a skirt instead of pants. She has hair like Android 18's but it's Black.She has purple eyes with black pupils.
                                                                                                                                        Personality: Kind and considerate but if she snaps she'll go berserk

Background: Violet was a perfect child until one day in the middle of the night at the age of 9 she got kidnapped by a old evil majin Violet was then raised and trained by him until Violet killed him 3 months after Violet had turned 18 now she roams the world looking for a place

Equipment: None

Abilities and Techniques:

Energy Wave

Blaze Burst: An Attack that takes the opponets Attack and combines it with her own power to be used as her Attack the defender can only be hit by this attack 3 times per use and the while the attack is active the attacker takes no damage and has a blazing yellow aura surrounding her (this Attack takes up a lot of energy).

Explosive Murderous Mist : A deadly purple mist that explodes when Violet says " go out with a bang"

Solar Fist : Violet's fist turns a orangish red color if the hit makes contact a Meteor falls onto the target (is rarely used because it drains her ki) depending on the shine of the sun depends on the meteors power

Lunar Phase: Violet phases her body so that she can make clones of ki

Lunar Eraser: A two handed blast that will drain 25% of the users Ki
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Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • I am a: Majin
Name: Kariza

Age: 16

Race: Namekien

Spoiler for Hidden:

Height: 6'8''

Weight: 116 kg/255 lbs.

Gender: N/A

Backround: Kariza is the Chief of the Kraz village. Each villager had the letters K and Z in their names. Kariza was childhood friends with Vating Ironhide and currently the teacher of Keiza. When his village was attacked by Veis he was collapsed on by the Residue, until his pupil Keiza found him. They went on a journey with the help of friends to revive the village.

Weapon: Ancient War Axe.

DBO Class: Shadow Knight


Big Mouth Energy Wave (( A larger Mouth Energy wave. ))

Sharp Slice. (( A purple ki induced aura forms around his Axe making it more effective. ))

Intense Concentration. (( Kariza enters a state of Concentration where he closes his eyes and uses his Antennas to sense incoming attacks, useful when he cannot see in battle. ))

Self Destruction Wave. (( Kariza sends a huge wave of powerful ki around him, though this attack can easily drain so much energy he can pass out in battle. ))

Dragon's Oath. (( Not much a Technique more like Mental Stability. Kariza is immune to Confusion, Fear, and Taunting. ))
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Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • I am a: Grand Chef
Race: 3.125% Saiyan, little of Earthling & the rest of course Demon
Height:Teen Gohan Height but a little taller
Weight:Teen Gohan Weight

Appearance: His hair Tsuna & Gohan combine, he wears any everyday clothes (because he doesn't gi that much), his skin is mix (Dad: White, Mom: Black)

(Birthday is on August the 15th)

Personality:He selfish but caring most of the time, funny, likes to flirts, he won't submit failure ( most of the time depending on the situation )

Background:Ryuukage a boy at the time was kind & nice until he saw the world for what it is. Ryuukage getting news from other villagers. That his father was presumably was missing but Ryuukage knew that they were lying & that he dead ( wink wink :3 ). Ryuukage's uncle accuse Chie for the missing of Ryuukage's father & she was sentence life. Ryuukage ran away from the village & to escape this nightmare he was experiencing. But so far he getting his life back on track.

Art of Demon- A family transformation that was made by the legendary demon hero. Weaker to any race that is not demon

Tsukiken- Its give a Ryuukage a moon light aura around his fist. Its more power when a full moon is out.

KageJū- Both of his arms get a minigun like aura thing and its shoots little ki bullets which are very fast.

(Ryuukage won't use any of his previous transformation anymore.)

Black Mist Bow- A move that takes a long time to charge depending how he wants to use it.

Poison Sword- A move that change Ryuukage's left arm into a poison blade. If it hit his opponent both of the opponent's arms are going become limb for 5 or 6 minutes.

& Nature

A Sword (He will lose this weapon soon)
A Metal Edge ( A weapon he will get later on)

(Its a weapon that like a boomerang but metal)

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Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • I can even tame lightning!
  • I am a: Swordsmaster


Race:Dragonic Husky (Puppy)

Backstory: Tsu was an Orange Husky that ran away from his owner because they weren't providing for him.Tsu learned hunting skill from some animal friends that he met on his journey.One day Kyzen flew across the field and Tsu liked him so he hid inside his hoodie. But when Kyzen fought Vating and awakened his red eye one of Tsu's golden eyes turned red also.Tsu now continues his journey with his new owner, Kyzen.

1.Dragonic Manifestation
2.Volt Grip
3.Thundering Hurricane
4.Shocking Claws

Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • Weed & Cheeseburgers
  • I am a: Grand Chef
Race: 6.25% Saiyan, some earthling & the rest demon.
Height:Chi-Chi height
Weight:Chi-Chi weight

Appearance:She has short hair, she does wear gi but not very much.

Personality:She strict, she caring, kind, brave.

Background:Chie is the oldest out of Kyzen & Supra. Chie always wanted to keep Kyzen & Supra safe & away from trouble. So she always watch over Kyzen with his training , & Supra. Everytime Kyzen cause trouble she would put him in a water cage for 2 hours. Chie always had spars with Kyzen & Supra, they only won 1 time because they were organize. When Chie was 18 she meant Masahiro. Everyday she will see him until she was 22 right before the town was attacked. She left her hometown to go marry Masahiro. Chie had Ryuukage & had to help Masahiro run the village but she was accuse of the missing of Masahiro & sentence life before she was taken away she told Ryuukage leave the village & find a better life.

Water Cage- A cage made of water

Water Shield- A Shield also made of water.

Demonic Claws- Her hands become A  demon like claws

Water Sword- Its a sword made of water.

(She'll learn more moves later on the rp)
Able to heal animals

A Frying Pan (xD)
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Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • My Hand Hurts From All The Drawing
  • I am a: Kaioken Master


Race: ChineseCrestedPowderPuff Puppy

Age:10 months

Background: Luigi is a puppy who has fighting blood inside, Luigi family used to be tested in a BioBlood facility. Luigi's mom was tested illegaly and was really sick, but she still gave birth to Luigi. Soon after his birth a year later she died, Luigi was scared for life and made it his mission to make the people here pay for there crimes. Luigi trained and trained until he was ready to escape. Luigi use his speed to escape the BBF and was on the lamb for a couple of days. Days later Luigi was hungry after his escape and fell until Johnny found him on his way to school, He skipped school that day to help Luigi eat and grow strong. Supra let Johnny keep Luigi and then from on out Luigi has been with Johnny and his family and has continued training to be a strong dog.

Moves: (He'll developed some soon)
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Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • Weed & Cheeseburgers
  • I am a: Grand Chef


Race:A Bear

Backstory: Ry was only a cub when his mom was killed so he try to survive by his self but failed. He got stuck on tree trying to get a squirrel (I hate squirrels) but luckily Ryuukage past by & notice Ry. Ry became Ryuukage's best pal after he came & rescue him.   

1.Ki Blast (From his mouth)
2.Water Shout
3.Water Claws
4.Ice Horn
5.Ice Slam
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Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • I can even tame lightning!
  • I am a: Swordsmaster
Name- Kyzen

Gender- Male

Height- 5'11

Race- 6.19% Saiyan, around 30% Earthling and the rest is Dragonic

Personality- Kyzen has a very high sense of humor and jokes around a lot. But he gets angry easily.

Appearance- Kyzen has a Orange hoodie with a red T-Shirt.He has blue jeans with yellow and red running shoes with black socks. He has black hair in the form of Jellal from the anime "Fairy Tail' and Black Eyes with one red eye

Backstory - Kyzen was a young boy in Xeken Village. He trained like hell to master Lightning finally at the age of 7 he finally mastered the technique. Kyzen then began training with swords until he was 9. But one night a gang of Demon's attacked and took him captive and forced him to kill targets. At the age of 12 he escaped and lived on Earth.

Kyzen's Birth day is July 8th and speed is his greatest attribute

  • Bolt Armor
  • Volt Prison
  • Volt Shocker X
  • Dragonic Manifestation
  • Thunder Punch
  • Dragonic Red Kaminari Charge
  • Red Kaminari Fist

  • Swords
  • Ring

Roleplay #2 application thread
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  • My Hand Hurts From All The Drawing
  • I am a: Kaioken Master
Name: Johnny

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Race: 60% Human, 1/16%, Saiyan, 10% Demon

Height: On par with Teen Gohan but smaller

Weight: N/A

Appearance: He has black skin color and has the same get up as Goten, but with no sleeves (Kind of like Dragon ball Super) and his colors are White and Green. He also wears a White band on his head and has a white scarf.

Personality: Johnny has personality that is sort of a mix of Vegeta, Goten, & Gohan. He's cheerful but is not really bright, He forgets to do stuff sometimes and is always hungry, He's not much of a talker when you 1st meet him, but when he gets used to you he will. He has a soft spot for wildlife and is kind (Some people abuse his kindness), His pride in art and fighting can get in the ways sometimes and is a little competitive. Overall he's a kind and not bright guy who is sometimes hyper.

Background: N/A


 . Aisu Burst ( Ice Burst)

 . Yuki-Cannon (Snow Cannon)

 . MaSeDan

 . Ice Box

 . Yuki Surf

 . Kamehameha

 . Aisu Punch

 . Yakuza-Aisu One Shot, Yakuza-Aisu Two Shot, Yakuza-Aisu Three Shot (Mafia Ice Shot)

 . Aisu Boomerang


 . Hammer
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