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DBZ Role Play: Rules, Bios, & Participants
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To get rid of the clutter of the multiple threads we have at the moment, this is a general thread for information about the ongoing Dragon Ball-based role play. All extraneous threads with a similar purpose will be locked.

The only reason you should reply to this thread is to post a character bio. All discussion goes in the out-of-character discussion thread. When you've posted your character bio(s), there will be a link to the post in the list of participants.

    1. General forum rules for DBOR still apply in all thread connected to this role play.

    2. Characters involved in the role play should be designed to fit with the timeline for Dragon Ball Online's story, which takes place more than 200 years after Dragon Ball as a series ended.

    3. No power playing. Characters involved in this role play should all be at roughly the same level of strength or weaker than average unless otherwise approved by a Game Master.

    4. No god-modding. You are responsible for the actions of your own characters and sometimes NPCs, not other players characters. You should not decide any aspect of your opponent's response to your post without prior permission. This includes automatic hitting of attacks.

    5. No meta-gaming. Use of knowledge that your character would not know in-universe is unacceptable.

    6. Character bios will be mandatory for all participants before entering in the upcoming tournament so that participants have a gauge of your character's abilities and know about the character you play.

    7. The role play is currently closed to additional characters. If you wish to join the role play, there could be a chance to do so in the future. Please contact a Game Master (listed below) for more information.

    8. Rules are all subject to future amendments and changes.


Character bios should follow this format with no information omitted unless it's inapplicable (ex. a character having no techniques or items), in which case you should say that it's inapplicable. You're free to add additional categories and be as detailed or brief as you want. Simply copy and paste the code into your post and fill it out. Remove explanatory text.

Code: [Select]
[img]A url to an image of your character here[/img]


[b]Appearance:[/b] Only necessary if you don't have an image.

[b]Personality:[/b] Paragraph format

[b]Background:[/b] Paragraph format

[b]Equipment & Possessions:[/b]
[list][*]Bullet Points: With description
[*]More bullets if necessary[/list]
Abilities & Techniques:
[list][*]Bullet Points: With description
[*]More bullets if necessary[/list]

It All Began at Porunga Rocks: First thread, current role play
Out-of-Character Discussion: Discussion pertaining to the current role play and future events.
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DBZ Role Play: Rules, Bios, & Participants
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  • I am a: Swordsmaster

Age: 18
Race: 1/3 Sayain
Gender: Male
Height: 5′2″
Weight: 137 lbs.

Personality: Jackman is a Kind person that will never say no to a fight even if the person is a whole nother leauge.

Equipment & Possessions:
  • Black Namekian training clothes
  • White 50 Pund Namekian Cape
Abilities & Techniques:
  • Kamehameha
  • Beta Blast (Green Final Flash but hands go up and down instead of side to side)
  • KaioKen
(Finally done!)
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DBZ Role Play: Rules, Bios, & Participants
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  • Thought I'd shoot my way out, mix things up a bit.
  • I am a: Swordsmaster
Name: Vating Ironhide
Age: 30
Race: Human (very slight saiyan blood and too lazy to do the math to find it but it'd be 1/32 or something like that)
Gender: male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 163 lbs
Appearance: N/A (I haven't really worked that out yet and will probably set that up once I can get into the game)
Background: N/A (Again, not exactly worked out yet, I do better developing these over time)
Equipment & Possessions: A long sword (He will probably have more as I develop him some more)
Abilities & Techniques: (Note: None of these are named so I will probably name similar things to help describe them)
  An attack that's similar to Double Sunday or Weekend, only the beams are blue.
  A ki blast similar to a big bang attack (again blue, you know what, all of these attacks are going to be blue).
  A ki blast that shoots two small balls of energy.
  Lastly a bunch of sword abilities (burning slash, shining slash, etc)
Any Family relations (That have a character and won't do one for them yet): Yorlam Ironhide (Daughter/ age 6)
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DBZ Role Play: Rules, Bios, & Participants
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  • I am a: Turtle Hermit
Name: Ryoku
Age: 20
Race: Human (descendant of the saiyans, like the DBO humans)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8'' feet
Weight: 154 lbs

Appearance: Usually weas jeans a simple t-shirt and a sweater but when he's going to train or fight he changes into an orange and black Turtle Hermit Gi. He has the fourth haircut from this picture but in color black aswell as that same face but the eyebrows are little bit more straight but not totally straight either.

Personality: Honest and humble. Smart fighting style, analyzing the enemy and making a strategy before going all out. Always looking for a good fight and will admit defeat on a match if he happens to lose but will never stay down if he or any of the people he cares about is in danger. He's strong on energy attacks but he can still put up a good fight when forced to fight physically. If he's enjoying the fight, he tends to laugh a lot on each short break or after talking.

Background: Ryoku was a regular kid that trained martial arts as a hobby. He lived in West City with his parents, who barely even cared about him so he wasn't really fond of them but still cared enough to protect them. When he was 7, he met an old Turtle Hermit while exploring and asked him for training. After 11 years of training the Turtle Arts, his master passed away out of old age. The master had already taught him all the Turtle Hermit techniques and it was up to Ryoku to master them fully. After his master's death, he built a house near West City and moved there to avoid alarming the citizens every time he trained but remained close enough to protect his family and the people of the city if something were to happen.

Equipment & Possessions:
  • Turtle Rod: An old, yet still strong Turtle Rod his teacher left him after his death.
  • 3-Star Dragon Ball: His teacher also left him this Dragon Ball but it's a temporal possession since he might give it away or collect all 7.
Abilities & Techniques:
  • Flight: He can fly, like most Dragon Ball characters. This is considered an ability, I guess.
  • Kaio-Ken: We all know what Kaio-Ken is, right?
  • Kamehameha: The classic Kamehameha, not much to explain here. He has the ability to change the direction of the blast while shooting it but the he needs a lot of concentration to do so, making it impossible to do it in combat.
  • Destructo Disk: An energy disk that can cut through anything. His Destructo Disks fly in a straight line.
  • Focused Rod: He can focus his energy into his master's rod and land a strong physical attack through it.
  • Energy Blast Volley: A volley of weak energy attacks.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Now that I see the format, I got the whole thing. I was planning on giving him all the level 38 Turtle Hermit skills since the RP is based on characters that strong from the DBO universe but then I noticed there are too many skills there so I only wrote down 2 and made one inspired on of the other ones. I also forgot the Kaio-Ken but I added it already.
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DBZ Role Play: Rules, Bios, & Participants
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  • I am a: Human
Name: Phoenix
Age: 18
Race: Pure blooded human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 179 pounds
Class: Fighter
This in red with the smaller parts being black. The symbol is the tiger symbol though. He also has the same hair and is black.

Special skills:
Phoenix Form: (Sort of a transformation.) He shrouds himself in fire and creates the flames to be in the shape of a phoenix around his body. It's about his size.
White Phoenix: Same as above but with white hot flames.
True Phoenix: No flames around him, but has a red line down the middle of his chest, down each of his shoulders, and on the front of his lower legs.

A crimson metal staff which can light on fire.

Personality: Doesn't underestimate his opponent and is always on guard. Phoenix is a gentle giant as he is tall and strong but also very caring. he is very intelligent and his fighting style is evasive until he sees an opening and he doesn't hesitate to take it and build off of it. Facial expression and body language rarely ever tell what he is thinking or really feeling. Will engage in funny banter during fights and doesn't seem to take too many things seriously (much like Tony Stark) but is always taking everything into account. Expression can change drastically when the ones he loves are in danger or if the opponent says something that causes his change.

(Just a bit of a backstory. I hope it's fine with you.):
Phoenix has great training in the martial arts and learned tiger style fighting. His high skills in martial arts raise his power level and capability to be quite on par with his partners. Phoenix has trained in channeling ki to accelerate particle in the air. With this, he has the abilities listed. Because he is one of the few very powerful pure humans, Supreme kai did the same with him as he did with Gohan and unleashed his hidden powers. This gives him mystic form which he uses whenever he's in a pinch. 
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DBZ Role Play: Rules, Bios, & Participants
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Kota and Tacs picture: (Kota is on the left)

Name: Kota
Height: The height of the picture (I don't have time to measure xD)
Age: 14
Race: Saiyan (Wished to become a full saiyan)
(DBO Class): Fighter
Affiliation: Good
Personality: Shy, Brave and Kind

Name: Tac
Height: Inches higher then Kota
Age: 15
Race: Saiyan (Wished to become a full saiyan)
(DBO Class): Turtle Hermit
Affiliation: Good
Personality: Social, Confident, Tease's Kota a lot, Brave

Bio: Not made yet
Marine Corps
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Signatures by Kaiza:

DBZ Role Play: Rules, Bios, & Participants
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  • I am a: Swordsmaster

Race:30%=Saiyan 70%=Demon

Personality:Funny,Determined,Only serious when it is needed,Won't give up due to his genes.

Backstory:Since Kyzen was a kid he did dumb things which got him in trouble,but one day he found out what element of attacks he wanted,Lightning/Electricity.In order to have this he had to be shocked by it while charging his ki,then imagining the Electricity/Lightning fusing with his ki.Once he did this he trained with swords 1st starting with dumby's then training with his parents.But that one fateful day his entire village was burned down by a Very Powerful gang his entire Family was killed before his eyes making him swear for getting revenge for his family.He then went to train for 15 years.

Equipment:Carries a sword with him everywhere.

Abilities:SSJ, SSJ ( demon power included giving a boost to his power while also hurting him,this can only be obtained while furious.)
Techniques: Electron Blast,Thundering Slash,Dragon Barrage,Jajanken.
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DBZ Role Play: Rules, Bios, & Participants
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  • I am a: Super Saiyan

Name: Cerego
Age: 18
Race: Human (1/16 Saiyan)
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11''
Weight: 123 lbs

Personality: Cerego is very polite to people and never underestimates them. He makes jokes but never makes fun of other people. He'll never tolerate a bad person and is cold towards bullies. Loves fighting but will always take advantage of his opponent's weaknesses.

Background: Cerego never knew his parents and from a very young age decided to be a hero. He was never good at fighting so he often trained and eventually developed his own techniques with help from the fighting classes he attended.

Equipment & Possessions:
  • Gloves: His Grandparent gave him these.
  • Scouter: It's been passed down through his family.
Abilities & Techniques:
  • Concentrated Kamehameha
  • Stronger Energy Barrage
  • Kaioken
  • Final Effort
  • Rock Paper Scissors
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DBZ Role Play: Rules, Bios, & Participants
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  • Thought I'd shoot my way out, mix things up a bit.
  • I am a: Swordsmaster
Name: Yorlam Ironhide
Age: 6
Race: Human (1/64th saiyan)
Gender: Female
Height: 3'7"
Weight: 67 lbs
Appearance: N/A
Personality: She is very carefree and anti-warm weather.  She also enjoys trying to out-do her father whenever he wants to try something martial arts related.
Background: N/A

Equipment & Possessions:
  A staff (more will appear later on)
Abilities & Techniques:  (Note: None of these are named so I will probably name similar things to help describe them)
  An attack that's similar to Double Sunday or Weekend, only the beams are blue.
  A ki blast similar to a big bang attack (again blue, you know what, all of these attacks are going to be blue).
  A ki blast that shoots two small balls of energy.
  Lastly she has amateur skill with a staff.

DBZ Role Play: Rules, Bios, & Participants
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  • I am a: Swordsmaster
DBO Class:Swordsman
Height: 6'3
Weight: 180 lb.
Race: Saiyan
Clothing: Saiyan armor
Affiliation: N/A
Home:Planet Vegeta and also Earth.
Favorite Food:Anything
Abilities:martial arts, Swordsmanship, a tiny punch in ki blast.
  • Omega Offense
  • Alpha Defense 
Dream:To wield the ultimate sword and hold the World martial arts title.
Weapon of Choice: Omega and Alpha Blade
Personality: Funny,Witty,arrogant, and graceful. He might come off as mean and maybe rude but once you get to know him, you understand that is part of his humor. He enjoys singing also and has  a very melodic voice.
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DBZ Role Play: Rules, Bios, & Participants
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  • A lesson without pain is meaningless.
  • I am a: Swordsmaster

Kaiza (Base Form):

*Note: This picture is not exactly what Kaiza looks like. As you can see, this is a ‘kid’ picture version. Just imagine this image but more adult like.

Kaiza (SSJ):

*Note: This picture is ‘SSJ3’ form. Kaiza can’t go SSJ3, but this picture is the perfect example of what his hair would look like if he did. Otherwise, his hair has the same design of looking like ‘flames’ when he’s in any SSJ mode.


Name: Kaiza Yamishira
Given Age: 19 (based on looks)
True Age: Unknown
Race: Pure-Blooded Saiyan
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 180 lb

Appearance: Using the above links to the images as a guide, Kaiza is a red-haired saiyan with tiffany-blue eyes. His usual clothes involve a dogi that is resembles Goku’s dogi near the end of the DBZ series. Whenever Kaiza turns SSJ, his hair does not turn the usual ‘gold’ colour. As seen in the second picture, his hair is still somewhat red with gold streaks near the tips and edges.

Personality: From a certain standpoint, one could say that Kaiza’s personality matches Trunks’ personality. Kaiza’s personality is best described as a friendly person who has the will and determination to see things through to the end. He is kind and caring for his friends and family but holds a strong sense of justice to those who are evil. This calm and collected Saiyan likes to plan and thinks things through before acting. He has been known on occasion however to break that rule if something or someone really pushes his anger past his high threshold limit. At that point, Kaiza can be compared to Gohan in terms of his hidden anger and merciless power to destroy his foe.

Spoiler for Hidden:
(Kaiza’s origin takes place in an alternate reality to the DBZ timeline) During the years Planet Vegeta was under rebellion/war against Freiza, Kaiza was evacuated from the planet as a newborn. Being an emergency situation, the pod’s coordinates for landing were set for a distant planet safe from any war – one you call ‘earth’.  Sailing across the sky like a shooting star the pod flew and crashed onto the artic surface, lodging itself deep into the icy terrain. It was with this crash landing that froze Kaiza into a preserved state rendering him ageless as the years would pass by. As technology progressed on Earth, Kaiza was eventually found by none other but Bulma. Quickly realizing his descent and racial similarities to Goku, Bulma volunteered to raise Kaiza as her own son making him the adopted brother of the young adolescent Trunks.

Trunks and Kaiza grew up together and became best of friends. They were inseparable as partners in general whether it was training or getting into mischief. Unfortunately this period of bliss was short lived; the time eventually came when the Androids attacked. The majority of the Z fighters went down leaving Gohan, Kaiza, and Trunks to fend off for their own. Barely living through constant battles of their own, Kaiza grew stronger and stronger. It wasn’t until Gohan’s tragedy that both Trunks and Kaiza learned how to turn Super Saiyan.

When Trunks and Kaiza were old enough, Bulma gathered both of her sons for a last embrace. She had built two time machines for each to embark on the life-risking quest for hope. After the tears were shed and the heartfelt farewells were given, Kaiza and Trunks each entered their respective machines. With a press of a button, Kaiza was teleported back in time – or rather more accurately to another timeline where the Z-fighters had yet to face the terror that awaited them. Kaiza stepped out into the new dimension he was in and managed to fulfill the roll he was given, very similar to the role Future Trunks had for the DBZ fighters. He even managed to take down Mecha-Frieza single-handedly.

Unfortunately Cell still managed to make his way into Kaiza’s new timeline meaning that Kaiza still had a long way to go if he wanted to put up at least a fight against Cell’s new form. As all the Z-Fighters readied and prepared for the Cell Games, Goku saw Kaiza’s potential as a fighter and volunteered to train him alongside his son, Gohan. Fortunately, in this timeline the hyperbolic time chamber allowed up to 3 participants at a time. Kaiza learned a lot of new techniques and fighting styles from Goku within that time frame of training including the Kamehameha and Instantaneous Transmission.

By the time the Cell Games arrived, Kaiza had morphed into a considerably strong fighter. It was estimated that by this time he was perhaps around one stage behind the strength of Teen Gohan. Through multiple trials and efforts within the year that he had, Kaiza managed create his own style of fighting that suited him best – namely one that combined the techniques of both Trunks and Goku. A perfect example of this is Kaiza’s signature move ‘Burning Blast’ (will describe Kaiza’s technique more in depth). The battle of the Cell Games took place as normal with Goku starting out first, then passing the torch onto Gohan. The events that took place were the same in the DBZ series, up until Perfect Cell comes back after Goku’s sacrifice.  The only thing that was added onto the timeline was the awakening of SSJ2 Kaiza as he watched his beloved mentor die to the explosion caused by Cell. Fueled with rage, SSJ2 Kaiza went into an all-out frenzy to take down Perfect Cell only to be knocked down. However, SSJ2 Teen Gohan was still able to take out Cell once and for all with the help of Kaiza and the other Z-Fighters.

After the Cell incident, Kaiza stayed only a little while longer with his companions until he headed back to the timeline he originated from. There he reunited with the Trunks he knew (who took out the Androids and Imperfect Cell before Kaiza came back) and the mother he loved, living the rest of his days in peace.

Equipment and Possessions: Nothing out of the ordinary. If there’s anything to mention it would be various capsules from Capsule Corp
Abilities and Techniques:

•   Kamehameha
•   Burning Attack
•   Burning Blast

o   A mix of Burning Attack and Kamehameha. Requires start-up movement of Burning Attack. Energy blast is constant beam similar to Kamehameha, except orange in color.
o   Blast cannot bend or turn like Kamehameha. This is one of the costs of having a greater firepower.
•   Blazing Combination
o   A series of flaming punches and kicks starting with an elbow across the jaw and ending in a severe uppercut between the ribs of the opponent, knocking the air out of them. As the opponent falls to the ground, a quick charge of Burning Blast is initiated, ending the combination with a devastating Ki Blast to incinerate Kaiza’s foe.
   Inferno Strike
o   3 powerful flaming uppercuts; First uppercut in the abdomen making the foe bend over, Second uppercut to the bottom of the jaw sending a burning sensation through the skull paralyzing the enemy in pain, and the last most powerful uppercut that strikes in the same vicinity as the second uppercut only to follow through in searing flames, blasting the opponent upwards.
o   Melee type; used in close quarters combat
Spoiler for Hidden:

   Instead of blue fire however, it’s replaced with red/orange searing flames
•   Inferno Divider
o   Kaiza’s ultimate finisher; rarely ever seen unless Kaiza is truly aiming to kill his opponent and leave nothing behind.
o   2 Strikes; First strike to wind his opponent and create a collapsing effect (meaning the opponent is paralyzed and will fall until they are lying on the ground). Next, Kaiza Instantaneous Transmissions high up into the air, perhaps nearing the edges of the earth’s atmosphere, and comes crashing down fist first into the foe with precision. This creates a fiery explosion incinerating anyone within a certain radius.
o   Kaiza does take self-damage from using this move, as this is a double-edged sword.
Spoiler for Hidden:

   Watch 3:07 – 3:18
•   Flame Burst
o   A defensive move; at the cost of sacrificing both some energy and health, Kaiza is enveloped in a shield of flames blocking and incinerating all projectiles thrown at him. In addition, if a body were to come into contact with the shield the foe would be burned.
•   Instantaneous Transmission
o   This includes the instantaneous Kamehameha or Instantaneous Burning Blast, etc.
•   Various energy barrages
•   SSJ1 and SSJ2

Fighting Style: Kaiza excels at being a melee classed fighter; most of his skills being based on physical contact. In terms of energy waves or Ki blasts, he is only sub-par at best. Kaiza’s fighting style is a mixture between Trunks’s and Goku’s techniques. He has managed to balance both styles in a way that would suit him best. Generally speaking, Kaiza’s mindset in a fight is to take down the opponent as fast and efficiently as possible to save time, energy, and sometimes even people. Because of this, Kaiza often emphasizes a lot on offense and not enough on defence. That said, Kaiza is smart in terms of fighting and is willing to adapt to situations as the fight progresses.


Melee: 9/10
Ki: 6/10
Super Attack: 8/10
Defense: 5/10

(SIDE NOTE: Honestly though, I don't think I'm going to be joining a RP soon. I really just made this character because I was bored and wanted to do something creative)
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DBZ Role Play: Rules, Bios, & Participants
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I'm just gonna put this here...

Name: Raid Takashi
Age: 23
Race: Human (1/16th Saiyan)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 160 Lbs

Personality: Raid is a very calm, and intelligent person. He can be quite friendly to others, and enjoys meeting others. He has quite the appreciation for people who can cook, and has a fairly good sense of humor, although he is terrible at making jokes.

Background: Raid came from a small village town not that far from West City. He was raised by a very kind mother and father, and made some pretty good friends along the way, particularly a girl named Aura whom he normally travels with, and a majin named Nega. He was raised to be very kind and spent lots of time studying books. Along the way, his friend Aura pushed for him to learn martial arts, which at first he wasn't interested in, until he found the science behind ki, and took to it quite early. Later in his life, Aura, Nega, and himself left the village to go traveling when they turned 18, and ever since the group has been having a wonderful time.

Equipment & Possessions:
  • White and Red Turtle Rod: A simple turtle rod that he wields in combat.
  • Black Glasses: Glasses that help him see better, but he never wears them in combat.
Abilities & Techniques:
  • Destructo Disc: A disc of ki that Raid can create. Although Raid can create them fairly quickly, they aren't all that powerful. Get stronger the longer he focuses.
  • Flight: A simple ability, Raid can hover in the air and has had this ability for a long time, not something he really needs to focus on to do.
  • Ki Blast: Simple blasts of ki that Raid can send towards an enemy.
  • Lightning Kamehameha: Raid focuses on the electrons in an area where his ki is touching, changing it and creating a kamehameha wave fueled by lightning.
  • Tempest: Raid's final attack of sorts, he focuses all of his ki into a ball, and sends it towards the enemy, upon getting in range (10 feet) it will go off, creating a lightning storm that will strike anyone within.
  • Lightning Tap: Raid charges his ki with lightning giving his all of his attacks a bit of a shock for a short period. His body is also enveloped in lightning.


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