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Topic: DBORevelations AMA #2 [28/6/14] Answered  (Read 18023 times)

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DBORevelations AMA #2 [28/6/14] Answered
« on: July 07, 2014, 03:02:16 AM »

    Offline Luke[Dumke]

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#2 Answered.

Q1. Can you create a page in the forums for people who never played DBO before?
Q2. Have you given any more thought to that thing we talked about back when I was part of the project, that "Players Uploading Custom Textures" feature?
Q3. If there are lots of people in the server, will it lag?

A1. If you want to learn about DBO, you can check out the for all you need to know about DBO.
A2. Not really, not on our list of priorities at the moment.
A3. There will be lag for sure, but this really depends on the network between you and the server.

Q4. Will the game's translation be close to the original Japanese version of the manga/anime?
Q4a. Like, will the attacks have the proper names, or the Americanized names, and will Son Goku speak with an accent/hickspeak like he does in Japan, or are you doing a bare-bones direct translation?

A4. The English translation will be the English names of most abilities.
A4a. The translation will be fairly direct.

Q5. Are there problems you guys are having developing the core game in the current state? Or are you mostly just putting all the pieces together at this point? Or both?

A5. (Maybe in a dev diary)

Q6. As in the Sneak Peek #2 video, is flight scroll needed for full speed? Or will it be unrestricted AP flight?
Q6a. The highest level is 70?
Q6b. Create a character name you can use Chinese characters?

A6. We enabled unlimited flight to make it easier for testing only.
A6a. As of now, yes, Level 70 will probably be the final cap.
A6c. Yes.

Q7. How did you got TW/HK source?
Q8. Do you have any regrets starting this project?
Q9. Will gameguard still be used?

A7. We don't have the TW/HK source. We are reverse engineering it only, which is why this is taking so long.
A8. No.
A9. We are hoping to use the last version of the official TW/HK client, which doesn't use gameguard anymore.

Q10. I was wondering if you will have the tier dragonball quest and also if there will be events in game during the beta.
Q10a. Will the damage you receive from mobs be the same or will it change and also will you make the giant fish event where it has a lot of hp and if you kill you gain a lot of exp

A10. Yes, and Possibly.
A10a. Damage most likely won't be the same, events will be planned.

Q11. Will you will make yourself OP in the start of the game ? (I talk about DBOR staff)
Q12. Will we be able to play at holiday?

A11. No, we're excited about playing as everyone else.
A12. Depends which ;)

Q13a. What will be the first level cap be? Because some people say 38 and others 70. If you're not sure yet. What will it be most likely?
Q13b. Will we have the gift box that we had in DBO ?
Q13c. Will unreleased content from NTL be released in DBOR ?
Q13e. Will they be a cash shop ? People say there will be others say there wont be any .
Q13f. If there we have no cash shop . How will we able to purchase items like Dogi's , Dogi balls , Flying Scrolls etc
Q13g. Will they be any special events ? Like the tuna back in DBO and the others ?
Q13h. Is it possible that you can add new hairstyles or eyes to the game ?
Q13i. Will you be able to create new maps ? for lvls etc
Q13j. Will you be able to release the maps that NTL never got to release ? Like baba's place ?

A13a. We don't have a definitive level cap in mind just yet, but we're going to say 38 for now, as it's a good starting number.
A13b. Probably yes.
A13c. Eventually yes.
A13e. Yes and no, you will be able to buy certain items to help the servers upkeep.
A13f. Those items possibly will be obtainable by other means.
A13g. We're planning events for DBOR, as well as trying to bring back all the others.
A13h. We don't have an answer for that right now.
A13i. We're able to, but it would require a lot of time.
A13j. We hope we can look into those when once we have done our first stable release.

Q14. How many channels will there be?
Q14a. Is guild cost going to be same?
Q15. Will you be able to get a server that can host over 20 000 players ?

A14. We will see how many is needed as the time goes.
A14a. Possibly lower for testing, but overall yes.
A15. Assuming you are talking about 20000 players simultaneously on one a single server, the short answer is we don't know yet. It is something we will have to tune and cope with as the time goes. All we can say for now is we are keeping scalability in mind when we develop the server. Just to give a bit of perspective, most WoW servers have a hard cap of less than 10000 (some might vary). Some servers have a maximum of about 3000 concurrent players, while some have only around a few hundreds. So we shall see.

Q16.  What's your favorite color?
Q16a. Who gonna be GMs in the server?
Q16b. Are you guys planning to use when everything is ready after launch to show upcomming new updates, changes, fixes or before launch to show inside server when release date will be set?
Q16c. What wish Pigeon made on "Sneak Peek #2"?
Q16d. If there will be closed beta, will there be wipe after that?

A16. Blue and Green.
A16a. Myself, the Developers at the moment.
A16b. That is a possibility, we'll see what google has instore for in the coming months however.
A16c. He didn't make any ;)
A16d. There will be a closed beta, The characters will be wiped, but people will be keeping their accounts.

Q17. Will be better the item drop?

A17. Drops will be improved.

Q18. Could you explain or show that ye are the changes made ??in the balance of class?
Q18a. When this operating cc dungeon, you may choose armor based magic or physical?
Q18b. will remain the same system upgrade?
Q18c. If you go down to 70% the speed that will be the poko? one dende not cure?

A18. We haven't balanced any classes yet, we'll be doing that, before launching a beta.
A18a. CC Battle Dungeon will remain the same.
A18b. The Upgrade System will remain the same.
A18c. 70% will be capped, and Karma and Poko will not stack.

Q19. As you said in the first DD (Development Diary) there will be no limit in flying! Will you have an item that makes you fly longer or will it be for free?
Q19a. There will be any jobs (like hunter e.t.c) to get easier money?
Q19b. Can we have one item that makes us have  more % in exp rate or drop?

A19. That's probably a misunderstanding, we enabled unlimited to make testing things easier. It is something we have not decided yet. However we do understand that a majority of people prefer flying with no limit.
A19a. There won't be job system in DBOR.
A19b. XP increase items will exist in DBOR

Q20. Will Sky dungeon be added back to the game or will it just be a event or not at all?   

A20. If we can re-implement Sky dungeon, we'll attempt too.

Q21. How to get the brown or silver boxes to change the item effects?
Q21a. If you nerf attack speed to 70-80% what will happen to Pokos or Karmas one of them become so useless.
Q21b. You shouldn't change the system because its pretty hard to get the perfect ATK-Speed EQ. Your opinion pls.

A21. This will have to be discussed closer to release.
A21a. Pokos and Karmas, both have their own respective abilities that make them useful regardless if they have attack speed or not.
A21b. Attack speed, made the game way to easy, end game dungeons were only taking 5-10 minutes, quicker then TMQ1 or UD1.

Q22. Will you rebalance any skills? Example making Majin spin like it used to be during the patches at and before 60 patch in TW? Or making classes like Turtle and DW worth playing more with raised attack stats?

A22. All classes will be rebalanced, as they all should be effective at their roles.

Q23. Have you managed to program quests and insert them to NPC?
Q23a. If you got enough exp, will you level up at the current progress?
Q23b. Can you play Multiplayer yet?
Q23c. Did you translate/could you translate the quests and item's describtion?
Q23d. Does the skill system work?
Q23e. Have you got dungeons to work? (as in enterable?)
Q23f. Will we be expecting crane skills "Lost in time" to be back?
Q23g. Is it possible to use the token shop so far

A23.  Quest system is being worked on.
A23a. Yes.
A23b. Yes.
A23c. We can and will translate what we can for a multitude of languages.
A23d. Skill system is being worked on.
A23e. We haven't started on things like this just yet; core gameplay mechanics are a priority.
A23f. Most likely not.
A23g. Not yet. It is not our priority at the moment.

Q24. Will Normal Flying Be unlimited ? and High Speed Fly us AP?
Q25. Ranked battle available yet?
Q26. Is it possible to add a Day/Night system? For making it night you could use the clouds which appear if you call Shenron. And the mobs could get a bit stronger when it's night...?

A24. We haven't decided how we want to work with flying.
A25. Not yet.
A26. Day and Night would be an interesting mechanic, however it is not something we have investigated yet.
Q27. Could you add a special event mode to the UDs or TMQ?
Q27a. And I have one more question about the cd. How much the cd cap will be?     

A27. There was one already planned, DWC, we'll be seeing if we can implement that later down the track.
A27a. CD might be capped at 70% 80%, So you can reach fairly low cooldowns, without being no cooldowns, this is subject to change.

Q28. You guys change much at skillsystem?
Q28a. (If yes , you should make able that Grands and Ultis can use Ball Transformation and Spinning Flame Breath during Kaioken.. )

A28. At this stage we intend to keep the same skill system as how it used to be.
A28a. We'll attempt to make this change, as it would breathe new life into those respective classes

Q29. What location for server dbo?
Q30. In DBOTW there was an arabic language in the chat you will but it in dbor chat or not if it not please add it
Q31. Will you be able to use consumables like autopots, lp/ep potions, lp/ep regen food, Popo stones (for reviving) etc. in ranked battles and/or budokai?

A29. We have not decided yet.
A30. The chat for DBOR will be multilingal.
A31. Yes, you will be able to use a multitude of items to Budokai and Ranked battles, however class specific item buffs will be disabled in Ranked and Budokai, to promote a fair environment.

Q32. Its true that now that you team took the new client(most updated) for re-do the server now you cant add new content and only you could on the old source client that you said was buggy etc?
Q32a. You will have to re-do all the quest and invent/imagine new quest or you have the quest on the client for the server?
Q32b. You know now if fly will be infinite? Because on the last AMA you said that you team were thinking about it.
Q32c. Will you give Dogis if we donate? (I love the dogis)
Q32e. Is the engineer class done on the client with all their guns etc and you guys you just have to code it or even isnt anything of engineer on the client?

A32. There are ways to modify the new client and content without using the source code. It has been done in many other MMO server emulator projects out there, since most of the time you don't have the source code. It is harder to obviously, but we have planned to do so.
A32a. At this stage we intend to reuse all old quests from before.
A32b. We haven't decided how we want to use flight yet.
A32c. We haven't decided what the donation rewards are.
A32e. The Engineer class is present in the game files, we'll be looking into it at later date.

Q33. Is there names for the Servers yet?
Q34. Can you fix the aggro bug in CCBD Floors 100+ ?

A33. We will most likely use iconic dragonball names for the servers.
A34. Since we are rewriting the server from scratch, none of the bugs from HK/TW/KR should reappear.

Q35.  How much does it cost to keep the server up
Q35a. Will all classes have an equal chance in a fight as in is it balanced
Q35b. Is a good majority of the unreleased content in the files
Q35c. When your about to release the game can you allow us to download the game client, instead of waiting for dat to download?

A35. You will know when we know.
A35a. Yes, All classes will have equal chances at PVP and PVE.
A35b. There is quite a lot of content sitting dormant in the files yes.
A35c. Yes, we will let you guys download the client first, this will all be in the pre-month announcement.

Q36. Will it be max level 30 when you turn on server?
Q37. A beta test will exist ?
Q38. Will there be any events like whoever mods the best dogi . he's dogi gets to be REALLY in the game ?
Q39. The book of the female turtle will be the same for the male turtle?

A36. We haven't decided on the max level yet for the launch.
A37. Yes we'll be planning to have beta test.
A38. Events will exist, but no that kind of event won't exist.
A39. The Turtle book will be reworked.

Q40. you guys changed the background music?
Q40a. how many people can be in a guild?
Q40b. who craft system we will have on dbor?
Q40c. How much is the cooldown of Fighter pots? (beer)
Q40e. can you guys reduce the 30min cooldown?

A40. The Original DBO OST Will remain the same, no changes to music.
A40a. We'll have to decide on what is safe amount.
A40b. The craft system will be the last one used in DBO TW, with a few tweaks however.
A40c. Since Class specific item buffs will be removed from Ranked and Budokai, the there won't be CD on Fighter pot.
A40e. Yes.

Q41. Will there be security against sandboxie?
Q41a. Will all maps be available? (crafting reasons)
Q41b. Is the lvl cap 38 for sure?
Q41c. Are most of the bugs fixed?
Q41d. Are we still able to get white upgrade stones?
Q41e. Will we get flight scrolls in the beginning of the game?
Q41f. Are the popo chests on top of secret locations still available?
Q41g. Will adult budo, dojo war, and scramble be available in the beginning or will be available in lvl 50+ cap?
Q41h. How will dogis be obtained?
Q41i. Will the attack speed be the same as in the DBOR sneak peak?

A41. Sandboxie is a security program at heart, so no we won't be blocking it. However if we know the last DBO official client has a few issues with Sandboxie. We might look into it if there is time.
A41a. Yes.
A41b. We haven't decided on our launch cap at this current time.
A41c. As we're rewriting the server from scratch, TW/HK/KR Bugs won't appear.
A41d. Yes.
A41e. Flight has yet be fully fleshed out.
A41f. They should be.
A41g. Budokai and Dojo War, Scramble maybe slowly rolled out as we test out server stability.
A41h. Through Players, Auction House and Wagu machines, if we decide to bring them back.
A41i. The attack speed shown in the sneak peak is subject to change.

Q42. How many servers will be in DBOR?
Q43. How many channels will be in DBOR?

A42. As many as we need.
A43. We will see, as we go.

Q44. In which country and what time opens the tournament, scramble, dojo war, etc ..
Q45. How many players can into in the server?
Q46. You will be able to create something new, like items, mobs, or anything that was not in DBO / TW / HK?
Q47. What is the maximum number of members for a guild ?

A44. The times for events, will be announced when it is released
A45. That's what the beta test will be for.
A46. It's a possibility.
A47. We'll decide on a number we deem safe at a later date.

Q48. When will you do the maintenance work?
Q48a. How many channels will be available?
Q48b. Can you create new stuff like: doggis, hairstyle, maps?
Q48c. Are the quests the same and are the NPCs/mobs standing where they should like in TW?

A48. Bi-weekly at most.
A48a. We will see, as we go.
A48b. We can attempt to.
A48c. Yes.

Q49. Will flying be unlimited like it is in Sneak Peek #2?
Q49a. Did you have to make mobs weaker/stronger because of balance with classes?
Q49b. Will Super skills be better adjusted to DBOR than they were to DBOR (super saiyan lasting longer for example)
Q49c. Have you guys implanted skills yet (Sneak Peek #2 didn't feature skills)? Are they working properly if you have?
Q49d. Will maintenance happen only when there's an issue or some a update to the game (in regular DBO they did maintenance for what seemed for no reason)?
Q49e. Will you guys edit the game when it's a holiday (Christmas time)?
Q49f. Will there be different versions of the game in different languages or just an option to switch languages?
Q49g. Will any dogi or armor be able to customized to any color or bend you want?
Q49h. How many channels will DBOR feature?
Q49i. Can we have Vegeta Majin Buu Saga dogi once the game is available for new features?
Q49j. How many servers will DBOR have?
Q49k. Will nearly any computer be able to run DBOR?
Q49l. What will be the level cap for beta testing?
Q49m. Will all the bugs be fixed once the beta is available?
Q49n. Will popo chests still exist?
Q49o. When will you guys be able to receive donations?
Q49p. Will dragon ball hunting be available for the beta?
Q49q. What will be the security for DBOR?
Q49r. Can we have a piccolo dogi?

A49. We haven't decided how we'll have flight working just yet.
A49a. Mobs haven't changed much just yet.
A49b. Super Skills will have a revamp.
A49c. Skill system is being worked on.
A49d. There will be maintenance bi-weekly.
A49e. We'll attempt to keep the seasonal events in DBOR
A49f. You'll be able to switch languages.
A49g. No.
A49h. Already answered.
A49i. Maybe.
A49j. As many as required.
A49k. Any Computer purchased after 2007 should be able to run DBOR no problems.
A49l. Already answered.
A49m. Already Answered.
A49n. Already Answered.
A49o. This is yet to be decided yet.
A49p. Yes.
A49q. Secret for now! ;)
A49r. There is already piccolo getup in Namek starting town.

Q50. Is it possible to add Fighter's TP skill for every class?

A50. No.

Q51. You will release DBOR translated first? Or in taiwan/hk/korea
Q51a. Can you add new dogis or anything like that?
Q51b. New hair or faces?
Q51c. How we are gonna get dogis at game.Through mudosa?
Q51d. There will be Guild Wars?

A51. We'll attempt to have a fully translated game for release.
A51a. Already Answered.
A51b. Already Answered.
A51c. Already Answered.
A51d. Yes. lots.

Q52. Can we have Guild Dogi color customized?
Q53. will DBO-R come at a special day (like Christmas, New Year) or at a random day?

A52. No.
A53. Most likely Random.

Q54. The game will come in 2014?
Q54a. The event with dragon balls will be 24/7?
Q54b. Are you going to insert the new class in the game?(Gun Maniac and the other one)
Q54c. How many characters in one account you can create?

A54. We'll try our best for it to come out this year.
A54a. We haven't decided yet.
A54b. If we can, we'll try and work it into the game.
A54c. We're thinking 4 at first and being able to unlock more.

Q55. the scrolls of fly how is the system for this sell in stores of special npc or will not have
Q56. Will CCBD be easier?

A55. Already Answered.
A56. CCBD will remain the challenge it was.

Q57. Will we get to be good and evil in the game?
Q57a. Will we get to make actual choices when it comes to missions on being good or evil?
Q57b. Will I have my own statue?
Q57c. Will there be customizable dogi colors?
Q57d. Will we be able to duel the Hero NPCs like Goku and the gang?
Q57e. Will we be able to work on a legacy type of thing when it comes to the storyline?
Q57f. Will those floating pet things be able to help us in combat like they used to?
Q57h. I would like to get drunk on the game, not like where it boosts stats but to make the screen blurry as you walk and stuff like that. Is that possible?
Q57i. What are the emotes going to be like?

A57. There won't be a good and evil mechanic in DBOR
A57a. No.
A57b. No.
A57c. No.
A57d. Not as of yet anyhow.
A57e. No
A57f. The Pet system hasn't been decided yet.
A57h. Easter eggs / Gags would be an enjoyable thing to add, we'll attempt to create some if we can.
A57i. Same as before, several general gestures and other emotes.

Q58. Is there anyway to make the combat feel more like Dragon ball.
Q59. can we have some information about abs LP%?
Q60. What will be the exp rate and dragon balls drop rate?
Q61. will there be a way to donate for the server, if so what kind of perks would this include?
Q62. What will be your plans after the game has been released? Will you add new TMQS? or Never Released Content?

A58. The combat couldn't get anymore dragonball.
A59. LP Return Percentage hasn't been worked on yet.
A60. Vanilla, the exp and dragonball drop rate won't be changed.
A61. Yes there will be and Perks haven't be decided yet.
A62. We'll attempt to release unreleased content, re-release old content, and work on community events.

Q63. Will Dragon Balls be easier to hunt?
Q64. Will leveling be less grindy?

A63. They will remain the same.
A64. We'll try to make leveling experience a lot more enjoyable.

Q65. Are you guys recruiting Staff because, when im ingame im on like 6am-10pm EST every day even on school days
Q66. meter physical attack seems to me dropped. and must be stabilized or true?
Q67. How will work the donate system?

A65. We're not recruiting at the moment sorry.
A66. As we're still in pre-alpha, anything we show is subject change.
A67. The donate system hasn't be fully decided on at the present time.

Q68. What are you working on right now in the game?
Q68a. Can you start posting more videos of the progress?
Q68b. Can we have the choice to be good or evil?
Q68c. Are you still thinking about the release date?
Q68d. its gonna be an exe format so will it be a simple click or will i need to extract things?

A68. (Maybe in the nex dev diary)
A68a. We post progress when we have the feature working correctly, not half working.
A68b. Already Answered.
A68c. No.
A68d. You'll be able to just install the game.

Q69. The drop of items or framing will continue all the same?. items with attributes and as before?
Q70. How many servers are you planning to host or is it going to be just one big server ? also will the graphic's stay the same ?

A69. Gear will most likely remain the same.
A70. Probably one server at the start and have more as we go, the graphics will remain the same yes.

Q71. When the beta test period will be over, we will gonna lost our character ?
Q71a. How many character will we create per account ?
Q71b. will the size max of guild member be increased ?
Q71c. In case of crash in the CC dungeon, is there going to be a safety system now ? to bring us to the floor crash?

A71.  Most likely no but we cannot guarantee at this stage.
A71a. Already Answered.
A71b. Already Answered.
A71c. We'll attempt to address this issue.

Q72. How many character will we create per account?
Q73. How many servers are there going to be? It seems to me that there's a good chance a lot of people won't get to play due to high server load from multiple countries...has this issue been addressed already?
Q74. which will be the best way for a monster drop a dragon ball??
Q75. but will such things as the Opening Cutscene be translated as well?
Q76. You said in the video that it wasn't it the current state of the game,are you guys farther the the video?
Q77. in the first day of the open beta will there be a free Dragon ball chip finder for scouters in our mail as a complimentary gift for playing for the first and second day?
Q78. Will Kaioken be able to be activated with Super Saiyan?

A72. 4, possibly with the ability to unlock more
A73. We'll have one server at the beginning, and expand as we can.
A74. The best way would to kill large groups of mobs.
A75. Quite certain that should be a yes.
A76. Yes, we create videos of features we already have working.
A77. No, as they are two different transformations, they cannot work at the same time in DBOR.

Q79. How long do you think we will stay on each level cap.
Q79a. Will you include the unreleased dogis and how will we obtain them.

A79. That will be decided on how long it takes for us to finish each cap ;)
A79a. Yes, the same way as other dogis.

Q80. My question is of ssj2, it would be possible to ask Shenglong to be a Saiyajin of pure blood, and then to be able to transform?
Q81. Will we be able to purchase zeni with real money?
Q82. make silver and brown box as a mob drop but make the drop rate very rare 1 in every 2000 possibly?

A80. No, SSj2 Won't be appearing in DBOR, your character is a Human/Saiyan Hybrid.
A81. Not officially.
A82. We haven't made plans for what we're going to do with cash shop items.

Q83. Will there/can there be other ranks in the guilds. Such as something other than Jr. Master?
Q83a. Will the guild leader have more abilities(Like the skill that the pet has),will being in a guild give benefits?
Q83b. Will pets have different abilities?
Q83c. Will there still be an auction house?
Q83d. And will there be a possibility of tails?
Q83e. Are you guys going to increase the drop rate of any items?
Q83f. Will the scouters be better, and adding onto that  will everything/most everything be translated into English, Like the description of things instead of having to guess at things? And will all the mobs and
Q83g. Npcs have names instead of numbers/letters?

A83. No, we don't plan to change the guild system, currently.
A83a. No, and as in benefits for being in a guild no.
A83b. Yes, like they already did.
A83c. Yes.
A83d. Cosmetic, maybe, but no actual tails.
A83e. The drop rate, will be the same, slightly changed however.
A83f. Scouters will remain the same as they were in DBOTW.
A83g. That was because of an option in the language patch by DBOCOM, and Yes, they will.

Q84. in last game was a greath proble leveling up since level 47 to 55, becouse the game dont hacve specific quest to this levels, the we must repeat and repeat  tmq4... yo will solucionate this Little problem?
Q84a. old quest, sky dungeon or giant ohzarus (quest was the first tan appear ) , or pet tan dissapear like red dragon , it will appear again...
Q84b. see the video to understand, long time friends and me enter in an lock area of papaya island, this was not opened to the people but we enter in it i don´t know as...

A84. Already Answered.
A84a. Events will make a return in DBOR
A84b. Yes, we'll attempt to release unreleased content.

Q85. Would you consider making new classes other than Gun maniac or Mech maniac?
Q86. already accommodated the system inflicted damage and damage taken for each character level ?

A85. Not at the moment, no.
A86. Yes

Q87. Will there be the tokens shop? What will can we buy whit token?
Q87a. When the beta test period will be over,we will gonna lost our character ?
Q87b. Will we have channels? Like in DBO TW? Or only 1 channel?

A87. We'll try to reimplement the token system, albeit modified.
A87a. No, you shouldn't, however items might be wiped.
A87b. Already Answered.

Q88. What will be the dragon ball drop rate (level and if the mob is super, ultra, etc)?
Q88a. Will we be able to change tokens for zeni?

A88. Already Answered.
A88a. No, that feature won't exist most likely.

Q89. so is flying going to be unlimited when you unlock it because if it is I would be so happy and it better then those scrolls  ?
Q90. there will be an event at the first pitch?
Q92. Can you remove Dodge pot and Roshi's Book (Turtle book)? Or add equally powering items to other classes too?
Q93. does the development team got some idea's what you want too add in the game that wasnt in the original?

A89. Already Answered.
A90. we'll try.
A91. YES
A92. Class specific items will be fixed.
A93. Yes.

Q94. What will be the scouter system? New or old?
Q95. will you be using the updated pet system, or be bringing back the old system, or if to take a step further could you implement the old pets into the new system to bring more variety than 3 pets?
Q96. Will ultimate and chef majin spin be fixed?

A94. It will be the new scouter system as seen in the last TW/HK version
A95. We will be using the most updated Pet system in TW.
A96. Should be, yes.

Q97. have you considered or tried implementing in-flight combat? I know it's pretty much impossible seeing as it's an MMO but it never hurts to ask.
Q97a. If the need ever arose, How difficult would it be to create new attack animations from Scratch?

A97. It is surely an interesting idea. But as we have mentioned many times, we will not start adding or creating anything new at the first release.
A97a. fairly difficult and time consuming.

Q98. Will we buy techinques(for example focused kamehameha: swordman) or we will gain them with SP points?

A98. As we have mentioned many times, we intend to and will try to keep everything how they were when the official DBO was shutdown.

Sorry for the long wait, I've been quite ill the last two weeks.
Excuse any mix ups in the numbering, it's very large list.
and I may have messed up somewhere.

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