Topic: Dragon Ball Online Is And Will Be In Grave Danger  (Read 7578 times)

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Dragon Ball Online Is And Will Be In Grave Danger
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If him and his friends can become enemies over a game, then they were really good friends. :O
This is bs..

Dragon Ball Online Is And Will Be In Grave Danger
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Everyone that played the game Dragon Ball Online. You may think that Dragon Ball Online will be able to be played again. Well keep dreaming cause i know someone dark out there who's destroyed all dragon ball online and he will get you too. Please dont play the game. Its what he wants. Hes out there i just know it.
Now let me explain whats going on. I know why DBO was shut down. not even the DBO company knows. Ok i"ll begin my story it was a quiet day everyone was having fun on DBO. it was Happy and Beautiful. Something you would see once in a life time. I was still struggling to play this game. I was still a noob after a year playing this game. I started asking help from players. I asked this one player. His name was Itendrx. At first he was afk but when i was going to find other people he asked what i wanted? I replied to him i need help getting the 7th noob dragon ball you know the one quest that you get from this fat lady. So anyways you have to kill these ultra level wolves and i think you had to kill five, and i needed help with the boss so i can go to the next map. Then one day we were talking about that he wanted to see me on face to face on cam. I said trust me you dont wanna see me im 220 pounds and i have an ugly face. He said that he was that fat as well. Then we found more things we had in commen and then we just knew at that moment we were brothers. Not real brothers but brothers from different mothers kind if friends. So anyways we made more friends and then we just had to make this guild called SSJWarriors. i came up with the name i think. My memorie is a little rusty. So anyways we were then gods that were controlling this game. Then one day he said we can rule the DBO game. He was all legendary talk and i was loving every second of it. It was true we were like the center of the earth no the sun. The suns core. But then HE strucked. I got online one day and everyone was gone. I was sure it was nothing so i just waited and waited and waited. But to my surprise nobody not even an afk person was on. I decided that SSJWarriors was forever gone. So while i was on another guild i met this one guy and we became friends as well. but months later i thought he hacked my password so i was out for revenge because i thought he betrayed me. but it turned out he also thought i hack his password as well. JUST WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON?!? first my best friend then my guild then my other friend and then many guilds. It was like someone was following my every step i took. Getting infomation from people and if that person didnt know he was hacked and either deleted or put on and was afk just for people to go up to and see if he or she was on but no response. Se and my friend knew someone setted us up to become from good friends to betrayed friends. So one day when all hope was lost i heard an evil laughter coming right behind me. I turned around and it was a kid that i didnt know. He had this dragon ball villain talk. He told me he was the one who killed itendrx he was the one who killed all my guilds. He was the one who killed my friends. He was a level 20. His name was HalloweenKid. He was the one who killed thousands of players. He was a low level player to aviod any eye contact. He made many best buds turn into wild enimes. And most importantly. He killed off many guilds. Even the most powerful ones was killed in an instant. Anyone who knew about me was kept alive. Because i was the key to unlocking the truth of DBO. Of why people played it so much even if half of it wasnt english even with a translator. I was the one who could make lots of friends in a short time. And now HalloweenKid wanted that power. He thought it was my charactor sonicssj12. He wanted the power i held. If not then by force. I could make lots of friends ive made almost 100 friends while playing this game. I was the key. But you will not belive what i told him. With my power i said these words. "You know i dont even like this game that much. People like you play it with cheats. I play it with friends. I can make friends without even trying. And if i can do this just think of the things i can do with other games. So yea go ahead. Hack my accout *logged off*
And to my surprise he didnt do anything to me. I was going to spread the word but it was already too late. Dragon Ball Online was Officaly Dead. Gone. Cannot be played anymore. Deleted. And thats the story. So please find this low level kid. And delete him. Its our only way of surviving. Somehow i survive. But still. If you want to play this game. Find him. If you dont he will find you. Spread the word everyone. Its out only hope of playing this game. Please do it not only for me. Not for the players. But for my power. Spread my power. And soon we will rise up against this man. WE WILL WIN. and soon we will revive my best friend Itendry (i will be know as SoloSoul13 when DBOR come out.)

Anyone else smell the naughtyword in the air?

I do.

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Dragon Ball Online Is And Will Be In Grave Danger
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Dragon Ball Online Is And Will Be In Grave Danger
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HAHA! x'D I'm sorry, but is this meant to be an attempt at a creepy pasta, or something? That's so far-fetch'd, no one lives stories like that. Especially not that dramatic. Honestly, no one has that kind of power. It's utterly impossible, and just a load of dung. I trust that DBOR will do just fine, and there'll be no HalloweenKid running around hacking and deleting everyone in such a short period of time.

Dragon Ball Online Is And Will Be In Grave Danger
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It looks like most people, including me, it's too lazy to read that very long post...

As a friendly advice, you should change the way you write things, for example leaving some space (pressing Enter) after finishing each paragraph. It's these small things that just change the way people look at it. It's effective  ;D

But hey, according to the comments it's a creepy pasta, so... check it out, I love them!
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Dragon Ball Online Is And Will Be In Grave Danger
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this is me srs

Holy dude I come back to the forum and the first thing I see is that wall... Damm scary
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