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Topic: DBORevelations General FAQ  (Read 52597 times)

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DBORevelations General FAQ
« on: January 06, 2014, 08:27:31 AM »

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Here is a list of general FAQs for DBOR

What is DBOR?
Dragonball online reveleations is a non-profit emulator of the Dragonball Online MMO.

What are the races of DBO?
  • Human
  • Namek
  • Majin

Will the game be available on Linux/Mac?
DBO already could support for Linux/Mac.
It was Game-guard that didn't support Linux and Mac.
You should be able to run the game via: Wine

What will be the basic features once the game is released?
  • Character customization - You can customize your character by race and appearance.
  • Dragonball hunting - Dragonballs will randomly drop from dragonball mobs. Once you get all 7 you will be able to make a wish.
  • Questing - You will get quests along your journey to help you level up.
  • Storyline- The game has a story line that you will be able to follow throughout your quests.
  • Dungeons - Multiple dungeons throughout the game help provide EXP and make party hunting necessary.
  • TMQ - Time machine quests allow you to go back in time to see what happened during the Dragonball Universe. It is up to you to go back in time and save the future.
  • Super skills - Super skills allow you to power up and reach your full potential!
  • Flying - Flight allows you fly almost anywhere and help you get around the world.
  • Auction House - A way to sell your in-game items to other players.
  • Events - There are various events such as boss events, budokai, scramble and more to keep you playing.

When will the server be released?
There is currently no way of telling an estimated date of when the server will be released. There is still a lot of work that must be done. We will keep you posted when we have further information to tell.

What language will the game be in?
We are currently trying to make the game use every language so you can play in whatever language suits you best. Some of these languages include:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Korean

What is the current progress of the server?
Due to reasons we are not disposing our current progress. You can check up on some of our progress through our youtube channel or development diaries.

Can you change things in the game?
We absolutely can and will.

What are you changing in the game?
We are hoping to change transformations, items, skills, equipment and more to try to make the game a lot more balanced and fair.

Will we be able to keep our current account, level or items?
No. DBOR and DBO are not linked. You will not be able to keep anything from your old accounts.

Are you going to fix the bugs?
The bugs that appeared in DBO should not appear in DBOR. If any new bugs arise we will try to fix them as fast as possible.

Are you adding anything new to the game?
Once we get the server up and fix the things that need fixing we will try to add new content.

Will the game be balanced?
We will balance classes, equipment, skills and other factors in the game as much as possible so you will be able to play with your favorite class without any penalty.

How are you balancing the game?
These are just some of the many examples of how the game will be balanced.
  • Class specific item buffs will be disabled in ranked battles and Budokai.
  • Skills will be re-worked
  • Some skills may be removed
  • Classes will get buffed or nerfed as needed.

Will there be new classes?
As of right now we are not looking into new classes. Engineer might be added but this isn't a guarantee. There are a lot of things we could do with classes so nothing is absolute yet.

Will you add transformations such as SSJ2?
We will not be adding new transformations such as SSJ2.

Will you raise the level cap?
If we do it won't be for a while. Once we have everything else updated we will worry about the level cap. We'd need new maps, monsters, quests and dungeons so it will take some time if we do raise it.

Who decides on the updates?
The DBOR team members all communicate with each-other and decide upon updates. We have advisers which are top and experienced players from DBO who advise us about what we can do to update and balance the game. We may also take advice from normal users outside of the DBOR team. The game will be as balanced as we can make it.

What are you doing about security against hackers?
The server will have security measures taken to prevent hackers.

Will the game be F2P or P2P?
The game will still be Free to play.

Will the server be up 24/7?
Except for scheduled restarts and maintenance the server will stay up.

What promotional items are there?
The project leads have each created a promo pack. Here are the links:

What is the official site for DBOR?

How else can I find out information about DBOR?
We have a Facebook page here: and a youtube page here:

What are the system requirements for DBOR?

How do we know this project is not a scam?
The DBOR team has provided proof of work and will continue to provide proof. We also are not accepting donations until the server is closer to release so there's no risk on your end.

Is this legal?
Yes, this project is completely legal. More information can be found here.

How will donations work?
Once donations become available we will notify you. You will be given rewards for donating.

Will there be in-game events?
We will provide a lot of in-game events to keep players occupied even at end-level.

Will the game require as much grinding as before?
We will try to make leveling more enjoyable.

Are there tools on the forum to help me find things once the game comes out or help me be more organized?
There are many tools available for you.
From our site:
From our affiliate site (

Is there a development FAQ?

I have more questions
You can search through the AMA section for more answers or if you can't find your answer and you have more questions feel free to PM me and I will try to answer as many as I can.

Who can I contact for information?
The leaders Dumke and I or our Human Resource Team leader Sonwest

Is there a support email?
There is:
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