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Topic: DBORevelations AMA #1 [23/4/14] Answered.  (Read 25219 times)

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DBORevelations AMA #1 [23/4/14] Answered.
« on: April 30, 2014, 04:43:09 PM »

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#1 Answered.

What is the system requirement for the game?

At this stage It will be the same as the official DBO client.

What will the maximum level be?
We will probably release different level caps (and related ) in stages. But eventually we will reach a level cap of 70 and higher.

They will put it a while in advance (one month or one week) when you go to launch the game?

Yes, We will annouce, approximately one month prior to release.

Haran that can fly at speed without scrolls?

Flight is still under revision, you'll still get flight the same way, how you'll use it, is still under review.

The missions will be the same?

Quests shouldn't be much different from before.

What language will be? Will it continue in Chinese, Korean? or Will they change to English and Spanish or only English?

English (From us), Chinese and Korean (From Original Games) and French (By LinkvsSangoku), Any other language that is translated further down the track.

The flight system will be the same?

The means to unlock it, shouldn't change.
Boost Flight, is still under consideration.

Will hairstyles original series like vegeta or goku and how do you think the kaioken and events will exist?
Will it be possible for you guys to add a Super Kaioken?
Will instant transmission be available for all class through dragon balls?
Can we have a flying nimbus mount?
Can you put in a function to 'turn off exp from mobs' so we will be able to stay at lvl 29 for kid budokai and other things?
Will we have any new skills?
Will party sizes remain at 5? Or can they be a little bigger?
Will skills and karma change in any way?
Instant Transmission will be a wish from Shenron, so everyone can have it?
Can you make it to where we don't have to have a scroll to fly fast?

As stated in our other FAQs, we are not looking into adding any new features at this stage. For our first release we are trying to keep things feature-wise the same as before the official DBO was closed.

how will you guys put all the cash shop items in the game?....or will you guys not put them in the game because there is no cash shop?

Either remove them or make them tradable.
Put them in specific shops, most likely.

Will there be any "Starter Merchant" or sth like this?

As in something for newbies?  There was a box given from 1 and last still level 70, and gives something new every few levels. This might see a return.

When will the Dragon Ball hunting be? Will it be on 24/7?

Most likely enabled for weekends, starting friday.
That's what we have planned, could change to 24/7.

Is someone is going one day to answer all these questions? LMAO
Good question...

Could you do something about the buggy 'roadside turtle quest' for humans, like have a timer on the quest and if the quest isn't completed by then, it's failed and the turtle resets.

We will try to fix as many bugs as we can.

Can y'all make the cool-down on transformations go down or make a "master-transformation" skill to reduce energy cost/cool-down times etc?

We can, and we may.

Are yall gonna make the flying infinite or last much longer?

Most likely decrease the drain, which in turn will increase the duration.

What changes will you do to the classes?

On first launch, only minor balancing, other then that, nothing as of yet.
Main concerns are having a functional game.

We will be avaiable to turn on/off transformations whenever we want untill our EP end?

If you're implying NO Cooldown on transformations, unless you run out of EP, then no.
You'll be able to transform, untill the duration ends or you lose it due to the contraints on the transformation.

Will you guys make the names like Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and so on unavaiable to choose and make them strictly for the NPC'S? (Hope so)

There is nothing wrong with people owning names like these, because regardless, people will make variations if the original is gone.

The quests are going to be the same or you will make it easier?

Quest should be the same, they won't be easier.

There will be this arena thing that pepole can compete against eachother?

Yes, Ranked Matches should return.

The exp are going to be the same?

Experience gained should be the same, as this is a vanilla dbo emulator.

The system upgrade items remains the same?
All features will remain the same, on release, until later in the future, after everything works almost/completely flawless.

Will there be some prizes for ranked matches other than from orginal dbo ?
Depending on events, Nothing new will be earned.

Are you going to add Gun Maniac and Mech Maniac class in a hypothetical future?

If we're able too, we'd like to add any content held back by NTL, but this will be after we have a stable release.

Just a curiosity, but will there be new colors for the dogis?

Recolors might be possible.
Nothing determined, as DBO works quite staticly.

How will the Donation work ? What kind of Gifts will wee receive?

This is still being figured out, this will be annouced with the launch of the game.

Are You planning any changes on The Rank battles ? because on DBO they where pretty useless . Will they be any Rank titles ? For Example Like league of legends Bronze , Silver , Gold , Diamond , Challenger ETC

No changes for ranked, due to the nature of it, it would be pointless to add a title/ladder system for something that could be easily boosted.

New Dogi's ?

Possibly in the future.

Will We get further then the Cell Saga ? Majin Buu Saga ?

That's not something i can answer as of now.
However If we can, we will try.

Will Attack Speed be nerd'd once we get t the lvl 70 cap?

Attack Speed will most likely cap'd from the beginning.
Possibly 70-80%

Will New skills be invented ?

It's possible, but the current skills are quite fine, and we have enough already, depending if we go for higher then 70 CAP, then it's quite possible.

Will you go Further once we get to lvl cap 70 ? I mean lvl 100 cap etc ?

Depends on our player base, and if we're able to create rich new content.

Will You go further on TMQ's?

Nothing confirmed as of yet.
As we're not entirely sure what NTL had planned for the others, but it's possible.

Will The budokai be once a week (TW)

Budokai Times, will probably stay at twice a week for both Adult and Kid

Then how about the blue dogi on this image?

All Dogi's currently in DBO's Files will be made available.

Difference from old dbo we know?

It won't be much different, only more community involvement.

Hope nerfing a lot bleed of sk and confuse of karma?

Balancing will take place.

exp and drop rate?

Vanilla, completely the same.
Loot tables may change however.

saiyan tale as dogi item(backpack)?

Possibly not, it might eventually make it's way into the game.

Shenron wishes?

Yes, Shenron wishes will stay mostly the same.

Old scramble items level 55?

No, we're going for the meta game of last patch of KR/TW.

Will we have the same old Background DBO music like we used to have?

The DBO soundtrack will remain completely the same.

Will Giant Namek still be 10 minutes?

This is a great question, it might be increased to 15 minutes (if we plan to keep pots, if not 20minutes, might be a better idea)

Is true you kill a mob 5 level bellow you level it dont drop a db?

Yes, the old rules for dragonball hunting was the mob had to be within 5 levels of you either side.
 Example: If you were Level 60,  65 or 55 was acceptable.

How much is the cap of cooldown?

Might be 70% or 100% like KR.

How much is the cap of speed?

70-80% Most likely.

¿Los niveles requeridos para habilidades como transformarse en super saiyan o kaioken... etc seran los mismos o variaran? y ¿Habra alguna otra raza aparte de humano, namekiano y majin? Muchas gracias de antemano

No new races, will be coming unfortunately.
Levels for transformations should stay the same.

well, I'd like to know if dbor will use GameGuard as Hack Protection as dbo did? because GameGuard caused a lot of errors in the game..

GameGuard was an absolutely horrible hack protection.
We might not, if we do, most likely hotspot or something along those lines.

will be a cash shop sell the same items like the old DBO ? OR only a Donation center ?

We will have a donation shop, the inventory of it however, hasn't been fully agreed on.

Are you gonna change skills scaling?

Yes and no, some skills might recieve a balance, but overall, most skills scale absolutely fine.

Any chance that you will be changing passive effects to certain classes?

Most passive effects were perfectly fine for classes.
Some might be removed or reworked, as for some classes, you didn't even want to talk them.

How will critical hit system work(critical damage formula change)?

The critical hit chance system will be percentage, then pure luck this time around.

TMQ gear system(getting full set of gear at the end of TMQ(old version on kr server i think) or gear drops from boss)?
Drop from boss, this was what was best as choosing the gear at the end created too much items for so little work.

Will you be balancing classes by nerfing strongest classes or buffing under powered classes or both?
Balancing will hit places where it's needed most.

Is there a letter restriction to names like in some games I can't use the name I have now(Ren) if so can u make the restriction 3 letters or more?
There is no letter restriction so far.

Will Instant Transmission only be for fighters and dendes like in the old dbo.
Yes, so far that is correct.

if you are translating the game, will this also be the same for weapon names etc and will they be logically named or just translations of what they were?
For Names for weapons, we will try to be as accurate as can be.

Can we have more members in our guild?
Possible increase of 25-50 members.

Can we have more skill points?
Per level or in total? either way, no. unless the cap increases.

Can we have a starting dogi at 30lvl?
You can have almost 90% of dogi's before level 30.

Will be easier to get db?
No, the dragonball hunting system, probably won't change either.

Will it be 100% free to play with cash shop or other type ?
Yes it will be 100% free to play, but we will rely on our users to keep the game afloat.

I wanna know if the game will be just like the Korean version or will be take off some features ?
Any feature that was in the latest version of KR/TW will appear in DBOR (Hopefully)

Do you have a IDEA *Not anything for sure* what the level cap will be in Open Beta *If there will be one* And do you think you will come around to raising the max level to above 70 when the game works and have been out for along time? ^^

The level cap will depend on what we need to test, open beta requires you, the users to stress test the game for us.

Would it be possible to get a In Game timer to when the Dragon Ball event starts? Or one on this forum? :3
I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard. for either options.

Would it be possible to make some sort of way to stop people who is majin from confusing someone and make them kill Players who is not in battle? (Im sure you have seen it outside almost any city aswell)

This will looked into to make sure you can't attack anyone that isn't in your duel regardless of status effects.

Will the pet system be included?
It probably will, but chances are it will not be released when DBOR opens for the public.

How the combat system changed?
It won't be changed.

Dodge system will be change? Still only will be just a dodge buff sense or meele class give some basic dodge or resistance or lp?
Dodge will brought in line with everything else.

Will we be able to do missions with our friends?
You were able to be before, Party system might recieve a rework however.

Skills will be the same as before shutdown? Lost in time will back for cranes :) ?
Skills will remain the same, lost in time, might not come back.

What items will have the Token shop
The contents will need to be agreed on.

What you think about using mumble as voice chat program in game?
Voice chat is not supported by the DBO client itself, and there is no limitations on what voice chat program to use. Players can use any voice chat programs they want. However,  We will have a dedicated, mumble server for DBOR, upon release.

Will the SSJ consume EP?
SSJ will continue to consume EP as it's still a transformation, the drain might be lessened, but it will still consume EP as it should.

When you say "content creation", are you referring to the new missions, maps, powers, objects and races?

Are we going to see the Making of video when everything is ready?
It was suggested before, but we don't have any real plan to do one right now.

Will you add the new pet and scouter system or the old one?
If we can add the new scouter and pet system we will if not, we'll continue with the old scouter system from 70 patch.

Its working in 2015? or more?
We'll try to have the Game up as soon as we can.

Will the rules of the PvP platform in Korin City(dunno the actual name) change in anyway?
There wasn't any rules for the PVP platform to begin with.
All Out PVP zone.

Can i reset skills anytime with NPC, or do I need the skill reset book?

You can reset anytime with NPC, and if we have a reset book being donation item (still will be tradable and achieved ingame) then you will need a skill reset book.

Will the scouter system be equal the old one?
We are aiming to use the new scouter system, same as the one before the official DBO was closed.

and That's everything.
That was difficult.
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