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Best Dragonball Game Opening/Song
« on: February 12, 2017, 04:07:12 PM »

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I just wanted an excuse to share this but this is not only my favorite Dragon Ball title it also has the best opening in my opinion , the song is also super catchy. It still gets me very pumped when it comes to DBZ.
 Which openings do you think stand out .

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Best Dragonball Game Opening/Song
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Can't really say much, since I haven't really been able to buy that many Dragon Ball games. As a kid, I had to play whatever my parents bought.

These are the two openings/intros for the two games I had:

So I'm not really posting them as "the best" but more like the ones I had.

Edit: Although, I just stumbled upon this and really liked it:

Gotta say the 2D openings for DBZ games are definitively better.
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