Topic: 10 Facts you rarely or never knew about DBZ  (Read 1186 times)

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10 Facts you rarely or never knew about DBZ
« on: June 11, 2016, 02:05:10 AM »

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YOOO,  glad to be back! Yall gotta check this out.Devonte's first upload was hilarious and informative even though its a top 10 facts, I really never knew that about frieza O_O at #1

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10 Facts you rarely or never knew about DBZ
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Here's some feedback. Not trying to be mean, although it might be what it seems. I'm writing this as I watch the video. Since you're saying it's his first video, you're probably friends with him or something and you're helping him out so if you could get this to him, that would be cool.

The title has a mistake (the Youtube title, not the one in the video). Can't tell if it's considered grammar, but he missed a word. "Top 10 Facts you RARELY or NEVER [knew] about Dragon Ball Z." Gladly he can edit that without much trouble.

Why is there a random yellow floating circle at the intro and outro? if he can get rid of it, that would be great. The song he uses in the outro doesn't really match the whole video. Also, cutting out the intro song like that was quite bad. He should've probably tried doing some sort of fade away or something.

#10 - I expected the video would actually show a scene where they say that. I guess it wasn't mentioned in the anime, considering it's a "10 facts your probably didn't know" video. I guess it's gonna be the same for many other facts so I don't know what the best way to do that would've been.

#9 - "There are 187 fights from the start of Dragon Ball to the end of Dragon Ball Z." Then shows a GT fight. That doesn't make much sense.

#6 - Considering he's trying to use funny scenes from the anime, using a joke video sorta changes the whole style of the video.

#2 - The scene has nothing to do with the fact. He could've picked like a montage of all the times Broly said Kakarot or something like this, but with higher quality and shorter:

Using GT scenes will probably piss off many Dragon Ball fans, but that's up to him, I guess.

Done with the feedback, time for some comments.

#9 - I wonder if the time when Raditz slapped Krillin with his tail counts as a fight.

#4 - Just 28? Come on!

#2 - I bet Vegeta Broly said most of those "Kakarot." The Broly I have in Dokkan Battle says "Ka... Ka... Rot" when I use his Super Attack, for crying out loud! Gotta point out that scene in the video is the reason of this emote's code: :savage:

#1 - I didn't know that about him either. It's quite interesting, if you ask me.

I wonder how many of these facts did our living Dragon Ball encyclopedia, A.K.A. Nia, knows already.
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10 Facts you rarely or never knew about DBZ
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2016, 07:34:33 AM »
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Is number 8 really not known?

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