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Debates / Strongest Fictional Character?
« on: February 04, 2016, 06:16:38 AM »
So I felt like asking this and enjoying a good debate since I don't really have the most extensive knowledge of... well, anything, if I compare myself to you guys.

So the title already holds the question but I want to set some rules:

  • Any fictional character, may it be from comics, cartoons, anime, videogames, manga, books, movies, folkloric tales, myths, etc. You can even mention your own character in a game or something, but make sure you give you reason for it. (Read rule 4).
  • No gods or all-mighty characters like Zeus or those guys in the Marvel comics that live in space and are just stronger than everyone else. Any characters that have become gods through their plot are also off the table, unless you consider their... "mortal" version. You should be smart enough to know what I mean, don't try to make a whole "but this guy isn't technically a god because..."
  • No Superman, unless you can prove why someone is stronger than him (which means you wouldn't mention him anyways). He's just the most OP character I know of, since his power has literally no limits.
  • I'd like to see good arguments as to why you mention them. That means @Bardock can't just post "Bardock, 'cuz I say so".
  • No reality warpers. Totally not thinking about what Kiyza would post. Those are just a way to get past the second rule.
  • New rule (edited in): Gilgamesh is forbidden too. I don't want spoilers and I expect Nia can mention him. Besides, from what he's told me, he can be as strong as Superman if not stronger.

Hope I didn't miss any rules that makes this just too easy for @Kiyza or @Nia. Have fun now.

That is all, let the walls of text run free and break the forums.

Programming / Need help for a project.
« on: January 27, 2016, 05:35:21 AM »
So I sorta want to work on a simple videogame project. I got some ideas for it and stuff but I know no programming at all. As always, I decided to come to the forums for help.

Is anyone here able to do some programming and, if that's the case, on which languages? Any other information about it would be useful. I got a friend in college that knows a lot but he's too busy to help me with this yet I can tell him stuff like "I found this guy that knows X language and can use Y program..." and he'd tell me if that's what I need or something.

Like I said, my knowledge about this is basically null. I know there's a thing called C++ and another called Visual Basic. So the point of this thread is to know what everyone is good at in order to tell my friend so I can know who can actually help me.

Nintendo / Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Demo (Nintendo 3DS)
« on: November 11, 2015, 08:37:57 AM »
So I was going through the available demos in the Nintendo e-Shop and found this game and was like "Sure, why not?"

Big mistake.

So the game seemed interesting with an old-fashioned 2D map combat style and it had RoF characters and stuff. As soon as I started the demo, I saw this:

Any Dragon Ball fan should immediately notice that's Super Saiyan Goku with black hair! Why?! I immediately hated the game but decided to try it anyways.

Combat: It's a 2D combat game and that was no problem at all, but moving during combat is impossible unless you were in mid-air. You can only dash towards the enemy (not away), jump up and crouch but you can't just slightly move to the right or left... Skills are sorta boring. You only get one special skill per character.

Voices are in Japanese and I get that you don't dub them for a demo but at least add freaking subtitles!

The only thing I liked about this game is that you can fight in King Kai's planet. I think no DBZ game has made that planet an actual fighting area, right?

Maybe the demo was total crap compared to the actual release but it made me lose all respect for Bandai and I'm definitively not gonna buy the full game ever. Actually, I'm uninstalling the demo as I type this review.

Online Videos / TOME, Terrain of Magical Expertise
« on: October 21, 2015, 05:01:23 AM »
While I was chatting with @Shyruni, he mentioned this animated series called TOME and I decided to look it up. It's basically made by this solo animator called Chris Niosi, a.k.a. Kirbopher. I know some of you guys know about the show already but I wanted to share it with the others.

This is a quote taken from the creator's site, sorta explaining the first few minutes of the show:
In the year 2020, Netking Software released a virtual reality game called the Terrain of Magical Expertise… TOME.

Within this expansive, interactive world, players of all ages, gender and race from across the globe unite together to a single community of social networking and gaming. With an unprecedented level of customization, you can create a personal avatar character to interact with friends and battle foes…and Netking Software’s unparalleled and renowned virtual reality system dictates your thoughts and actions instantly to create an incredibly realistic sense of life, making it the most immensely popular and sought-after game title in the world to date.
Quote source.

The theme can be quite cliché, but we're talking about a solo animator in 2011, making some web series, and that makes me like it despite the whole mainstream stuff. Also, the music is pretty good.

Here's episode one, for you guys to check it out:

I've seen 9/15 episodes so far and I've had fun with them. Can't say it's amazing or a 10/10 but it's quite good and ejoyable so I'll say it deserves some more popularity (although it already has it's own wiki).

You can also click here to check out the show's site if you're interested in the people involved and stuff about the show as well as watch the episodes.

I know LittleKuriboh voices one of the main characters and DBZA's Goku plays a secondary character. Also, Natsu's english voice actor participates (although I haven't seen his character yet) and Kyle Hebert (who voices DBZ's narrator, adult Gohan, Ox King, Pikkon, and a bunch of other characters in the FUNImation dub along with many other anime dubs).

Forum Games / Post your favorite wallpapers!
« on: September 03, 2015, 11:53:46 AM »
I was about to post on a thread started by @MomoGalaxy where we share our favorite wallpapers and stuff since I had changed mine but I was surprised to see the thread was closed so I'm starting a new one.

Title says it all: Post your favorite wallpapers!

Here's my previous one.

Now I'm debating between these two:

The whole black background thing makes it look amazing but at the same time it looks empty, while the other one has colors and stuff but Skull Kid won't look as nice like that. He also has a blur in the second one.

Graphic Design / Tofu's Art Spot
« on: July 14, 2015, 11:44:56 AM »
Looks like getting corners is the trend as of late so I'm getting mine.

I'd say my strong point is vector drawing and not hand-drawing but I'll post a bit of everything I've done. I've worked a lot in graphic design so I've made forums sigs, vector drawings, hand drawings and more stuff.

Spoiler for Vector stuff:
This one's a Gohan I had to do for college but I didn't really put much effort into it:

This Kyogre is a little thing I did one night my internet crashed:

I sorta did this one after checking @LinkvsSangoku's DeviantArt. I really liked his Gohan vector so I tried doing a better one but this was the result:

This was my final proyect when I studied Illustrator about a year ago. I had to design a skateboard/surfboard based on a movie:

The whole thing was re-drawn with Illustrator but I didn't nail Ichigo's colors perfectly because I used the original picture ones. I didn't consider getting another picture just to copy the colors.

New one! College assignment, I didn't put much effort to it but it's still a really long work. Took me about 7 hours to complete but I was also very distracted while doing it so I might have saved a couple of hours if I was fully focused.

Spoiler for Drawings/Character Creation:
This one's a character called Ryoku I had in my mind for a while now. I was recently asked in college to create 2 characters so I drew him:

This was my second character, Shenfu. I was trying to go for a simpler design out of laziness:

Noticing my first and second character's designs had nothing to do with each other, I decided to make a third one called Ryuu (inspired on a little side character I made in an RP thread) and save my the first one for myself and this was the result:

Wings are not how I pictured them but I sorta hit the edge of the paper and ended up improvising. :P

Gonna add some new drawings. They're too big for my scanner so they're sorta cut-off but I'll still share them here since taking my picture with my phone's camera quality is not an option:

Out of all my college assignments, this was the first one I had to do. At least out of the ones I find worth sharing since the other assignments were pretty dumb like doing plain boxes and silly excercises...

This was my second assignment, due the same day as the previous one:

Then, the teacher asked us to make a barn he showed us in a picture. Ignore the trees, they were not important for the grade so I didn't put any effort in them. Anyways, this was my result:

A few weeks ago he was like "make your own robot" and this was mine. I tried to keep it simple and the teacher hated me because of that, lowering my grade:

And last, but not least, human anatomy. The teacher gave us some basic concepts of human anatomy (way too basic in my opinion) and then asked us to draw two human bodies of different genders due today (July 28th, 2015):
Spoiler for Spoilerception to warn of nudity:

For that last assignment, I was barely taught how to do them so I had to look up for references online. It's my first time doing a non-cartoonish human body. Also, I was not allowed to remove construction lines or add a face.

Spoiler for Signatures:
I can't consider myself to be a signature pro but these are the sigs I've done so far for myself on the forums. I'll post them in the order I made them and ignore the first one because it really sucked badly:

I know, Teen Gohan is blurry in the first three. I still got the PNG files so I can fix it if I decide to use those sigs again.

I also have some big drawings I sorta feel proud of but they're way too big for my scanner so I don't have a digital version of them.

Most of this stuff is on my DeviantArt, which you can visit by clicking on my signature's picture or by clicking on the link I placed earlier in this sentence.

Edit: Changed thread's name to make it different from Link's.

General Discussion / What's the story behind your name?
« on: June 25, 2015, 11:00:27 AM »
So I just thought of this topic and considered it can be a fun topic to have people explain where their names come from so I stopped my college homework I'm doing to log-in on the forums and start this thread :P. I'd love to have everyone participate in different languages so people who's not good at english but know spanish can feel free to write in spanish and I'll happily translate since I know both languages but I can't help in any other.

The point is to tell the story of why you're called how you're called in the forums. If that is not your usual name in games or in other stuff, feel free to explain your usual name and not the one you have here. I'll post my story later, after a few people have posted already.

I'd also enjoy to see people like @Bardock come up with something fun other than just "Because I like Bardock, duh!" and maybe describe the character and why you love him so much.

I consider this a fun thing to do on the forums like the Rate The Signature Above you thread but I was not sure if it could be considered a game so I posted it here.

In spanish:
Spoiler for En español:
Así que se me ocurrió esta idea para un tema del foro y lo cree porque me pareció divertido que todos expliquemos el origen de nuestros nombres del foro así que interrumpí el trabajo que estoy haciendo para la universidad para hacer este tema :P. Me encantaría que participen personas de todo el mundo así que si no dominan bien el inglés siéntanse libres de escribir en español y yo, felizmente ayudaré a traducir pues conozco ambos idiomas.

El punto es contar la historia explicando por que tienes el nombre que tienes en el foro y si no es el nombre que utilizas normalmente en juegos o en otros lugares, puedes explicar ese nombre en vez de explicar el del foro. Una vez que ya varias personas hayan contado sus historias, yo publicaré la mía.

También me gustaría que las personas que no tienen nombres propios como Bardock o Goku no solo digan "Porque me gusta el personaje, duh!" sino que expliquen por que les gusta tanto el personaje y lo describan un poco.

Me pareció algo divertido para hacer en el foro como el tema de evaluar las firmas de los demás pero no lo puse en la categoría de los juegos porque no se si se puede considerar un juego también.

Off Topic / Why I had to leave my country
« on: April 30, 2015, 04:55:21 AM »

This is a video explaining Venezuela's current condition and why have many people been leaving. It talks about the government's corruption even showing stuff even I didn't know about and also talks about the problems that started back in February 2014 when the people decided to prostest for their freedom and their rights.

It's quite long but at least it's in english (might not be perfectly pronounced since it's our second language). I found it worth sharing and if any of you does so too I'd appreciate it. Venezuela might need international help if we plan on finally ending this chaos since I really doubt this will end up pacifically.

There's been a lot of countries focused on us lately (specially after the Summit of the Americas) but I still wanted to keep on sharing to make more people know about us. I'm not even a guy that usually shares videos and stuff so that must say a lot about this.

For the people that is not very good with english, the video has spanish subtitles too so don't worry.

Spoiler for In Spanish:
Este es un videos explicando la condición actual de Venezuela y por que tantas personas han estado emigrando. Habla de la corrupción del gobierno e incluso muestra una que otra cosa que ni yo sabía pero también habla de las protestas que empezaron en febrero de 2014 cuando la gente empezó a reclamar su libertad y sus derechos.

Es algo largo y está en inglés (aunque no pronunciado perfectamente porque es nuestro segundo idoma). Me pareció que valía la pena compartirlo y si cualquiera de ustedes hace lo mismo estaría bastante agradecido. Puede que Venezuela necesite ayuda internacional para ponerle fin a este caos porque dudo bastante que se pueda resolver pacíficamente.

Últimamente muchos países han estado atentos a lo que pasa en mi país (especialmente después de La Cumbre de las Américas) pero de todos modos quería compartir el video para que más gente supiera lo que pasa aquí. Ni siquiera soy una persona que normalmente comparte videos que le gustan, eso debe decir mucho de este.

Para los que no son muy buenos con el inglés, el video tiene subtítulos en español así que no se preocupen por eso.

Off Topic / The Freaking Assist Point Ads
« on: April 20, 2015, 05:00:54 PM »
So I got these adds called Assist Point Ads. I usually don't use AdBlock on the forums to support the proyect but I've been forced to today because these ads keeps popping up in my Google Chrome everytime I load a site. AdBlock won't completely remove them though, a black box with "Assist Point Ads" somewhere in it will appear and stay there for a few secs before AdBlock can remove it completely.

How do I get rid of this plague? I get like 4 or more ads everytime I load a site if I don't enable AdBlock and even if I do I'll get 3 at least. I got these some time ago and they dissapeared by themselves but I recently had to use Internet Explorer and all these ads popped up there and somehow Chrome got the dissease too. I'm trying to get rid of this permanently.

This is how it looks without disabling AdBlock:

With ABP on I just get the bottom 3 completely black one after another in random orders but they do dissapear by themselves like I mentioned earlier.

Edit: Forgot to mention the ads are not limited to the DBOR site. They were on every single site I visited.

Nintendo / My 3DS won't connect to my Wi-Fi
« on: April 06, 2015, 01:28:02 PM »
So I got a 3DS about a year and half ago and it didn't really happen much at first but it had always been a problem. If there's a lot of people home, which means a lot of phones and devices connected to the Wi-Fi, my 3DS gets kicked out of the network and even if I restart the router it'll just get kicked again a while later.

I tried adding it to the MAC Filtering in my router config but that would just kick it permanently and if I enable it and then disable the thing in the MAC Filtering list it will just connect for a few seconds and then get kicked again.

I've been googling this problem and apparently the only few people I find with this same problem can't find a solution. I suck at programing and computer stuff so try to explain me like if I was like 10 years old :P.

PC Gaming / Who plays Tera Rising?
« on: March 07, 2015, 01:19:50 PM »
So I'm massively bored. I got like nothing to do for a month since my whole life is taking a big change (I'll add that at the bottom of the post for the ones that are actually interested). Got bored of my current games and I can't afford new ones so I'm limited to play F2P stuff. I tried Tera a long time ago but I didn't really get into it, maybe because I was playing it alone or because I found my class boring, I don't know. I recently got a 360 Controller for christmas and I want to use it so I might aswell play Tera and see how it goes, since the game has controller support.

The point of this thread is to know who is playing the game and in what server or even get a bunch of people to join me and start playing the game from zero, level up together and maybe even start a DBOR guild or something. The game is quite heavy so I won't be installing it right now. I got it in my external HDD so I'd only have to update it but I don't have the HDD right now because I lent it to a friend. The good thing is that I got some time to find people to play with while my friend gives it back to me.

Also, if no one wants to start playing the game for the first time with me or anything just post your servers or realms or however they're called here and I'll create a character in the one with the most people, just so I have someone to play with... Even though he's like level 60 or 70 or whatever the cap is and I'm just starting.

Edit: I'll add a list with the forums members, their IGN's and their servers so feel free to participate so you get added to the list. If you find there's someone from the forums in your server, you can add him and chill with them ingame :D
Spoiler for Hidden:
- Kairouken (Crane): Mount Tyrannas, IGN: (unknown)
- Zophar: Mount Tyrannas, IGN: (unknown)
- Tofu: Mount Tyrannas, IGN: Tofux
- YourEnd7: Lake of Tears, IGN: Lemina / Mount Tyrannas, IGN: Lemrina
- Gatorain: Mount Tyrannas, IGN's: Gatorain and The.Gator
- pimphesus: Tempest Reach, IGN: Pimp.Hesus
- keredvin: Lake of Tears, IGN: Elnora
- MomoGalaxy: Tempest Reach, IGN's: KumiChuu, Hungrybox, Kaiton, Mayu.Yuri and Krystal.eve

Update: I found my old character in the website and, by chance, it's in the same server as Crane and Zophar but I'm not playing yet because I don't have the game yet. I'll add it to the list but, as I said, I don't mind starting over on another server if there's a lot of people from DBOR to play with. I also searched old Tera threads and added the characters I found to the list.

My big life change (for whomever is actually interested):
Spoiler for Hidden:
I live in Venezuela, this country is messed up and going to shit so I'm moving out of here in April to study in Panama. I'm currently not studying since the money I spend in a college/university here would be lost after I leave and I'm not working here either because I can't find a job. The unemployment here is big and a random guy that just finished highschool has less chances of finding a job than all the unemployed people that actually finished college. Also, no one wants to employ a guys that will quit in a month.

That's why I'll be bored, doing nothing for a month and I can't buy games to pass the time because the inflation is too high to actually buy games, unless you're rich. I used to play League of Legends to pass the time but now my ISP has become shit along with the country and I can't really play any MOBA because I get random lag spikes that can ruin my game or, at least, not make me enjoy it. Changing my ISP is not an option either since the only other option is even worse. MMO's are tolerable, dieing in those because of a lag spike is like "Oh well" so that's why I'm interested in Tera.

Dragonball General Discussion / When did Gohan learn to fly?
« on: March 07, 2015, 05:16:32 AM »
When did Gohan learn to fly? I recently started watching DBZ again from ep 1 and I noticed he never flew when training with Piccolo, even when the dude dropped him off a cliff and told him to find out how to get back up.

During the fight with Nappa, he didnt seem to know how to fly at all and suddenly, after Goku lifts him and Krillin up when Vegeta kills Nappa, he can fly! At first he is grabbing Goku by the leg but then he's just floating in the air by himself.

People in the internet say Piccolo taught him but if that was the case, I'm pretty sure he would've done it at some point during the fight.

My theory is that he learned to fly by watching people do it or just by himself, just like he learned to manipulate ki while living alone in the plains, and after Goku lifted him in the air he actually tried it for the first time. Of course, I expect @Nia to post at some time and correct me :P.

P.S.: When I say he didn't fly before, I'm not counting the sudden bursts of anger or fear that made him super strong.

So I remember being in a guild back in DBO but I couldn't remmember the name. Apparently it was called The Warriors, according to DBOCOM even though the name doesn't sound familiar. I found like only one DBOR member that was in The Warriors and he said he was in like all the DBOCOM guilds so I guess @SonKagu wasn't really an old guildie :P. I played in TW Server 2, Bulma and my IGN's were TheTofux and Tofux.

The point of this thread is for people to share their old DBO guild names so people can PM them so they can get in touch with their old guildies, pretty much like Facebook when it first started. Meant for graduated people to find their old school and college buddies :P.

TL;DR: Post your old guild's name and hope for people to PM you like "Hey man, long time!". Mine was called "The Warriors" in TW Server 2 and my IGN's were TheTofux and Tofux.

Sorry if this thread already exists. If so, feel free to delete it or something.

Graphic Design / Two signature ideas
« on: March 02, 2015, 10:03:13 AM »
So I'm a big Gohan fan and I made a signature, based on my old one that I took from my guild's site, Dragons Past so I had to fit out emblem somwhere. I've wanted to make one from some months ago and I finally did. I made a few ideas and these two are the ones that I liked the most. The difference between the two is very little anyway.

Number one:
Spoiler for Hidden:

And my personal favorite:
Spoiler for Hidden:

Edit: My new personal favorite (after recieving feedback and changing contrast):
Spoiler for Hidden:

Edit 2.0: So I got two ideas very different from the first ones thanks to the feedback I've gotten. Gonna place them here so you don't need to go all the way down through the thread to see them:
Spoiler for Hidden:

I have a problem though. When I made them in photoshop I left an area with no background on purpose and, after uploading them, they automatically get a while background there. How do I remove that?

Edit: Found by logic it needs to be a PNG and not a JPG.

Give me opinions and ideas since it's my first signature banner. I've done a lot of Photoshop projects but I usually edit pictures and stuff.

Dragonball General Discussion / Something's wrong with the voices here
« on: February 27, 2015, 12:55:16 PM »
So I got all nostalgic and started watching DBZ from episode one and I noticed Goku's voice to be a little... weird and guessed it would be changing through the anime or something but then I heard Vegeta's and I got pissed so I looked that same scene on Youtube and turns out it has a different voice actor and it's also inverted vertically (or maybe the youtube video is inverted, like many animes). Also the narrator is non-existent where I'm watching it... What's wrong?

I'm watching DBZ here since it's pretty much the only dbz site I know of

Here's the youtube video I found with Vegeta's original voice

Edit: I found a site with the original voices and the episodes the way they're supposed to be. Whatever I was watching was a mess... The first scene in the first episode was Raditz landing, being the random farmer the first character to ever appear... I'd still love to get a better site recommended. I don't like this one.

Español / ¿Cómo ayudo con el parche de traducción?
« on: February 22, 2015, 01:27:45 PM »
Tengo un tiempo libre de aquí hasta abril y he estudiado inglés desde que tengo memoria. Me gustaría ayudar con el parche de idioma si es posible. ¿Cómo ayudo?

También quería preguntar sobre el español que se está utilizando, ¿es español de España o un castellano neutro? ¿Quizá incluso lo están separando por diferentes países?

PC Gaming / Aura Kingdom (Anime MMORPG)
« on: February 06, 2015, 02:53:20 AM »
Has anyone here played this new Aura Kingdom game? Apparently it is still in open beta but I tried it out and liked it. It's an anime MMORPG but as far as I know, it's not based of any specific anime. The character run animation is similar to DBO's... Or at least similar to what I can remember and the skills look similar to Maplestory's (unless I just picked two similar classes in both games) but in 3D and looking way better. Check it out on youtube or something if I'm not convincing you. I really liked it.

It's probably the only free MMORPG game I'd play right now since Tera won't run really good in my laptop and I found it a little boring anyway, ArcheAge is not a pay to win game but more like a "pay to have fun" so I quit it. I really haven't found any other free MMORPG's I like as much as those anyway.

I know someone already posted about this game here but I wanted to make a more elaborate review. I'm playing on Hydra, as well as the guys that commented in the forum thread I just linked. Hope everyone joins us in that server. I got a guild but it's just temporal, to get the buffs and stuff. Once I find a good guild or something the DBOR team makes I will change.

I guess the game is originally from Taiwan or something but I gotta say all the translations and stuff are pretty good (unlike the poor ArcheAge translations from Korea). It's from Aeria games in America and I'm not sure if Europe too but that means that you don't need to create a new acc if you have already played any other Aeria game. I actually am not very well informed about it or the open beta thing so don't rely too much on me about that :P

Here's a wikipedia site so you can read about it, the site's link and a youtube video. Come join us :D
Main Site

Guess this video is sorta old since there's a bunch of new classes already. Gotta say the character creation and the introductory tutorial are amazing, compared to many (if not all) MMORPG's.

Note: If you download it thought steam you can still get a free "dlc" that's just a code for a Christmas gift thing with some Santa's Reindeer horns. Not sure when will the offer end since we're already on February.

Anyway, check it out guys. I'm really liking it and it sucks to play MMO's alone.

Update: Here's a list with all the forum members that play the game, along with their IGN and server:

Spoiler for Hidden:
-Member: @Tofu - IGN: Tofux - Server: Hydra - Steam name: Tofu
-Member: @Saro - IGNs: XNijimaX, XTanimotoX - Server: Hydra
-Member: @Tensa - IGN: (unknown) - Server: Private server (PM him for name)
-Member: @Canti - IGN: CyanRockShootah - Server: Hydra - Steam name: Musako★Black
-Member: @brolylss20 - IGN: brolylss20 - Server: Hydra - Steam name: brolylss20
-Member: @Trender - IGN: (unknown) - Server: Spanish server
-Member: @Tomlanji - IGN: Kakarot - Server: (unknown)
-Member: @Kurai - IGN: (unknown) - Servers: Main (guess it could be any of the main servers) and AKPS
-Member: @Jaryan - IGN(s) and server(s) unknown.
-Member: @Rogue- IGN and server(s) unknown.
-Member: @jackknife89 - IGN: jackknife89 - Server: Hydra - Steam: jackknife89
-Member: @SaiyanPrince - IGN: (unknown) - Sever: Chimera
-Member: @kobob23 - IGN: (unknown) - Server: Hydra
-Member: @Shiro  - IGNs: NightcoreMix, Guetta, KonekoKun - Server: Hydra (I guess) - Steam: Alezz

Off Topic / I got a virus I can't delete!
« on: December 08, 2014, 06:54:14 PM »
So I downloaded a program through a link I got sent by a friend and she said it's a trustable site. It came full of viruses and my antivirus deleted around 8 different viruses (I'm using McAfee). I managed to delete all viruses but a couple of files remained that change my Google Chrome's start-up site.

Whenever I open Google Chrome I get this search site called My Start Search ( instead of Google. I checked what my home site is set to and it does say Google and when I click on the home site button I get sent to Google aswell.

I searched for a lot of stuff online and nothing worked. I did found a couple of files in my laptop that have the Google Chrome icon and a long name that looks like some kind of coded link and have "mystart" in them but I can't delete them because they're being used even if I start my laptop in safe mode. I asume these files are the problem but I can't find how to delete them.

Any help will be apreciated.

P.S.: I posted in this section because I think it's the best for it but I might've missed one that is more appropriate.

Post Merge: December 08, 2014, 06:57:29 PM
Update: My laptop, while writing this, found a "[1]" file and it's an .xml. I don't know about file formats so I'm not sure what an .xml does but it was saved in the App Data folder. I deleted it but the problem continues.

Also, I can't find the couple of files I mentined earlier when I search my pc with files with "mystart" in them.

General Discussion / About the transformation
« on: September 06, 2014, 08:52:48 AM »
I've seen kids in DBO go Super Saiyan (or maybe I'm confused with a video I saw and they actually can't at all). Can Nameks go Giant and Majins go Pure without doing the adult quest too?

I've googled this and searched in DBOCOM and DBOR forums and can't find anything about it. Maybe I didn't use the right works or something but I'm pretty sure no one asked this before. Since I didn't get too far in the game I barely even saw a Pure Majin or a Giant Namek.

If no kid can even transform in the game then never mind this whole thread and just close it /delete it.

Other Platforms / Omni: The Future of Gaming
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This is Omni. It's considered to be the future of gaming:

What do you guys think?

In my opinion it's an amazing concept like the Wii was back in the day and the Oculus Rift more recently but I don't see this having a great future. People want to sit down and enjoy playing games, not to actually have to run to play Call of Duty or anything else because you would get tired. It would mean running for like a straight hour or even more.

It's amazing to have it motivating excecise, working out and stuff but people would use it for about a month after buying it and then that's it. I bought the Wii Fit and used it daily for like 2 months and it's now just collecting dust in my living room and I bet it's the same for most Wii Fit users. Many people's bought the Oculus Rift and only use it for the realistic close-up but not because of the head movement function. I think the Omni would go the same way.

It does have some other amazing uses like instead of going out running you could just use that and work out anyway or maybe even military training but for gaming I don't think will do that great. If you guys think the opposite then go ahead and give your opinion.

Off Topic / The Hunting Party - Linkin Park
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So I just downloaded the whole album and it's pretty good considering the way they were going. I'm a big fan of the early Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory and Meteora) and I was pretty mad with the results of the albums that were released after that. I could tell they were trying to go back into their Nu-Metal style from Hybrid Theory and Meteora even though it feels like they're not there yet.

It's also the first album since Meteora that is not produced by the same guy (Rick Rubin) so that might've influenced in their return to the Nu-Metal. What do you guys think about the new album?

Anime / Recommended anime
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So I like anime but I've only seen a few and I'll list them later. I'd love to get some opinions on what anime to watch now. My favorites so far have been Bleach and FMA Brotherhood. I'll make a list with the animes you recommend and I'll be updating how many times it's been recommended so I can decide what to watch. I started with Code Geass and No Game No Life. The first didn't really seem that good from the first episode but I'll watch it since it's short and, for the latter, I'm watching it with some friends so I can't just watch it by myself.

Also, I'm a little bit interested in One Piece but it's too freaking long so I don't think I'll actually see it at all. I might see Hunter x Hunter but it's quite long too, same as Fary Tail so I'll think about those considering how many votes they get.

Spoiler for Anime I've seen so far:

Spoiler for Recommendations (205 so far):
Click on names for more info (still missing a lot).
- Hunter x Hunter > 20 votes
- Yu Yu Hakusho > 13 votes
- Dragon Ball Z > 13 votes
- One Piece > 13 votes
- Sword Art Online > 13 votes
- Fairy Tail > 13 votes
- Dragon Ball > 10 votes
- Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) > 10 votes
- Dragon Ball GT > 8 votes
- Bleach > 7 votes
- Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) > 7 votes
- Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood > 7 votes
- Naruto > 7 votes
- Log Horizon > 7 votes
- Death Note > 6 votes
- Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan) > 6 votes
- Tokyo Ghoul > 6 votes
- Kuroko's Basket (Kuroko no basket) > 6 votes
- Blue Exorcist (Ao No Exorcist) > 6 votes
- Darker Than Black > 6 votes
- Parasyte - The Maxim (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu) (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu) > 5 votes
- Akame Ga Kill! > 5 votes
- Soul Eater > 5 votes
- Mushishi > 5 votes
- Great Teacher Onizuka > 5 votes
- Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion > 4 votes
- The Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei) > 4 votes
- Clannad > 4 votes
- Kenichi: Mightiest Disciple > 4 votes
- Kill La Kill > 4 votes
- Berserk > 4 votes
- Fate/Stay Night > 4 votes
- Accel World > 4 votes
- Cowboy Bebop > 4 votes
- Bakemonogatari > 4 votes
- Girls Bravo > 3 votes
- Psycho-Pass > 3 votes
- Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann > 3 votes
- Inuyasha > 3 votes
- Elfen Lied > 3 votes
- Detective Conan > 3 votes
- Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika) > 3 votes
- Highschool DxD > 3 votes
- Full Metal Alchemist (2003) > 3 votes
- Evangelion > 3 votes
- Baccano > 3 votes
- Angel Beats > 3 votes
- Samurai Champloo > 3 votes
- Fate/Zero > 3 votes
- One Punch Man > 3 votes
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn > 3 votes
- Demon King Daimao (Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō) > 3 votes
- Btooom! > 3 votes
- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure > 3 votes
- No Game No Life > 3 votes
- Durarara! > 3 votes
- Saint Seiya > 2 votes
- Boko no Pico > 2 votes
- The Devil as a Part-Timer > 2 votes
- Space Dandy > 2 votes
- Chobits > 2 votes
- Aldnoah.Zero > 2 votes
- Sengoku Basara > 2 votes
- Terror in Resonance (Zankyou no Teroru) > 2 votes
- Gundam > 2 votes
- Ergo Proxy > 2 votes
- Black Lagoon > 2 votes
- Your lie in April (Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso) > 2 votes
- Fighting Spirit (Hajime no Ippo) > 2 votes
- Rosario + Vampire > 2 votes
- Heaven's Lost Property > 2 votes
- Plastic Nee-San > 2 votes
- Beelzebub > 2 votes
- Baka and Test (baka to Test to Shoukanju)> 2 votes
- Zatch Bell (Konjiki no Gash Bell) > 2 votes
- Steins;Gate > 2 votes
- Shaman King > 2 votes
- Inazuma Eleven > 2 votes
- Certain Scientific Railgun (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun) > 2 votes
- Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works > 2 votes
- Nana > 2 votes
- Chrome Shelled Regios > 2 votes
- The Legend of the Legendary Heroes (Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu) > 2 votes
- Overlord > 2 votes
- Hellsing Ultimate > 2 votes
- Toradora > 2 votes
- Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken) > 2 votes
- Neo Genesis Evangelion > 2 votes
- Monster > 2 votes
- Noragami > 2 votes
- Blue Dragon > 2 votes
- Charlotte > 2 votes
- ReLIFE > 2 votes
- Gintama > 2 votes
- Nichijou - My Ordinary Life > 2 votes
- naughtyword!! Destructive God of Darkness > 1 vote
- Gekkan Shojo > 1 vote
- Full Metal Panic > 1 vote
- Initial D > 1 vote
- Excel Saga > 1 vote
- Slayers: Reena and Gaudy > 1 vote
- School Days > 1 vote
- Skabo el Diablo Corleone > 1 vote
- Medaka Box > 1 vote
- Panty and Stalkings > 1 vote
- Sora no Otimoshi > 1 vote
- Game-On > 1 vote
- Foolie Coolie > 1 vote
- Shiki > 1 vote
- Vampire Knight > 1 vote
- Hellsing > 1 vote
- Zero no Tsukaima > 1 vote
- Ghost in the Shell > 1 vote
- Host Club > 1 vote
- Clannad: After Story > 1 vote
- Blood C > 1 vote
- Blood Plus > 1 vote
- 30-Sai no Hoken Taiiku > 1 vote
- Star Ocean EX > 1 vote
- .hack > 1 vote
- Afro Samurai > 1 vote
- Bobobo-bo-Bo-bobo > 1 vote
- Big O > 1 vote
- Zoids > 1 vote
- Magic Kaito > 1 vote
- Terraformars > 1 vote
- Trigun > 1 vote
- Air Gear > 1 vote
- Shingeki no Bahamut > 1 vote
- Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth (Ikoku Meiro no Croisée) > 1 vote
- A Child's Time (Kodomo no Jikan)
- Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan (Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan) > 1 vote
- When They Cry (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) > 1 vote
- Sekirei > 1 vote
- Trinity Seven > 1 vote
- Highschool Of The Dead > 1 vote
- Guilty Crown > 1 vote
- Absolute Duo > 1 vote
- Date a Live > 1 vote
- Only the World God Knows > 1 vote
- Pani Poni Dash > 1 vote
- Garo: The Animation (Garo-Honoo-no-Kokuin) > 1 vote
- Speed Grapher > 1 vote
- OreGairu > 1 vote
- Death Parade > 1 vote
- Haganai > 1 vote
- The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Sakura-sō no Petto na Kanojo) > 1 vote
- The World God Only Knows > 1 vote
- Cardcaptor Sakura > 1 vote
- Haibane Renmei > 1 vote
- Samurai Deeper Kyo > 1 vote
- Dear Boys > 1 vote
- Slam Dunk > 1 vote
- I Can't Understand What My Husand Is Saying > 1 vote
- Crayon Shin-Chan (Kureyon Shin-chan) > 1 vote
- Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions (Chunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai!) > 1 vote
- A Certain Magical Index (To Aru Majutsu no Index) > 1 vote
- EF: A Tale of Memories > 1 vote
- Sukitte Iinayo > 1 vote
- Serial Experiments Lain > 1 vote
- Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan): Trust and Betrayal(Tsuioku-hen) and Refletion (Seisou-hen) (OVAs)> 1 vote
- Macross > 1 vote
- Robotech > 1 vote
- Ranma ½ > 1 vote
- Is This a Zombie? (Kore wa Zonbi Desu Ka) > 1 vote
- Inu x Boku > 1 vote
- Ichigo Marshmallow > 1 vote
- Kanokon > 1 vote
- The Adventures of Fly > 1 vote
- Yuri Yuri > 1 vote
- Mirai Nikki > 1 vote
- Dragon Ball Super > 1 vote
- Danmachi > 1 vote
- Final Fantasy Unlimited > 1 vote
- Ixion Saga DT > 1 vote
- Welcome to the N.H.K. > 1 vote
- Daily Lives of High School Boys (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou) > 1 vote
- Halo Legends > 1 vote
- Persona: Trinity Soul > 1 vote
- Seraph of the End > 1 vote
- Selector Infected WIXOSS > 1 vote
- Corpse Party: Tortured Souls > 1 vote
- Nisekoi > 1 vote
- The Mōryō's Box (Mōryō no Hako) > 1 vote
- Flame of Recca > 1 vote
- True Legend of Itachi > 1 vote
- Endride > 1 vote
- Gakusen Toshi Asterisk > 1 vote
- Haven't you heard? I'm Sakamoto (Sakamoto desu ga?) > 1 vote
- Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (Hagure Yūsha no Esutetika) > 1 vote
- Stigma of the Wind (Kaze no Stigma) > 1 vote
- Tokyo Ravens > 1 vote
- Amagi Brilliant Park > 1 vote
- Code Breaker > 1 vote
- K: Missing Kings > 1 vote
- K: Return of Kings > 1 vote
- Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren't They? (Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?) > 1 vote
- Noblesse Awakening > 1 vote
- Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Futari no Elder > 1 vote
- Courtesy of Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited Kyosuk > 1 vote
- Alice in Borderland (Imawa no Kuni no Alice) > 1 vote
- Ajin > 1 vote
- World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman (Seiken Tsukai no World Break) > 1 vote
- D.Gray-man > 1 vote
- Perfect Blue > 1 vote
- Little Busters! > 1 vote
- Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma > 1 vote
- My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) > 1 vote
- God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!) > 1 vote
- Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Hai to Gensou no Grimgar) > 1 vote

P.S.: This also works for other people wondering what animes to see so you can recommend any of the ones I've seen or have been mentioned already for other people to watch them. I make a new thread because it's a lot of work to go through threads like Top 5 anime list to see what animes are the most popular and in this thread I'll do my best to keep updating what people recommend.

Edit: I added some animes people have told me to watch in the past.

Edit 2: I decided to put all the updates into a single spoiler to make the whole post shorter.

Spoiler for Updates:
Update: I finished both seasons of Code Geass.
Spoiler for An actual Mini-Spoiler:
Holy crap, that ending! I've been told there's a little bit something extra in the manga though... but I haven't looked it up.

Update 2: Finished Death Note. It was amazing! Started Sword Art Online but I haven't finished part 1. I get bored with romantic stuff and SAO has a lot of it. Still pretty good and the fights are amazing :D but I'm still missing the last 4 or 5 episodes of SAO 1.

Another update! :D Finished SAO, season 1. I'll wait for season 2's dub since it was pretty cool but not worth going through the language changes :P. I decided to start watching the most voted anime in this list: Fairy Tail. 15 episodes so far and it's been amazing. It's really fun and simple and fights are still great. I really love the music too!

Update 30-1-15: Damn! 136 animes so far. I'm really proud of what we've achieved here :D. I'll try and keep that number updated too on top or below the list.

Update 1-3-15: Finally able to update the list (actually, since a couple of days but I was busy). Let's keep it up! Also, I organized the list by vote order like I said I'd do a long time ago. The order priority is vote count > order in which they got to that vote number, nothing to do with favorites or anything.
Spoiler for Something extra for the update:
This is not really relevant but, while organizing the list by vote order, I noticed Hunter x Hunter is listed twice so I guess I will add up the votes since I know I never added individual points to both with a single vote or I would've noticed before there were two.

Update 26-3-15: I know no one has commented in almost a month but I've been watching anime anyway so I figured I'd update :). I started watching Attack on Titan but I'm watching it along with someone else so I can't finish it yet. I'm about halfway done but it's freaking amazing. The animation is also pretty good except for the character outlines. Seems like they tried something new and different but I didn't really like it as much (it's not like it's bad anyway). Also, I'm near the middle of Fairy Tail (of what's been released so far, at least) and I still think it's awesome.

Update 20-4-15: Glad to see people participating here again :). By the way, if you guys notice someone cheated and revoted for an anime let me know and I'll take those votes away. I feel someone's done this already and I didn't notice.

Update 22-4-15: You guys started mentioning mangas but I won't be adding  them to the list since this is an anime thread. Someone should try to start a "Recommended Manga" thread since I really liked the idea but I don't read manga so I won't be adding it to this thread.

Update 13-6-15: I made an anime list on a website and added it to the "watched anime" spoiler. If you guys know of a better site to make lists, let me know. Also, got started with "Akame Ga Kill!" First episode was great but it's 3 am and I gotta go to bed because I got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow.

Update 11-8-15: I finally finished Akame Ga Kill! Took me for ever because I had a lot of stuff to do and whenever I had a break I'd rather play games or read a book but I made it. I was told the ending was horrible but I didn't think it was that bad. They could've gotten a bit more out of it maybe but that's basically it. I know the manga is still going while the anime finished but, without knowing that, it's not that bad of an ending.

I also found some stuff repeated in the list and some stuff that wasn't really anime. I fixed the list and it went down from 172 to 168. We need more anime guys!

Update 1-12-15: It's been for ever since my last update. Been busy with college and I had been putting my free time in forums and videogames so I had sorta forgotten anime. I finally got back into it so here's the actual update:

I watched One Punch Man, due to society insisting so much in it. It's... ok, I guess. Just watching it to see if it actually gets to be really good. Picked up Fairy Tail again, which I had abandoned because I got stuck on a boring-ish filler arc but I just finished it yesterday and now I'm at episode 150. Also, I think I haven't mentioned DBS in the updates but it's quite obvious I'm watching it and I'm watching the latest episode right now.

Also, watched Digimon Adventure Tri. First 4 episodes were pretty neat. Looking forward to see the new ones, whenever they release.

Dropped Naruto Shippuden till this freaking filler ends. I'm the sort of fan than watches all fillers but... There's only been a total of 7 canon episodes (if you count the partly canon ones as 1/2 episode) in all of 2015 and I can't be more pissed at that.

Anyways, quite a long update. A lot of stuff happened since my last update so there was a lot to say I guess. Keep mentioning anime guys! Let's see the list grow.

Update 10-12-15: Finished Fairy Tail, part one (the first 175 episodes). What a huge cliff-hanger in the end but I'm glad I still have many more episodes to watch before I reach the latest. I'm gonna watch a different anime before starting Fairy Tail 2014. Probably Tokyo Ghoul.

Not sure why people hate on Fairy Tail so much. Despite how mainstream it is, it manages to be great anyways. Specially in that last arc, where I kept getting surprised by the plot twists (when I used to be able to call them before).

Update 11-12-15: Finished Tokyo Ghoul (season 1) in just 2 days and that's pretty fast considering the speed at which I usually watch anime. Even though it's quite good, it has a really slow start and little happens in the 12 episodes released for the first season. I'm gonna try out one episode of Tokyo Ghoul √A tonight before going to bed and see how it goes.

Watched Root A's first episode. It would've been an amazing ending for season 1 instead of the beginning for season 2 but I'll take it. Let's see how this season goes.

Update 17-12-15: Done with Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul √A. Despite the whole "the anime deviated a lot from the manga" thing I've been reading around, it was really, really good. I highly recommend it if you like the kind of stories that start slow but every single detail is made in order to have a high-impact ending.

Update 1-3-16: So Nia basically made me watch the Fate series. They were really good, but season 1 was sorta slow, since it's focused on character development and setting the whole thing for season 2. Only watched Fate/Zero so far but I guess I'll eventually watch the others after I catch up to DBS.

Update 23-5-16: Dang! I haven't updated this in a looong time. I've watched a few anime since so I'll try to do an update and review what I've seen. As usual, I'll add this update to the first post. These will probably include spoilers, but I'll try to keep them to a minimum.

I watched Elfen Lied, because it was mentioned by multiple members within a few days and based on how short it was, I finally decided to give it a shot after so long. I think it wasn't bad, yet not nearly as good as I thought it would be. It has a few plot-related flaws that really bothered me. Specially the ending, since they never actually showed what happened with the evil guys. The whole "I'm your cousin and I haven't seen you in 8 years but I'm in love with you" thing that goes on since the beginning is really, really dumb though. Overall, it's still quite enjoyable and distracting, but I'd never recommend it to a friend, saying it's an awesome anime, unless I know the guy and consider it's the kind of things he would like. Warning, there's a lot of boobs but not with an erotic intent.

Another anime I watched, was a movie/OVA... I don't know what to classify it as, but it's Digimon Adventure tri. 2: Ketsui (Determination). Although it was sorta slow, it was fun. Looking forward to see what happens in part 3.

I also finally watched SAO 2! I was pissed with many aspects of SAO, since it didn't live up to my expectations, but SAO 2 was actually what I was expecting when I watched the first season: drama, suspense, real death threats... Not a freaking teenager couple living together in a videogame. The thing with SAO 2 is that the filler 3-episode arc that came after Gun Gale Online was too short, and then the third part was... Well, just not my style I guess. Overall, I liked it but it's not a masterpiece either. I just think it's better than SAO 1 (even though everyone considers it to be the other way around).

Right now, I'm finishing Fate/Stay Night. Two more episodes to go but I'm enjoying it a lot. If I compare it to Fate/Zero's depressing plot, Stay Night is full of rainbows and unicorns. The main character is quite annoying in a way, but I sorta get him. Sorta! I know Nia's gonna be like "why are you typing this instead of just finishing it?" but I decided to update as soon as possible because I would forget otherwise.

Hellsing Ultimate was quite an interesting OVA. It's definitively not my style, yet it's quite fun and enjoyable nonetheless. I wouldn't watch it again, but I would recommend it to certain people for sure. It's basically a blood-and-gore war between the Vatican, the reborn Nazi army, and the Hellsing Organization, which is a group dedicated to use vampires to hunt vampires (sounds familiar, huh?).

Update 19-01-17: First update of the year! Well, I haven't updated this list in a really long time. I usually add the anime I watch in the order I watch them, but it's been so long that I don't remember so I'll just go for the alphabetical order. Here goes my trademark review on each of them:

Before I begin: Not sure if I've stated this before in the thread, and I won't read through it, but Studio Bones is my absolute favorite Japanese animation studio. They made both FMA adaptations, and multiple anime I will update today, as well as Mob Psycho 100, which I will watch once the dub is finished. In fact, right now I'll be watching mostly Bones stuff for a while.

*cracks knuckles* *clears throat*

First up is My Hero Academia: Studio Bones and one of my favorites in this update. It's the story of a world where about 80% of the population has some sort of power or quirks, as they call them. The main character happens to be unlucky enough to be on the other 20% but he is still determined to be come the greatest hero of all time, just like his idol, All Might. The plot is really good, although it might feel cliche at times, the whole thing still feels unique and original.
The animation was amazing, and so was the art. I didn't expect less from Bones. They did an interesting concept where different characters have their own art style, but still retaining a general rule for the art.
The best part was the music though. It was just... perfect. One of the songs in the OST, You Say Run, goes with everything. Actually, search "You Say Run goes with everything" in YouTube and see it for yourself (care for spoilers of whatever video you pick though). The rest of the OST was equally amazing, and the opening and ending themes were pretty good too.
Summing up, I have little complains with this anime and I definitively recommend it to everyone. I even told my father to watch it, and he doesn't watch anime at all.

Next, Digimon Adventure tri 3: Confession: Well, Digimon Adventure tri overall hasn't been what I expected. It's still well-made and good, but I expected the Digimon Adventure I saw a kid. The thing is that the main characters grew up and now they have a different way to see things. Each of the "movies" are focused on one or two character's internal conflicts with what's going on. It's still enjoyable, and good overall, but that's about it.

Fairy Tail 2014: Oh boy. A-1 Pictures did a great job when adapting Fairy Tail 2014. Probably even better than in the first part. The problem is the story itself. Hiro Mashima can write some good stories, but in the end they get repetitive. I had to take constant breaks to make it through Fairy Tail 2014. I'd finish an arc, watch a different anime, and go back to it. It was still pretty good, don't get me wrong. I even got surprised by some turn of events near the end, but they did have a clear pattern that has been repeated since the beginning of the anime. That's why I needed to watch other stuff between arcs. The music was still superb, specially the OSTs. Just listen to this! (Adding spoiler to keep this short...ish).
Spoiler for Hidden:
The name's a mouthful, but it's pretty good:

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works: Nia is a big fan of the Fate series, so he pretty much annoyed the fhack out of me till I watched it (and still kept talking about it anyways). To be honest, it was pretty good. Ufotable definitively has better art than Bones, but they did cheat a bit to improve their quality. I didn't even notice myself at first, but most of their work is in 3D, making only the characters and some of the visual FX like sparks and fire in 2D. They excel at it, making it almost impossible to notice, but that's what bothered visually through the whole thing. It still looks gorgeous, but the animation didn't beat Bones', if you ask me.
The story is really good, but Fate/Zero is was better. This one actually has good things happening in the plot and a happy ending, unlike Zero, but I still think the latter had a more appealing story.
The music didn't really stand out, but the opening themes were good. Specially Brave Shine, the second opening, which was really, really good.

Guilty Crown: Well, this one is among the first I watched from this update, so I might not remember much. It's a nice concept, a good story. The music was cool. The plot wasn't annoying for the most, except for the main character, who frustrated me through the whole thing. He redeemed himself, but he was just a pain in the ass through most of the anime. Gotta say the art is gorgeous though, and the characters look amazing.

Log Horizon: Well, someone people describe it as "how SAO should've been" but I think that's not quite accurate. Log Horizon sure did lots of things SAO should've made but didn't, but at the same time, the plot is nowhere near SAO's. Log Horizon is a story where a bunch of players are stuck in a game. The difference is that they don't know how they ended up inside and they can't get out either. They just showed up there and they were forced to make things work, since people just go insane. The opening theme has a Beasty Boys feel to it, and it takes a while to grow into you, but once it does, it's pretty good. The OSTs though, were just fine. Overall, it's definitively better than SAO, but it's not an anime everyone will enjoy. It starts really slow, but eventually picks up a nice pace that isn't too fast nor too slow.

Noragami (and Noragami Aragoto): Studio Bones again. The god Yato is such an unpopular god in Japan that he doesn't even has a shrine so he does any kind of job he's asked for 5 yen. His goal is to be the most popular god out there. One that everyone will worship.
The opening themes were superb, and so was the animation. The OSTs didn't stand out as much as they did in My Hero Academia, but they were still a good touch. The first season has a slower pace than the second, since it's focused on explaining how the whole god stuff works when it comes to interacting with humans and souls/spirits. There's still some action, but most of it is saved for the second season. Also, the art is quite appealing. It has lots of comedy, and just enough action.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight: Well, this anime pretty much hit the spot. It was pretty much what I was looking for. I'm not a big fan of romance, school, or ecchi, and this had those three. The thing is that it had just the right amount of each for it not to get annoying. The combats were amazing and short. The pace was great. I'm the kind of guy that takes a couple of weeks to watch 12-episode anime, but I finished this one in two days. Music is okay, and so are the opening and ending. The art was gorgeous, and whenever they used 3D, it was hard to notice it. The animation was also pretty spot-on. Looking forward to another season.

Soul Eater: Some more Studio Bones, of course. Soul Eater is the story of... Man, it's hard to explain, actually. Look it up on My Anime List. They have a good explanation :P. The animation is amazing, but the art does lack a bit. I still hate how the noses are drawn, but there I have to blame the manga author, since Bones just imitates his artstyle. The story was pretty good, but most people complain about how it ended. I say it's just about how you look at it. The openings and endings were amazing, and the second opening theme was just a superb song. I still loved it, and got Shyruni to watch it. He now owns the DVD (or was it Blu-ray?) edition.

Last, but not least, Sword of the Stranger: Man... What an amazing movie. I know I don't do movies in this list but seriously, I just friggin loved it. It's completely written, animated, edited, and produced by Studio Bones, and I gotta say they outdid themselves. I had to watch it again the next day.
The story takes place in Japan during the samurai era, however it's called. It's about Kotaro, a boy who is being chased by some Chinese warriors. He hires a rogue samurai, called Nanashi, or Noname in the dub, to escort him to a safe place where the kid has been trying to go so they start an awesome journey along with the kid's bad-ass dog, Tobimaru. Music was spot-on and the story just has enough of everything. The art is gorgeous, and the animation is probably the best I've seen yet. They only used 3D for one element, and I can totally let it pass because animating just that without 3D would've probably taken months. It's also hard to notice it.
Now I might actually watch the movie again tonight. One of the few things I've ever rated 10/10 because I don't believe in perfection. Even this isn't perfect, but it's too damn close.

As usual, I'll also add this post to the first post in the thread. Hope we can get this thread going again. It's been a while so there's a lot of new anime that you guys will probably recommend.
Inb4, Re:Zero.

After writing all this, I'm gonna take a break, but I will do another update to the list. Only the "Anime I've seen so far" list for now. I'll add the My Anime List links to all of them so you can click on it's name for more info. I'll try doing that later today. Edit: As promised, you can now click on the names of the anime in the "Anime I've seen so far" list for more info about them.

The Site "Suggestion Box" / Saving builds.
« on: August 20, 2014, 01:35:46 PM »
Let's say I make a good build in the Skill Calculator and I want to save it so I can check it later. Is it possible to implement a function to make a build with the Skill Calculator and then save it to our profiles so then we can load it, edit it, and save it again?

That way we can have easy access to what our builds will be once the game launches without looking in the forums for a link I posted in a thread or having to write it down or send it to my mail or PM it to myself (I'm not sure if you can do that). That way we can also see the link to all the builds we've saved in a single site instead of looking for all of them through the threads we've made or different mails where we sent each link.

Maybe it's too complicated to implement this, that's why I'm asking if it's possible. It would be amazing.

People told me It's awefull but I did like it. It's not as good as the other movies or the anime itself but it was worth watching.

There's something I didn't understand though:

SPOILERS and my questions.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Goku failed horribly when fighting Bills as SSJ3 at Kami-sama's and then actually seemed like he was just a little weaker as a SSJ God. The transformation wore off and he didn't even notice but he was going at it like if it wasn't gone without even going SSJ. He then turned into a SSJ and landed some nice hits but then Bills pointed out the God form was gone and started losing.

Was that supposed to be like Placebo? If not, how the hell was he strong enough to fight Bills as SSJ1 when he didn't stand a chance as SSJ3, where he's supposed to be WAY stronger? Also, he should've just gone SSJ3 near the end instead of SSJ1 and he should've won, right? All of that confused me a lot.

Also, japanese voices suck. They all sound like kids... I like the latin voices the most :P

Spiritualist / Looking for feedback in my build
« on: August 05, 2014, 02:22:38 AM »
A long time ago I looked for an ideal Turtle Hermit build for PvE good enough to have some fun in PvP from time to time but mostly dedicate to PvE. I asked in dbocom for good builds and out of those I made up mine. I know DBOR will be more balanced and also that the max lvl will be 38 at first but I made this one even before DBO closed.

Here's the build:

Also, about the gear I read the ideal attribute is Wild for weapons but I don't know if it's the same for armour. I also read about the stats I should be looking for and I'll update them briefly because I can't remember.

Edit: Updated the link to DBOR site instead of DBOCom.

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