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Anime / So I just finished HunterxHunter...
« on: January 16, 2016, 10:53:08 PM »
Every arc (besides Zoldyck arc) was just brilliant. Each arc introduced us to an incredible cast of characters each with their own niche. What I admire most about it was the animation... I mean, I started watching it nearing the end of the Fishman-Island Arc of one piece, and I somehow marathon-d the first 30 episodes in the first night.

The Animation is incredible, the colors are vivid and inviting. They manage to encapsulate emotion/atmosphere in every scene. The way they depict these scenarios are phenomenal. After coming off one piece (I've still yet to finish the darn island because the animation is terrible/filler/etc) this show introduced me to what a quality anime is (Please for the love of god CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG), the main protagonists are likable, they each have their own personality that isn't cliche. Leoreo was someone I kept my eye on. The moment he revealed why he wanted to become a hunter, I knew that from that point onwards, each character would be developed.

The characters aren't forced on you, Gon's childish personality is conveyed brilliantly, He's not some annoying kid who wants to become a hero for the hell of it, he knows that the world will kick him while he's down. He acknowledges that this world is cruel, but still manages to find pure delight in it.

Im not gonna write an entire review on it, but If anyone's willing to give the series A try, I'd recommend it. I honestly just wanted to convey my opinion on it, but this next part will have spoilers:


Honestly I don't understand the Hype with the Yorknew city Arc. The Arc cemented Kurapika as my favorite character (as im sure everyone else would agree) but the antagonists (for the mostpart) were 1-dimensional. The shadow troupe consists of murderers... And..? They only flush out 1/4 of the darn cast! The Samurai, The string Lady, the vacuum lady...? They kill people... But what else? The samurai got angry about the murder of his friend, but outside of that he's just a jerk. The leader of the darn troupe was just as 1 dimensional as the string lady, He can steal powers, and he kills people... Now tell me, besides wanting to develop a powerful main antagonist, why is it that wanting to steal a few priceless treasures(And I use the word priceless loosley) Require the murder of 5000 cops, 3000(innocent?) civilians, and the murder of the entire Mafia..? I mean they couldn't just have snuck in and out? Their plans are clichè, and for the most part they kill because they can.

The Chimera Arc wasn't that fantanimus... The narration during episodes 100 -120, was just awful. If not for that, I would be writing this two weeks ago, but gosh why is it that every obvious attribute is conveyed? Do I need a narrator to tell me that I need to breath? no? then tell me why I must need one to convey the emotions of a character. By this i mean, The narrator's purpose was to spit on the beautiful nature of allowing the scene to convey itself. The narrator did nothing but reiterate the obvious, and he accomplished it poorly.

Another thing that bothered me about the Chimera Ant Arc were the royal guards (except Pitou?). I'll leave her out of this because She seemed to have some of her character conveyed. But Pitou and Youpi were just cliche shoenen villians. Pouf's motivation didn't even make any sense. "I must not allow the king to develop character because... He's the king?" I mean what was that?! If anything, it only made the king's development more notable. Meruem was just a brillian character, He's what made the Arc. It was he who saw the comparison about humans and Ants, about how they're the same thing, just two species willing to utilize any means for their survival. It's a shame that this was only built upon nearing the end of the Arc, but it's what drew me back in.

The Greed Island Arc was my favorite to be honest. The premise was: Go on an adventure and have fun, and It was done brilliantly! The final conflict between Gon and Gunthru was powerful, it encompassed Gon's perspective towards what it meant to be a hunter/getting stronger. He knew that his reluctance to follow the plan might engender his death, but That's what made the conflict as incredible as it was.

So tell me, What are your thoughts? What's your favorite arc?

Microsoft / Halo 5! (Halo Discussion Thread)
« on: October 26, 2015, 12:58:04 PM »
I havent really been on the hype train for Halo 5... But I've never seen a Halo discussion thread, or even halo being spoken of. I've been playing halo since I was 9, I started out with halo 3. But enough about that, Why not start a thread discussion the UNIVERSE of halo? I'm not really into the lore but I don't see the problem in allowing halo fans to discuss the lore, the multiplayer, forging, custom games, etc.

So who's excited for Halo five's release tomorrow..? Less than 24 hours until we can finally see the revolution 343 is bringing upon us. What are your thoughts?

Anime / Wanna get shot through a canon?
« on: September 07, 2015, 11:08:05 PM »
Yeah, I know my puns suck. But I've just realized that these forums are a… a sorta way to express to you my thoughts and ideas about not just dragon ball, but anime in general. Here's another concept that's usually the center of debate as well as the deviation between a fan of the series, and just a normal… viewer.

Is. It. Canon. - Canonocity, Something that's been discussed throughout many a shoenen anime such as bleach/One Piece/Dragon Ball/ And Friggin Naruto… Ill get to that one later. Whether something is canon or not and the ability to accept/care about it differentiates fans and viewers alike, I've made this distinction, because when I'm a fan of something, I want to make such a form of media perfect in my mind, where as In other shows that I watch casually, I'll let it slide. Some people believe that canonicity determines the value of the plot and a series as a whole, while others may find certain forms of filler and such a great addition to the Universe itself. Now Let me state my point of view:

Why I care If something's canon - Yes it's true, for many anime of which I am an avid fan, I feel betrayed once I learn something isn't canon. There are multiple reasons as to why I've deviated from loving anime in it's whole and only caring about the canon aspect; There are even occasions in which I don't look ahead to avoid the filler, but I realize that what Im watching is filler has a different aspect… And this is My first argument -

       -Quality: There comes a time in which I'm watching a series and I notice that something's… off, this something being a major drop in quality. An example of this would be during one of the timeskips in Dragonball. It was soon after the Red Ribbon Army had fallen, it was the filler arc where  Roshi told boku to stop using nimbus, and explore/train on his own. During these next few episodes, I had realized that the plots have an astonishing drop in quality; For example there was that episode where Goku got sick and still managed to win some fight using a technique of some sort. The episode, put simply, was Goku, the "underdog" of the episode won against all odds. -This, is something that I feel as though the author of a manga would do. This is another point:

       -The Vision of The Creator: Manga Creators… Are gifted individuals, they not only tend to be fantastic artists, but they share this passion;gift for creativity in one aspect: Story. Manga creators are fantastic story tellers… they manage to distort and alter the ideas of the masses, and morph them into these astounding tales that manage to keep the masses wanting more. Attack on Titan is my favorite example of this: Who would have the talent and creativity to create such an abstract and perfectly unique universe in which monsters reign over the Earth. Questions arise from this: the origin of the Titans? What happened to humanity when they arose? When Will I catch up on the series? Only the creator knows the answers to these conundrums, and will persist in developing such mysteries that keep you, the viewers, involved/wanting more. While I could go on for quite awhile conversing about this, I'd like to clarify the main point of this topic

Why Filler Upsets me- Originally, I had made the point on how some viewers appreciate filler as a fantastic addiction the the universe itself, allowing the anime to deviate from the original in such ways that gives the characters more… value. some filler might go into detail about the pasts of these individuals, while others are solely to stall for time. But that's just it. It Deviates from the original. Now again, you may ask, "Why is this a problem? Why does it bother you that Tenten is now roaming around in the dream world, and discovering something about herself that she never knew was there before? (or something, I aint watching it)" It's because… This deviation renders the form of media I'm watching…. Different. This TenTen isn't TenTen, its merely some awkward girl who looks exactly like TenTen, but isn't… Filler bothers me because it gives me attributes of characters that I can't stand don't exist in the original, because It renders that character as someone else.

      I would've loved for boku to be that underdog at that competition, but I can't stand the fact that he's not. I like Goku, not the character whom Goku is not. This is why I don't like GT, (Well this, and an abundance of other reasons) There are so many abstract character traits that are so… out of character. Goku never went to hell and fought "some greased up germans who wanted to wrestle him". this adds a false element to the character. It adds character development and than strips it away. This is why filler upsets me - Why Add Character Development, If You're Only Going to Through It Away? Allow me to confess; There are many filler elements that I Like. I admire the character progression that it adds… But that's just it.m It pains me that you would create this new obstacle that our protagonist may overcome, If it means nothing. No one is going to remember it, it was just a dream. It adds nothing to the series, because it's not part of the series. This is also why I classify Dragon Ball super (so far) as non-canon. It deviates from Battle of Gods i.e.: the source material. So why bother watching these adventures if they add nothing to the original? It truly is painful to see these elements added to our characters, only to have them stripped later on.

One last clarification: Many filler episodes add detrimental elements to characters, but that's a discussion for another day. So that's just my point of view. I want to see how others feel about the subject of canonicity. Do you appreciate filler for adding on to the universe, or do you share my opinion?


Dragonball General Discussion / You didn't say please..!
« on: September 04, 2015, 05:58:38 PM »

This... Is just one of the many things wrong with the funimation dub... It's time that I convey you you, my fellow forum-goers, that the "remastered" funimation dub is just... Abysmal... Now before I go on about my rant, let me at least say that after season 3/4, the show improved dramatically. I can watch the gohan vs cell over and over again for hours... Anyways Allow me to elucidate:

I believe the target audiences of many tv shows today are treated like they have no common sense- Like they have no thought of their own. I once once an avid cartoon lover, owning the sets of many a classic nickelodeon dvds and ect. Nowadays, they promote shows that lack any quality to begin with, shows like Sanjay and Craig that promot toilet humor to the kids of this generation. There was once a time where I went on that channel and didn't see "Fart in a jar" Or whatever crap they now use to promot their shows because they assume kids think its funny. When I was young, toilet humor was shamed, not just by my family but by my fellow classmates as well. We were in second grade, young 7 year olds mind you. Such humor was rarely used, and when it was it was looked down upon. Now regarding dragonball Z, I cannot stand the atrocious Dub that adds so many... inconsistencies...! When watching the dub, the actors have no emotions, they add pointless one liners/jokes/puns that kill the moment and ruin the suspense. One line for example, is during the fight with cell (I couldn't find a clip for it) Where cell charges up, and krillin states, "Well, it looks like cell is back to his old evil self"...Why..? I couldn't even conceive how anyone could come up with that line? he also mentioned, after the clash with gohan and cells FIRST kamehameha (when cell threatens to destroy the planet)," Who would've thought that getting rid of cell would be such... a blast... hehehe". Again, another line so... out of place. It ruins the image the dragonball had represented. Numerous lines such as: You didn't say please (vs frieza) Ride em' cowboy (krillin getting impaled)... It's just so degrading. Now you may think. "Well the target audience are young adolecents/pre teens." Even back than I thought it was out of place. Look, just because the demographic is young doesn't mean they should degrade such an anime. I state this, because this problem persists in todays televison. Dragon Ball Z Kai is, and will remain my favorite form of DBZ. No Awful out of place Bruce falconeer track, the dub is not only consistent with the manga, but it's mature, no darn one liners. Comparison:

Even commercials nowadays prey on the weak minds of individuals, for example the abysmal Credit Karma Commercials I see nowadays, the crud they continues to air on Nickelodeon, etc. Can you really allow our children to watch such... degrading media? Kids aren't fools. They understood full well the difference between spongebob in 2001 and spongebob in 2006. They knew it wasn't funny, or entertaining. Many of my friends had tried to convince me of that, But I dreamt of the return of some quality shows. Television will not see much improvement anytime soon. But there are of course quality cartoons such as Adventure time (kind of. some episodes are just... meh) Steven Universe, Amazing world of gumball(though the newer episodes don't retain the original season's charm), Gravity falls and more.  I just want your opinion/perspectives on this situation, and your opinion on the original funimation Dub for dbz,

Warrior / Nerfing
« on: January 25, 2015, 09:05:49 AM »
I've known for awhile now that they're going to nerf DW and SK, But How..? :P I know that plenty of humans could take on DW and SKS with +15 if they got their crits (which I heard is also going to be nerfed) How are they OP..? I know that if your the right class as a human, You could easily wipe out these classes. If anything, Majins need to be buffed, They're fragile. I don't even know why people bother playing as them after level 40 (Even if pure majin is good, Pvp majins... glass=broken)

Microsoft / Destiny?
« on: January 21, 2015, 05:35:05 AM »
Anyone up for Destiny on the 360? :P I wanna do the weekly strike (just got back into destiny btw) but I'm only level 23… Thing is, my gear is amazing, and i can handle myself pretty well. But still, anyone have destiny for the 360?

My gamer tag- TenthEruption

Warrior / PVP and PVE balance DW
« on: January 17, 2015, 07:25:33 AM »
So I never thought I'd be playing as a namek until i realized that they can have over 30,000 health... So I want your opinion on this:

Also, Why doesn't everyone choose namekians...?
And why are majins so weak pvp wise...?

Non-canon Stories / Revival of F already happened lol
« on: January 11, 2015, 05:34:39 AM »

Yea thats about it... Worst dbz movie ever. Plus it has water 7.8/10 XD

Non-canon Stories / GT - complaints unheard of.
« on: December 25, 2014, 01:16:45 PM »
Okay so I've been looking into the good ol' GT is canon stories and how people still think its a legitimate continuation. I always see people defending the show but my MAIN COMPLAINT is that literally every attack on the show (after baby and even a large majority beforehand) is ki blast spamming. Goku's main attack - ki blast

Vegeta's main attack - ki blast

Omega shenron - ki blast

goten - ki blast

trunks - ssj bada** ness (HAHA no, its ki blasts).

Why don't they use their signature moves? Why don't they have better writing…? Meh, I just want your thoughts on this.

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