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General Discussion / About universe 6! Il discurso di universo 6!
« on: January 27, 2016, 08:16:39 AM »
Hey guys I been watching dragon ball super and I found out about universe 6 and there's 12 universe and all that makes the 13 universe. I will also write Italian for my friends in my country. anyways universe 6 and 7 the one goku and Vegeta are basally are twins meaning in universe 6 there's another earth! And we found out that earth is blown up than!!! I was thinking what about planet Vegeta we don't know it might be still there in universe 6! Instead that means there's more sayain!! Than Vegeta goku trunks gohan goten! Write back what you guys think also bardock is probably there!.

Ciao ragazzi sto guardando le seri dragon ball super e abbiamo scoperto il universo 6 Che in universo di dragonball non l'oso forse c'è sono in relata 12 universo che tutti 12 universo fa il 13 universo interno di tutto ! Allora si Como il universe 7 dove c'è son goku e vegeta e abbiamo scoperto che il universo 7 c'è la terra ma è distrutta però ancora non sappiamo di là pianeta vegeta di universo 7 c'è anche perché si Como universo 7 e 6 sono parallelo perché sono giamelli quindi c'è Posso essere più sayajin tra son  goku vegeta  trunks son Goten son gohan e il figlia di gohan

A link for revival of f anyone ?

Off Topic / New idea for dragonball online/Dbor inside game idea
« on: March 03, 2014, 07:44:43 AM »
Sorry for puting it here couldent find the right topic for it anyways. My idea is a new skill but im sure evreone knows about fusion dance!. We get this skill automatic at level 30 for example, in order to fuse you need to be the same race like for example human and human fuse each other, also the same power level and level but it can be a little off like only 5 levels lower or higher. When you fuse theres a clock on the right screen 30 minutes, when time runs out they both split up or when they log off also they both can controle the character. There power level is 5x more than before and speed and enregy and vitals. For example fighter fuses with sword master, the character gets both skill three amazing ! Right? Anyways thanks i just hope you like it

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