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Title: No Man\'s Sky
Post by: Silencer on May 18, 2015, 04:45:16 AM
It's been quite some time since the game's announcement and ever since then, I've been waiting so patiently for this awesome game. I rarely ever say that I "love" things because it's a strong word and I believe it shouldn't be used loosely. I can say with conviction that "I love this game"!
Maybe it's just because of the way I think. Maybe it's because it fulfills some of my deepest desires. I love science. The developers of the game think the same way that I do. Everything that is in that game, I have imagined before. Planet exploration, discovering unique species and plants, roaming a new and unexplored galaxy. Seriously, who would not love that?! Really, who?! If you didn't say (in your head or out loud like me) "that's pretty cool" I want to ask what you think is enjoyable.
It comes out this year but the exact date is not specified.

What are your thoughts on the game?
What are your hopes for the game?
Based on what you've seen so far, what would you give this game on a scale of 1 to 10?
Do you even like the game?
Is this a priority game, something that you would defiantly buy? Not, "maybe I'll get it... eventually"?
If you heard about a four person team working on this game, would you believe it?
What would you have to say to those programmers about the game they were trying to make?

Be honest and don't be afraid to be brutal (though I don't know why anyone would have anything bad to say). When this game's development began, there were only four men working on it. Not until recently, did that expand to the approximate three hundred.

If you don't know about this game, what it's about, and how intricate it is, do some research and then come back and say what you think about it.

To all you skeptics, nay-sayers ( http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/naysayer ), and haters, feel free to hate. I just really want to hear what the public thinks about the game.     

I've added a poll to the thread. Go ahead and voice your opinions  ;D
Title: Re: No Man\'s Sky
Post by: Iceman on May 18, 2015, 07:59:03 AM
When I read all that I had this in my mind:


It could be cool game, tho.
Title: Re: No Man\'s Sky
Post by: Silencer on May 18, 2015, 08:23:02 AM
I just noticed that I made the title of this thread wrong XD
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