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Development Diary #1

We planned to do this sometime after our first release, but now it would be as good time as any considering all these "Dragon Ball Offline" shenanigans.

Basically in a development diary, we tell you about what we're currently up too, and bit more about our work. Which we've been quite hush hush about other then, what we're looking to do, currently.

Anyhow, first I'd like to address the "Dragon Ball Offline" excitement and confusion surrounding the project. So let's start by clearing things up shall we.

We were given this old client source (currently well known as the "Dragon Ball Offline" source), back in November last year. But we did not have the matching client data for it. You might remember one of our team members, santeg asking for it on the forum. We then spent about 2 weeks or so modifying the source code so that it will work with a new version of client data. With this, we were able to create our own servers, one written by our developer Hexus in JavaScript for quick protocols and packets testing, and another server written by our lead developer Pigeon in C++. They all support logging in, characters creation, world roaming, and some basic skill use and combat, as shown in our earlier videos here and here.

Soon after we realized the limit of this old client being as old as it is. It is a pre-release client and most things were only used for beta testing only, hence it is unstable, and a lot of features and content are missing, e.g. korin platform, new skills, pet/mascot system, dragon ball scramble event, and some never-released content.

As a result, we have decided to focus working with a more up to date and stable client instead, namely the the DBO TW/HK client that we all were using before DBO was officially closed. This can be seen here in our happy easter announcement (under the spoiler).

Spoiler for Easter Announcement:

As you can see in our few screenshots, we have flying working (and we have also made it not spending any AP just because we can). Our server has a working database, so accounts and characters created are all saved as well. We also have preliminary chat server working too.
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By the time of this post, It should be Easter in a good majority of places across the world, so yay!
The chubby bunny wishes you a Happy Easter.
Note: Image from DBOTW

I can't give you chocolate, so hopefully this gets you salivating instead.
Have a good day / night.

and once again, thank you for your continued support.
Spoiler for Hidden:

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Development F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How is the DBOR Server developed?
As already explained in a previous post, The server is developed by a method known as reverse engineering.

That means by proxy, that we're starting from scratch creating our own server, by learning how the DBO Client interacts with various actions by us.

2. What exactly is being developed?
Our main focus is the DBOR server, which is written from scratch(Heavily stressing this point)
This is what the DBO client will connect to (so that you can play!). We will also develop various tools here and there to help working with the server and game content such as world, NPCs and quests, i.e creating new content for everyone to enjoy

3. What language is being used in this development process?
The main DBOR server core is written in C++. We also have a JavaScript version of the server which is useful for quick testing of interaction and functionality of the game.

4. What content should be expected on beta/release?
Our goal will be to have everything that was released prior to DBO closing down.
That doesn't include anything created, but not officially released (i.e DWC, New Maps)

5. Is this legal?
Check the previous thread for this
How is this Legal (Click Me)

6.Why does this process take so long?
We're aware that we started this project quite long ago, and people are getting hesitant and impatient for lack of a better word, An MMO server is a not a simple software to develop, and with the reverse engineering process added to the equation, it is not going to be something that can be finished in a couple of months. Some other MMOs server emulator projects out there took more than a year before the most basic things work, and many more years before it would open to the public.

7.Are you still looking for more developers for the team?
No We are not currently taking on anyone new, as we're at quite a delicate position right now, and rather not have anyone new appear, However we might take on more people slowly as we progress. We have received many many applications and even though we might not have replied to each one of them, we have kept them in a list and we will go through them eventually.

8. If you were taking applications what would i need to be proficient in?
This will be a common question regardless if we're recruiting or not, so this ...
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Considering i started this, as it officially hit April in my timezone GMT+10

I'll revert the changes, now.

Even though, it's only just hit April 1st in a few countries.
But it's been running for a good 20+ hours already.
Having it run until everyone is on the day of April 2nd would get stale.

I'll like to explain my thought process for this.

1. If i chose the obvious prank (I.e DBOR Launch) I fear that the joke would be lost in translation, and would no longer be a joke and more of a problem, among a few other reasons, that was the one that stood out the most.

2. Giving everyone admin and removing mine, makes for a good joke, and i'm fairly sure it got quite alot of people when they first saw it.

3. I chose to give myself the appearance of being banned, as it would of been hilarious for people to think, that someone else banned me.

I hope this April fools prank made you laugh.

Good day and Good night.
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We've released a new video for everyone today,

We'll be going in depth about our team and a few new things that will be happening with DBORevelations aside from the server.

Thanks to 9tails Fox for doing the voice over for the video.
(if i ever do another voice over personally, i'll be more serious 8) )
February 26, 2014, 03:28:48 AM by Luke[Dumke] | Views: 18119 | Comments: 44

I'd just like to remind everyone how thankful we are to have your support.
As you should know, we do this for you, and without your support, this would be pointless.

So once again,

Thank you all for your continued support, towards the DBORevelations Project.

We greatly appreciate all of your kind compliments.
even some of your rude comments, knowing what we need to work on is always good thing.

Long live dragonball, and long live DBORevelations.

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