April 26, 2015, 11:05:42 AM by West | Views: 23802 | Comments: 78

Hi guys!

First of all, as always, it's a pleasure to be working for you, the community. We couldn't be more grateful for those who care for the effort we put into this project. If you are reading this, it's OK if you don't like us, or like other projects, it still counts you are here reading this, I love you!

Secondly, we wanted to let you guys know we're very close a Pre-Alpha state. The server is still on something I personally like to call "testing mode", therefore many things are different than what the final game will look like but in the next weeks, we'll be switching into Pre-Alpha if everything goes according to our plan.
So, what does this mean? Pre-Alpha, to us is a stage in which we are at liberty to show a lot more things, although it will probably not be like the final product, which is why I'll be making some personal gameplays/let's play (what have you) to show you around DBOR world, to be coming up in the next weeks!
There will also be a new "Development Diary" as well in 2 or 3 weeks, that will not only contain important information regarding our progress and how it was done (for all those who ask what we are really working on) but also important news regarding the Pre-Alpha and other pretty things!

I believe that's it for today, but do NOT worry, a lot more coming soon, thanks for tuning in, see you soon!
April 11, 2015, 06:21:17 AM by West | Views: 18070 | Comments: 60

Hi guys,
Check out our newest update/tease, I don't want to spoil, just go!

I'll wait... ok?
So, hopefully for those who didn't know much about the story, you got some background. Read the WHOLE story HERE !
If you played Xenoverse, yes, it's a lot alike. YOU are the hero! lol.

Background news:
We won't be doing #FridaysWithDBOR anymore (for now) but instead #SundaysWithDBOR.
Yes, I know, silly haha. Sadly, we have no choice, most of us are back to our normal duties, such as University and we can't keep up with announcements on Fridays.
We don't know if this is a permanent change but we are only moving a couple of days, so chill. Let no one EVAH forget #FridaysWtihDBOR ^_^

PS: Obviously, there isn't going to be a #SundaysWithDBOR this Sunday...  :r_flame:
PS2: Looooooooove youuuu  <3
April 06, 2015, 06:06:01 PM by Luke[Dumke] | Views: 8744 | Comments: 21

Now that Easter has, officially ended in quite a few places.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break. :swag:

and for Australian students, enjoy the next week or holidays.  :cheeky:

and may monster carrot and his goons R.I.P.
April 04, 2015, 07:06:25 AM by West | Views: 13346 | Comments: 44

Sup people,
Today we thought of showing some of what we worked on for a little while. Guilds and Party.
There isn't much to say, but if you got questions, ask away!
Didn't make any video out of this as... it would last 5 seconds :P

Cya soon! Much love!
April 02, 2015, 01:42:25 AM by Luke[Dumke] | Views: 2429 | Comments: 1

April Fools everyone!

It's currently April 2nd, here in australia. futureland.
I've reverted the hard changes, made the jokes clickable buttons now.

Missed what it looked like?
Thread dedicated to the antics, that ensued.

Spoiler for If you don't want to go to another thread:
Animated Gif Credits @chano for the image.

Upside down images Credits @DelmoonXz for the image.

Katamari Credits @Kyle for the image.

Hopefully this made you laugh, smile or you were simply entertained.

Good day and Good Night.

If you're still seeing the upside down images, press Shift+F5 or CTRL+F5.
March 28, 2015, 12:17:10 PM by West | Views: 14223 | Comments: 84

Hi guys,
Just noticing we've been doing a lot of videos lately, hummm, :P

Anyways, lots of you asked for the starting quests and also wondered why we never show Majins, so... there you go ^_^

Just a quick reminder, if you are wondering why we don't show more quests: They are working perfectly fine but remember that this is just a tease, if we were up to showing every quest we'd never finish.

Other than that, I really don't think there's anything else to say but thanks for your support.

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