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DBOR //Timeline

Age 700
AGE 779
Lunch successfully breaks out of prison for the 100th time.
[Ref: From DBO Trailer #1's history book ]

AGE 780
Pilaf makes another attempt to conquer the world, but fails…again.
[Ref: From DBO Trailer #1's history book]

AGE 787
May 7th, Age 787
The 29th Tenkaichi Budokai. Winner: Mister Satan. Runner-up: Mister Buu Mister Satan's spectacular displays tremendously raise world-wide interest in the martial arts. The Tenkaichi Budokai becomes an even more popular sport, immortalizing Mister Satan and Mister Buu as stars.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

Dende resolves to deactivate the Dragon Balls. The Elder Kaioshin had already expressed his disapproval of the Dragon Balls?considering them to go against the natural order of the universe, and with the world now at peace, Dende worried having active Dragon Balls around may mean putting the Earth at risk.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 790
May 7th, Age 790 The 30th Tenkaichi Budokai. Winner: Mister Satan. Runner-up: Mister Buu As always, the pair continues to rig the tournament with phony battles.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

Mister Buu vows to take a lover. He splits himself in order to create a female Buu. Mister Buu becomes increasingly envious as he observes the intimacy of the human lovers around him. One day, in Mister Satan’s study, he came across the novel “Bob and Margaret’s Forbidden Games”, a classic of erotic fiction. Due to its influence, creates his ideal, female Buu.
[Ref: From DBO Trailer #1's history book and the DBO timeline.]

AGE 791
Mister Boo and Missus Boo conceive a child through “booby-booby”. This marks the birth of the Majin race. Buu and his wife remember the term “booby-booby” from reading “Bob and Margaret’s Forbidden Games”. They tear off many pieces from various parts of their body and mix them together in “booby-booby”. By firing a Love-Love Beam, they birth life into the dumpling-shaped pieces. From that moment on, Buu’s descendants were recognized world-wide as the "Majin" race.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 793
Mister Satan announces his retirement from the world of martial arts. His official reason for retiring is to “give the next generation a chance”. However, the truth is that his partner, Mister Buu, had since lost interest in the Tenkaichi Budokai and it became impossible to continue rigging the tournament.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

Mister Satan starts the “Telecommunicated Satan-style Martial Arts Course”. The courses were an attempt to make money?but the videos were just overpriced rip-offs that featured flashy fight scenes enhanced through special effects.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 794
The “Telecommunicated Satan-style Martial Arts Course” is rebranded as the “Pan Fighting Network”, with Pan as the instructor.
With customer claims that the “Telecommunicated Satan-style Martial Arts Course” is worthless rapidly spreading, disgruntled costumers flood Satan’s house, prompting Pan (age 15) to subdue them. The event becomes a big scandal and the “Telecommunicated Satan-style Martial Arts Course” is rebranded under Pan's tutelage.

Afterwards, Pan asked Bulma to help her develop a system for people to battle each other across long distances so that she could create a “Telecommunicated Martial Arts Dojo”. From this point on, the sports-like fighting course became very popular, especially among young people.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 796
The film “The Legend of Satan”, starring Mister Satan, is released. Those influenced by the film began studying how to control their “ki” from Pan, forming the origin of the present “Martial Artist” class.
Mister Satan ends up being very active as a movie star. Appearing in all sorts of films, he played the role of various types of characters in everything from romance films to action flicks.
“The Legend of Satan” used special effects to emulate Goku and company’s techniques in order to fight against the movie’s antagonists. Overall, it was a refreshing movie, but didn’t do well in at the box office; nevertheless, it solicited a cult-like popularity among different parts of the world.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]
Age 800
AGE 801
Son Goku disappears
Realizing his death is imminent, Goku, who wanted to settle their rivalry, left the Earth with Vegeta. Years later, a supernova explosion was detected; perhaps caused by Son Goku and Vegeta’s battle.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 804
Gohan begins researching the martial arts of the past, organizing them in “The Science of Ki-Control”
The death of his father causes Gohan to reflect on the power he wields, and so he devoted himself to scholarly research on the source of that strength?“ki”. “The Science of Ki-Control”, the book in which Gohan organized the results of his research, quietly gains popularity. One of the articles, “Katchin Can be Cut!”, has an immense influence in the birth of the "Swordsman" class.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 805
Trunks and Goten develop Kikokenjutsu (Ki-Control Swordsmanship), becoming the origin of the present “Swordsman” class.
The “Katchin Can be Cut!” article in Gohan's “The Science of Ki-Control” book had a large impact on practitioners all across the world. Trunks and Goten were aware of this phenomenon; “Swordmanship’s cool?isn’t it. Let’s set up an awesome school all by ourselves!” The two became enthralled by this motivation. Via intense training, the two were able to develop their natural potential and establish a Kikokenjutsu school.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 820
Mister Satan dies. Earth's King honors him with a national funeral.
The cause is…?
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

To avenge their fallen leaders, the remnants of Freeza’s solders invade Earth raining destruction and wreaking havoc throughout the world. After losing their leaders, Freeza’s army collapsed. However, the guard troops that served under Freeza and his father’s direct command remained persistent in their hopes to avenge them and waited for a chance to invade Earth.
Because they had not been present at the time of Freeza and his father’s death, the guard troops knew nothing of the existence of Son Goku, Trunks or the others. So, after they investigated the Earth, the soldiers assumed that the "Earth’s Strongest Man,” Mister Satan, had been the one who killed Freeza.
Knowing they’d be unable to handle anyone strong enough to defeat Freeza, they decided to leave Earth alone so long as Mister Satan was around.
After learning of Satan’s death, they proceed with their invasion of Earth. The Earth’s Royal Army attempted to counterattack, but all fail. [Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

The Earth is faced with a crisis due to chubby aliens. Having researched Earth ahead of time, Freeza’s remnants invade the planet with a chubby species of alien impervious to both guns and standard martial arts techniques. Martial artists fighting against these aliens are beaten back; they are saved by Goten and Trunks, who put their “Kikokenjutsu” fighting style into practice. With their influence, the “Swordsman” class is born.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

West City’s capsule-ization West City, the home of King Cold and Freeza’s killer, Trunks, becomes a main target. Realizing the danger, Bulma works out a way to store the entire city inside a capsule for safekeeping.

At this time, Majins from all over the world who had lost their homes in the destruction were protected within the city. Some of them decided to stay, even after the battle, and started to develop their own unique, Majin culture in West City.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

With the Earth in crisis, the heroes of the past gather at Kame-sennin’s place in order to eradicate the remnants of Freeza’s soldiers.
The ones who ultimately defeat the Freeza’s soldiers are Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and their comrades?the heroes of the past. In order to hide their identities, the warriors put on Saiyaman-like costumes, but their ki-based fighting style still becomes a hot topic and global interest in “ki” escalates.
Tenshinhan (87), Kuririn (84), Gohan: (63), Trunks (54), Goten (53), Pan (41), etc.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 821
Kuririn, who defeated Freeza’s soldiers, creates the “New Turtle School” and becomes the forerunner of the present’s “Turtle Hermit” class.

After Son Gohan published the “Science of Ki-Control", and in the midst of increasing enthusiasm in ki-based martial arts, the hope-filled words of many wishing for the establishment of a school began to reach even Kame-sennin's ears. However, citing his old age, the Turtle hermit refused to accommodate these requests?instead, he passes down that role to Kuririn and Tenshinhan.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

“What can you do as a warrior of Earth?”
Based on their respective answers to the Turtle hermit’s question, the two created the “New Turtle School” and the “New Crane School.”

For Kuririn, his experiences in past battles had left him overwhelmingly awed at the gap in power between Earthlings and those of tremendous physical capabilities, such as the Namekians. Thinking hard about what role human warriors could play, he decided on a supportive mindset. Even if he could not deliver a decisive blow to an opponent by himself, there were ways to use aspects of the battle to one’s advantage?
such as waiting for an opportunity to reduce the enemy's speed or strengthen one’s ally. He persuades the new generation of warriors that it was absolutely crucial to have a person who could play such a supportive role, that such people are needed in these battle roles in order to fight against truly overwhelming opponents.
He had acted in precisely this capacity during many of his battles with Goku and the others, and he is convinced that assistance was not a “lesser “role.
Perhaps Kuririn's decision to establish his school in the town in where Goku had first demonstrated his strength was an expression of his competitive spirit. Such beliefs continue to be carried by the "Turtle Hermits", even after Kuririn’s death.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

Tenshinhan, who had previously trained alone, makes the “New Crane School” official. His pupils are the “Crane Hermits”.
Tenshinhan had been lost in apprehension. Through his experiences in past battles along side the Saiyans, Piccolo and others, he's come to acknowledge the gap in power between humans and aliens, but refuses to accept it. While continuing his training as he travels all over the world, Tenshinhan comes to the conclusion that instead of playing a supporting role, it was important to focus on perfecting ki based attacks. Tenshinhan remembered how Goku used a Super Genki Dama against Majin Buu during their battle; that was the first time he had sent him his energy.
Even in the battle against the artificial humans, whose power greatly outclassed his own, an well timed Shin Kikoho?although it did not deliver serious damage? seemed to have potential.
No matter how strong an opponent is, if one can push their ability to gather ki for attacks to the extreme, it would be a great advantage. This key point was never forgotten. Tenshinhan’s belief of attacking with concentrated ki blasts at precise moments is carried on by subsequent “Crane Hermits”.
Could it be that the reason Tenshinhan decided to open his dojo at the Mountain of Refreshing Scenery (formally Mount Frypan) was in order to not forget about the Turtle Hermit’s teachings?
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 825
The theme park “Booby World” opens in South City. The majority of the staff consists of Majins.
Booby World’s owner is the millionaire Mister Bii-- the blind boy who Majin Buu healed in the past. To keep himself from forgetting his gratitude towards Buu for restoring his eyesight, he gave himself the name “Bii” and worked hard to amass a large fortune. Although Bii desired to express his gratitude to Buu, he was a big star who was always busy at the Tenkaichi Budokai, so he never got the opportunity.

Mr. Satan's death and the onslaught of the Freeza's remnant soldiers left the people in desolate spirits. Mister Bii, who wanted to restore smiles to the people’s faces, planned the construction of a gigantic theme park. Just as he had received help from Buu in the past, he believed that it was his time to return the favor to everyone and leaves Mini-star Buu in charge of the production of the theme park. This was done in hopes that the Majin race's power to bring people joy would manifest once again.
Booby World's construction begins; with “tasty” and “fun” as the themes, the park is divided into the “Tasty Zone” and “Fun Zone”. Many Majin are hired as employees and work on honing their skills. Among them, those who exhibit significant skills are known as “Dai-Majin”.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 826
Yajirobe descends Karin Tower and begins cultivating Senzu beans on the surface.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 834
Majin Mani Mani protects people from Freeza’s remnants and dies in battle. His death leaves a huge impact on many Majins.
The Majins influenced by Mani Mani become active throughout the world. They become the foundation for the present “Ulti-Ma”, “Gran-Ma”, "Plas-Ma" and “Kar-Ma” classes.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 851
New Namek is destroyed from an ambush by Miira and his army. Great Elder Muri and hundreds of Namekians emigrate to Earth.
Following this, Namekians take up residence on Earth. Dende warns the Earth’s King about Miira’s army, but this information is kept secret from the average citizen in fear that it would cause a panic. Initially, the Namekians were protected in West City. Later, they moved to Porunga rocks and Yunzabit heights, though some remained in West City and developed their own culture.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 853
In order to atone for losing their home planet, the Namekians who relocated to Earth begin training to defend themselves.
This results in the foundations for the modern “Shadow Warrior”, “Dark Warrior”, “Denden Priest”, and “Poko Priest” classes are established.
Some of the monsters that Piccolo Daimao had spawned long ago still survive on Earth. Some were secretly incubated in places such as Pilaf’s castle, and others that had bred naturally in the wild. Piccolo became aware of their existence, but determined he could not resolve the situation on his own, and so he accepted it.
A while after the Namekians had emigrated to Earth, at Great Elder Muri’s suggestion, Piccolo and a few other Namekians capture these monsters and keep them secured. In the midst of this, some Dragon clansmen started to research the monsters and were able to master handling them. This knowledge leads to the birth of “Poko Priest” class.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 891
The 100th anniversary of the birth of the Majin race.
In celebration of the 100th anniversary, a reconstruction of Buu’s house. the "Majin Buu Memorial", is built.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

Monuments of the great philosopher Gerinovitch are built across the world.
[Ref: DBO Trailer #1's history book]

AGE 900
Parts of the transportation system are changed due to the teleportation machines developed by the Yardratians.
[Ref: DBO Trailer #1's history book.]

AGE 910
The remnants of Freeza’s army who remain in hiding on Earth begin expanding their influence, with Booby Island as their center.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 920
The 100th anniversary of Mister Satan’s death; a memorial service is held.
Due to a popular belief that Mr. Satan should be reevaluated, “The Legend of Satan” was screened again. With the use of the newest CGI techniques, even more exciting action scenes were added.
As a result, a “Satan-style” branch reemerges from the “Pan Fighting Network”.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 925
The 100th anniversary of Booby World.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 940
An "Evil Egg" is first discovered, born from the evil within the hearts of Namekians who had moved to Earth. The egg is carefully sealed and kept stored.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 951
The 100th anniversary of the Namekians immigration to Earth.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 962
The Capsule Corporation History Museum opens.
To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Capsule Corporation, a museum organizing the history of mankind is opened.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 972
The Black Namekian, Naraku, is born from the sealed "Evil Egg". After increasing his number of comrades, Naraku starts a civil war among the Namekians.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 974
The Ethologist, Doctor Hunbalt, develops the Animal Data; a catalogue of Earth’s creatures.
[Ref: DBO Trailer #1's history book ]

AGE 975
The world adopts a new child-rearing policy: “Troublemaker Education", wherein children are removed from the loving care of their parents and live independently in nature. “Kokkara Village” and “Pear Village” are established.
Dende advocates this policy to the Earth’s King as a way of finding a “savior”.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 988
Kinoko Rocks suffers from a massive felling by Paella’s gang. (They cut down the stone mushrooms.)
[Ref: DBO Trailer #1's history book.]

AGE 990
The world’s peace deteriorates; villainous organizations emerge as a result of the turmoil surrounding the monstrous wild animals and demonic beasts roaming the Earth.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

Dende has “Popo Stones” installed all over the world.
“Popo Stones”: With the future of those in training in mind, Dende requests help from Uranai Baba to install these stones in every region.
They allow people to return to the area in which the stone is located after they faint during battle. If one wishes upon a Popo Stone, it will automatically summon their body to it before they die.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

In order to fulfill a prophecy given by a robot priestess, Paella decides to follow his ancestor’s footsteps in world domination.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 991
Around this time, General Bon forms the Red Pants Army. He begins taking action, intent on restoring the animal-human nation.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

The 200th anniversary of the birth of the Majin race.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

The Tenkaichi Budokai allows the use of weapons and armor in the "Ultimate Fighting" division.
Thanks to Mister Satan, interest in the Tenkaichi Budokai is renewed and it rises in popularity again. Champion Morgan’s fight against 100 robots stirred discussion. Engineers rallied, claiming "robots are not that weak!" The Tenkaichi Budokai finally adds an “Ultimate Fighting” division, where participants can utilize weapons, armor and robots.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline]

AGE 995
Sho and Ron/Lon defect from Capsule Corporation and becomes Paella’s minions.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 998
Miira’s army invades the Earth. Their ship lands on Booby Island and acts as a base in their plans to invade the past.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

At Dende’s request, Piccolo initiates investigations on the various evil organizations (including Miira’s army).
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

Capsule Corporation begins the mass production of the robot model named “GBT…Hope!”.
[Ref: DBO Trailer #1's history book.]

AGE 999
Trunks, who had become a Time Patroller, arrives in his time machine and informs everyone of Miira’s existence and the imminent danger he poses to the universe.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

Piccolo begins his investigation into the unusual circumstances around the Earth and discovers the forces of the Red Pants Army, the remnants of Freeza’s soldiers, Paella, and Miira’s army.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

Returning from his investigation, Piccolo informs Dende and company about Miira posing a threat to Earth. However, he realizes that at this time, no warrior who could face this threat exists.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

In hopes that a savior would appear among the Earthlings, Dende reactivates the Dragon Balls.
Dende creates multiple sets of Dragon Balls, weaker than the originals, hoping that the young warriors will benefit from competing over them. The presence of multiple sets allows for warriors of diverse skill levels to have a realistic hope of gathering all seven. Afraid of them being exploited, Dende limits their power, restricting the wishes that can be made.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

AGE 1000
Many "new warriors” have emerged from the Earthling, Namekian, and Majin races. They continue to set out on adventures and undergo training in order to oppose the various threats facing the Earth.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

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