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DBOR //Gameplay

Combat System Combat is quite an important mechanic; it tests the skills of the players on the degree of mastery of skills and operations.
Whether it’s a monster, or a player you fight against, the combat handles the same way.

Choose To Attack A Target: In addition to the scope of the attack, we must first select the target.
You can use the mouse click, or use the TAB key to select.
General Attacks: Right click on the target to begin attacking or use a Hotkey to activate your auto attack ability.
Skill attack: After selecting the target, press the shortcut key to use the skills.

There are two types of attacks;
Ranged, and Melee.
Melee combat deals Physical Damage and is dealt when the character is not using and form of ranged weapons.
Ranged combat deals Energy Damage and the source is mostly a form of long range attacks, most ranged attacks deal Energy damage.
All forms of damage can Critically Strike and Critical Strike Chance and Damage are dependent on what skills and armor the character is using.

Damage generated combat is first met by the defense rating of each participant;
Taking Energy Damage is reduced by the Energy Defense of that particular character.
Taking Physical Damage is reduced by the Melee Defense of that particular character and vice versa.
Critical Damage can be negated by certain armor and skills as well.

Whenever a character is attacked, there is a chance of being knocked down making them unable to take any action.
If attacked whilst knocked down they will take more damage.
Combat System
Skill Book
Skill book

When in game press the K key, and you will open the list of skills unique to your character’s race and class.
These skills include; active skills, passive skills and action skills.

Active skills are displayed as a skill tree.
You start off by having to learn a skill [Press the + icon] and additionally learning how to master the skill.
It is very important that before assigning points to any skills that you learn what the skill does and what it requires before learning the skill.

  • Active skills and Action skills can be bound to hotkey shortcuts for convenience
  • Passive skills are buffs that affect your character at all times, these are usually class/race specific.
  • Action skills are player actions, including pick up items, open individual stores and other various actions
Leveling Up
level up
After leveling up you will gain a skill point, you can use skill points to enhance the skills already learned or learn new skills entirely.

On skills already learned use the "+" key to assign an additional skill point, skills can be significantly enhanced by assigning points to them.

You can see how much improvement you will get from assigning a point to a skill by moving the mouse over the skill icon.

RP points
When in a battle, in addition to using skills, you can utilize RagePoint power to reinforce your attacks!
RP is gained as energy by fighting, or accumulated by charging.
After the players learn the "rage gathering" skill, you can begin to accumulate an RP ball.
Rage gathering key defaults to "Z" key when pressing the Z key, you quickly accumulate RP.
When you level up, the maximum number of RP balls you can maintain will gradually increase.

RP gradually reduces over time, so be quick to use them wisely!
To use an RP simply hold the skill you want to use it with and select the mode of assignment available by selecting the type of enhancement by pressing the matching number.
This takes longer than simply casting the skill but can sometimes prove more effective.
There are six kinds of enhancements; different skills will have slightly different enhancements.
You can also assign a rage point enhancement by opening the skill list, and pressing the Settings button next to the icon of skills.
Each skill can be set to be launch with an enhancement by simply holding down the skill’s shortcut key for a second.

RP points
In addition to the skill system, you can collect the Dragonballs to wish for the Eternal dragon to unlock your potential to the absolute max!
This allows you to achieve your racial super skill.

When you use your Superskill, you will begin to transform immediately.
You will lose the transformation, if your EP bar hits 0 ( Zero )
Once this happens, it will go on cooldown by 1 hour,
This skill is affected by Cooldown Reduction.

Super Saiyan
After Transforming into a Super Saiyan, different hairstyle changes will occur, the body will emit a strong aura, Characters' attack, movement speed, attack speed, have a very strong increase.
once you lose the form, you will stricken by fatigue for 20 seconds.
Careful about this during combat!

Great Namek
After Transforming, the body will rapidly increase and becomes greater as the level of growth.
Because the greater body mass size, Your speed will be slowed, but your attack will dramatically increase.
In the transformed state, Auto attacking and Great Namek-specific skills are only able to be used.
This transformation lasts only 10 minutes and flight and dash are disabled.

Pure Majin
After transforming, your character will transform into "Kidd Buu"!
They have defense and attack power increased dramatically, but the movement speed will become slower.
In the transformed state, Auto attacking and Pure Majin-specific skills are only able to be used.
This Transformation allows you to fly, but not dash.

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