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DBOR //Original Stories

Spoilers ahead! This page is here to warn you about the spoilers on the next couple of pages!
The following pages cover: the Time Machine Quests(TMQ) and the Time Leap Quests(TLQ).
Time Rift Storyline
AGE 1000
Rifts begin to appear as the Time Breakers begin to unravel time, causing children get sucked into the past.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]

November 28th, AGE 761
Game Opening Leap

A youth appears at Kame House and meets Umigame, who reveals everyone left to follow a “Saiyan”. The Time Breakers arrive in search of Son Goku. With Goku gone, they settle for trying to capture Umigame and the child.
Before they can accomplish their goal, Trunks steps in. The remnants of Freeza’s army recognize him as a member of the Time Patrol and decide to get rid of him for Miira. Trunks dispatches of them with a Burning Attack.
GBT…Hope arrives with the time machine and Trunks returns the youth to AGE 1000.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]

June~August, AGE 737
Time Leap #1

A youth arrives near Son Gohan's house. After a short walk to his house, the kid meets him. Gohan notices the child's martial arts abilities and the two spar in order to test the youth's skills.
Afterwards, a ball of fire comes streaking across the sky and crashes in the forest nearby. Gohan and the child run to investigate, finding a crater with a pod inside.
The kid grabs baby Goku from the ship and takes him to Gohan. After a short talk, the youth carries Goku back to Gohan's house for him. Trunks arrives to take the kid back through the rift to AGE 1000.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]

September 9th, AGE 749
Time Leap #2

A kid arrives at the village at the base of Mount Fry-Pan. Gyūmaō attacks and then apologizes for thinking they were after his treasure.
Goku arrives on Kinto-un and Gyūmaō asks both of them to go find his daughter, who went to find Kame'sennin. The youth heads out from the village and finds Chi Chi before Yamcha can make it back to her.
She's still on the ground, about to be eaten by another dinosaur. The child defeats the creature and then must fight her after she wakes up, thinking the kid is a pervert.
Goku arrives and explains everything to Chi Chi, taking her to find Rōshi. The youth returns to Gyūmaō and receives his thanks for finding his daughter and for telling him that they went to find his master.
Trunks takes the kid back through the rift to AGE 1000.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]

May 7th, AGE 756
Time Leap #3

A child arrives on Papaya Island at the Budōkai grounds. As the kid wanders around, two martial artist walk up and begin to give the youth a hard time.
Chi Chi steps in to help, and the two fight off the bullies. The youth thanks Chi Chi for her help. She asks if the kid has seen a man named Son Goku around, and shows off a cute drawing from the last time she saw the boy.
The kid says no, but agrees to help her look and goes off to ask other people if they've seen him. The youth runs into Oolong, transformed as Goku, and takes him to Chi Chi, but the pig isn't able to hold the transformation.
Oolong tells them that Goku is in the prelim building, and the two run off to find him. Upon their reunion, Goku doesn't recognize Chi Chi, which makes her mad and causes her to storm off.
The child follows her and Trunks arrives to return the youth back through the rift to AGE 1000.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]

Time Machine Quest #1 AGE 1000
Trunks decides to stop the Time Breakers from distorting history as we know it. He's determined that the kid and up to four friends are trustworthy enough to help out the Time Patrol in their mission.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]

November 28th, AGE 761
Time Machine Quest #1

The Time Patrol arrives in the past and is ambushed by the Time Breakers. Raditz lands and kills the farmer before heading off to search for Kakarotto.
The Time Patrol makes their way towards the site where Radtiz landed and spot more Time Breakers. Trunks has them give chase until they find Freeza's remnants setting up a bomb in the middle of the Farmer's town.
The Time Patrol fights off the enemies until they are able to disable the explosive. Trunks spots what looks to be their leader, Jinzōningen 8000MX, who attempts to escape to their current hideout.

The group continues to chase them a little ways until they end up at a frozen lake surrounded by mountains.
The Time Patrol defeats the rest of the Time Breakers here, as well as 8000MX, before they can reach the proper entrance.
Before Trunks is able to get everyone out of there, Raditz arrives after picking up the high battle powers on his scouter, though he leaves when he realizes none of them are his brother.
Trunks packs everyone on the time machine and returns to AGE 1000.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]

Time Machine Quest #2 November 28th, AGE 761
Time Machine Quest #2

The Time Patrol arrives in the past on an island, and must swim to Kame House. Goku and Piccolo took off in an attempt to follow Raditz,
but it seems the Time Breakers have developed a jamming device to disrupt the signal the Dragon Radar uses, so they return to Kame House.
The Time Breakers take this chance to attack and the Time Patrol helps the heroes defeat them. Afterward, Goku and Piccolo take to the sky once again while the Time Patrol uses a submarine to travel to that familiar,
nearby Pirate Cave in order to destroy the jamming devices, which are being guarded by Jinzōningen 8000 and other Time Breakers.

Once they are defeated, Trunks has everyone get into the sub at the pirate's dock instead of trekking back through the cave.
The submarine pops up through the ice at the frozen lake from the last mission and the group returns to the site where Radtiz landed.
They help to stall Raditz while Piccolo charges his Makankōsappō, and Goku returns to his feet to hold his brother in the path the Namekian's attack. Job finished, the Time Patrol return to AGE 1000.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]
[Fact: The submarine is just like the one in the RRA Arc of DB. Also, the Pirate Cave they travel to is the same one where Goku faught Blue.]

Time Machine Quest #3 November 28th, AGE 761
Time Machine Quest #3

The Time Patrol arrive in the past near to the area that will soon become Gohan's training grounds. A masked man has the Time Breakers set up cannons to shoot Piccolo out of the sky, and then goes off to work on other plans.
The Time Patrol destroys the forces and devices to clear the way for Piccolo. The Namekian arrives safely and tells Gohan about his hidden power and then leaves him to survive in the wilderness.
When their original plan fails, the Time Breakers resorted to brainwashing the local wildlife for extra help, forcing the Time Patrol to defeat a group of the T-Rex like dinosaurs before they devour Gohan.

One manages to make it to Gohan, who becomes enraged and puts too much power into his jump as he avoids the dinosaur, resulting in him landing on top the giant plateau.
Jinzōningen 8000 and Jinzōningen 8000MX arrive with a large group of Time Breakers to stop the Time Patrol from interfering with their plans...they fail.
Trunks calls everyone to the time machine and they jump ahead to another timeline that is being mucked with.

The masked man puts the finishing touches on their brainwashing device. The Time Patrol arrives as Gohan transforms into an Ōzaru.
The masked man sends his device to brainwash the giant monkey and the Time Patrol rushes to stop him. The masked man steps in to prevent them from stopping the brainwashing process, and by the time the Time Patrol finally gets him on the defensive,
he retreats because Gohan is now under his control, leaving the heroes to fight off the Ōzaru while they try to destroy the machine.

Piccolo arrives right after Gohan is freed, though the monkey still fires off a mouth blast at his new teacher. Piccolo then destroys the moon to revert Gohan back to normal and prevent Nappa and Vegeta from transforming when they arrive. Situation returned to normal, Trunks has everyone return to the time machine and the AGE 1000.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]
[Tidbit: Seems Bardock's mask blocks Bruits Waves; Gohan is an Ōzaru, but Bardock isn't.]

Time Machine Quest #4 November 3, AGE 762

The Time Patrol arrives in the past and rushes to the battlefield to help stall Nappa from killing Gohan and Kuririn before Goku arrives. The Time Patrol manage to defeat Nappa and Vegeta goes to make a move, but Goku arrives and draws his attention.
The two head off for a new location to hold their battle. The Time Patrol attempts to follow them, but runs into a Time Breaker device and must destroy the 6 generators that power it. Elsewhere, Goku is using the Kaio-ken to drive Vegeta into a corner.
They manage to destroy the final generator as Goku sends Vegeta into the air with his Kaio-ken x4 Kamehameha. Vegeta returns and tosses his Power Ball to trigger his Ōzaru transformation. This prompts Gohan and Kuririn to return to the battlefield, but they are attack by Time Breakers.

The Time Patrol saves them and help attack Vegeta in order to distract him from Yajirobe, who cuts off his tail. After he returns to normal, everyone continues to beat him up while Kuririn is given the energy for the Genki Dama from Goku. With the attack thrown, Vegeta is sent soaring into the air, again.
Everyone heads back to the time machine, Trunks a fair distance ahead of the others, but the masked man arrives and attacks everyone else. The heroes end up breaking his mask and causing him to retreat as it starts to rain.
Trunks arrives at the time machine and is caught off guard by a blast from Miira. Trunks collapses and Miira goes in to finish him off as the rest of the Time Patrol arrive. They attempt to fend him off, but can't match his power.
He prepares a blast to finish everyone off, but Bardock arrives, maskless, and grabs him in a full-nelson by surprise.

Miira is surprised the mask wore off, and Bardock thanks him for saving him from Freeza, but says he'll act on his own free will. Miira notes Bardock is attempting to use a self-destruct, but that it won't work.
Bardock tells him that he'll use the life that he was given to take Miira out, and bids farewell to Kakarotto once more.
The area where they were floating explodes. Everyone gets Trunks on board the time machine and they return to AGE 1000...

The smoke finally clears, and Miira is shown alive.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]

AGE 1000
Original Epilogue (TMQ 4 ENDING)

Trunks and the Time Patrol had defeated Miira and the Time Breakers. By doing so, they helped to return several timelines back to normal and it seemed history was preserved.
But the shadow of the seed of darkness still remains in the cracks between the timelines.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]
Time Machine Quest #5 December 23rd, AGE 761
Towa is watching as Gohan and Kuririn stay hidden from Freeza and his goons as he attempts to gain another Dragon Ball from Mūri's village.
The Time Patrol arrives on Namek shortly after everyone else. Sensing their arrival, Towa appears before the Time Patrol and briefly introduces herself.
Trunks is upset that he couldn't sense any signs of her ki. Towa realizes they are the ones who "defeated" Miira and tells them they don't need to know her plans, and she will stop them now before they can interrupt her later.
She summons some more Time Breakers and has them stall the heroes while she goes to try and find someone to experiment on. By the time the soldiers are defeated, Towa has resurrected and enslaved Kyui, who was killed by Vegeta.
She attempts to power him up by increasing his size and combat power, but despite his power growing, his body shrinks. Towa leaves Kyui to fight the Time Patrol, and Trunks gives chase, leaving the other members to fight the reanimated corpse.

Elsewhere, Gohan and Kuririn save Dende from Freeza and end up with Dodoria chasing them. Vegeta interferes and ends up killing Dodoria, but Towa revives his corpse as well. This time she increases the subjects power and size and has him attack the Time Patrol as a distraction while she slips into another timeline. After they defeat Dodoria, they follow her to the new timeline. They arrive after Vegeta has been defeated by Zarbon and taken to Freeza's ship. Vegeta is fully healed and escapes with the 5 Dragon Balls that were in Freeza's possession.

Trunks assumes Towa is after Vegeta and plans to ambush him when he arrives at the location where he tossed the Dragon Balls. The Time Patrol arrives before Vegeta and wipes out the Time Breaker forces.
Afterwards, they gather all the Dragon Balls Vegeta tossed and places them into that single inlet for the Saiyan to find, though they weren't scattered very far originally.
Vegeta arrives without incident, and Trunks realizes that Towa must have really been after Zarbon, who will soon encounter Vegeta and alter the past if Towa makes him stronger.

Vegeta goes after Kuririn's Dragon Ball and is then attacked by Zarbon, who has had his strength and size increased. The Time Patrol arrive to help Vegeta to defeat him. Zarbon is backed into a corner and forced to transform, but when he does, he shrinks.
Kuririn takes this chance to escape with his Dragon Ball, but Vegeta gives chase, leaving Zarbon to be dealt with by the Time Patrol alone. Towa is sad that her experiments aren't going as planned, and she disappears.
The Time Patrol defeats Zarbon for good, and Vegeta gets the Dragon Ball from Kuririn. He then encounters Gohan, who stole the Dragon Ball he hid in the lake when he first arrived, just as history is supposed to go.
Trunks gathers everyone and returns them home to AGE 1000.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]
[Apparently Vegeta kills people in this game, but doesn't incinerate the bodies.
Towa says she found him dead, but you can't find a dead body person if they were blown to bits.]

Time Machine Quest #6 December 24th, AGE 761
The Time Patrol arrives after the Ginyu Squad. Trunks decides to track down Towa while everyone else takes out the other Time Breaker grunts.
By the time they finish, Recoome has already taken out Gohan, Kuririn and Vegeta thanks to Towa making him bigger and stronger.
Buter notes the strength increase after he grew bigger and makes fun of him for being so silent since,wondering if the girl who powered him up was his girlfriend.
Towa continues to watch from the sky as the Time Patrol arrive to protect Vegeta. They manage to defeat Reacoom and free him from Towa's control, and Trunks arrives to confront the woman herself.
She flirts with him, saying she knows she has her charms, but she doesn't have time to deal with a stalker. She then disappears.

Trunks tells the rest of his group that Goku will arrive soon and they should leave everything else to him. He continues to chase Towa while they head to the coordinates he's provided them.
Recoome wakes up, only to get beaten by Goku, who then takes care of Buter and lets Jheese go get Ginyu.
Arriving at the coordinates Trunks provided, the Time Patrol members are told that Towa has ordered the Time Breakers to kill all the frogs in the region to prevent Goku from trapping Ginyu inside one when he attempts to control Vegeta.
They defeat their enemies and protect the frogs, but receive bad news, as Trunks arrives and reveals that he has lost Towa. One of the downed Time Breakers raises his arm blaster to get a shot in on Trunks before he dies, but Bardock arrives and smashes the gun upon landing.
He tells Trunks that he's soft at finishing off his enemies and blasts the alien he's stepping on without even looking. Trunks is surprised, thinking the once masked man was supposed to be dead, but Bardock says there is no time for that as Towa's ultimate goal here is to brainwash Goku.

Trunks says Goku is too pure to be brainwashed, but Bardock tells him that she's aiming for him while Ginyu's soul is still inside. Bardock offers to go destroy the devices if the Time Patrol will go stall Goku-Ginyu from coming close to them.
Trunks wonders why the guy is is helping them, and he starts to reveal that he is Goku's dad, but instead just says that he owes them one for breaking the mask.
Elsewhere, Goku and Ginyu change bodies. The Time Patrol arrives to stall Goku-Ginyu and Jheese. The two eventually realize the Time Patrol are just dodging their attacks and head off to Freeza's ship in order to stop wasting time.
Vegeta kills Jheese, Ginyu-Goku arrives and changes their bodies back, and then Goku throwing the frog that traps Ginyu. Towa is mad that the Time Patrol prevented her from brainwashing Goku and decided to attack everyone with a gigantic Ginyu-Frog.
Once it is defeated, she seems happy, that finally one of her experiments was stable in size and power. She deduces that the creatures of Namek yield good results and thinks that there might be some Namekians still alive to experiment on...next time.
She disappears, and Trunks gathers everyone back in the time machine to go home to AGE 1000.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]
[Apparently Trunks is too dense to realize that Masked Man is Bardock. He seems to know everything about history,
but not about Bardock being Goku's father...or even who Bardock is, as he never once connects the dots.]

Time Machine Quest #7 December 24th, AGE 761

Determined to stop the Time Breakers, the Time Patrol arrives back on Namek and begin searching for Towa, defeating grunts along the way.
Continuing to use Namek as her testing grounds, Towa watches as Nail faces off against Freeza in a futile battle.
The Warrior Namekian attempts to buy time for Dende and the Earthlings, and manages to succeed, but he pays the price by being left at death’s door.
Before Freeza can deliver the final blow, Nail enjoys letting Freeza know that he’s been duped. The tyrant rages and flies back to his ship at full speed, determined to protect the Dragon Balls he worked so hard to gather.
The battle over, Towa makes her way over to the battered Nail and channels some of his remaining ki/blood into a mysterious bottle and then disappears as quickly as she came. The time Patrol follow her to the new timeline.

While Gohan, Kuririn and Dende attempt to summon Porunga, the Time Patrol arrives at Freeza’s spaceship to protect the injured Goku from Towa's goons.
The heroes manage to wish Piccolo back to life and to planet Namek, but Vegeta shows up before they can make their third wish. Vegeta tries to pressure them for his immortality, but the Eldest dies before it can be granted.
On the other side of the planet, Piccolo finds Nail and the two merge into a single body. The Time Patrol defeats the grunts outside of the ship and then move on to those inside.
Vegeta begins to rage, but is forced to deal with it when Freeza arrives and is filled with rage himself.
The battle begins and Vegeta coaxes Freeza to transform, but the power increase is greater than he expected.
Kuririn manages to cut off Freeza’s tail, but that only infuriates the alien even more.
The Time Patrol exits Freeza's ship and move on to their next mission, a nearby cave that leads underground.
Lucky for everyone, a new and improved Piccolo arrives to battle Freeza, but is quickly tossed aside as the tyrant transforms again.
The Time Patrol begins to progress their way through the Time Breaker's underground base, defeating all that appear before them.

At the end of the base, a lone grunt sits with Freeza's severed tail. Having been enhanced by Towa, The soldier takes a bite of Freeza’s tail, mutating and increasing in strength.
The Time Patrol defeats him and continues out the other side of the base, where Freeza is transforming into his true form. Back at Freeza’s ship, Towa stands atop a cliff.
She implanted a crystal on the Ginyu-Frog and uses her staff to increase it's size. The Time Patrol arrive to defeat the mind-controlled frog in Ginyu's body.
Everyone heads back toward the time machine just as Goku’s time in the healing chamber comes to an end.
Freeza sends Vegeta into the side of a plateau and just when he's about to deal the final blow, Son Goku arrives at the battlefield.
Trunks gathers everyone back in the time machine to go home to AGE 1000.
[Ref: From the DBO game.]

To be continued...
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