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DBOR // Introduction

Character Creation

In DBORevelations, Players can customize: Race, and appearence of their character respectively.
The player also has a choice of three different Races:
DBORevelations' Race choices are Human, Namekian and Majin, Each Race has their own choice of two different master classes.
Each Race has a varity of different eyes, hair and skin color combinations you can choose from.

Leveling System

As This is an MMORPG, There is a leveling system, you'll be able to gain levels by;
Defeating monsters completing quests or doing one of the many Dungeons and TMQ's avaliable.
As you level, you'll be granted "Skill Points" which you can spend on one of your skills;
This will increase your mastery of that skill, Along with gaining Skill points, your base statistics will also increase.
Base Statistics Statistic Increases
Strength (STR) Physical Attack
Dexerity (DEX) Dodge Rate
Constitution (CON) Life-points (LP)
Energy (ENG) Energy-points (EP)
Soul (SOL) Energy Attack
Focus (FOC) Hitrate
Skill Points

Masterclass System

Adult Quest After entering the game, from levels 1-29, your character will be a kid.
once you achieve level 30, you will be able to: undergo the Aging quest also known as the adult quest tasks.
After becoming an Adult, you will be able to undertake the Master Class quest.

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