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Friends List
Friends list
Don’t forget to add your friends!
Either invite other players to join your party and select their name or type in your friends name into the list.
After becoming friends, in addition to be notified when your friends online, you can do a lot of social activities through the friends list.
If you encounter rude players, you can also add them to the block list.
After you block them, you will not receive messages from them, at all.

Guild List
Guild list

After a series of adventures, players can create new groups with like-minded friends!
You can have your own home and chat system.
You first have to find other friends willing to form a five-man minimum team after applying for the creation of the guild.

You need to meet the following conditions:
  • Captained by its founder, consisting of at least five people.
  • Founder must be level 30.
  • Founder must pay 200,000 Zeni.
Once you have joined a guild, you can press the "G" key to open the guild interface.
Members may be appointed higher ranks than other members through the interface, Only the highest ranked guild members can invite others to join the guild.
Guild members can be removed by other high ranking members through the interface. Other members can exit the guild at any time.
On the guild interface, you can see relevant information currently about your guild, including the Guild coat of arms, guild points, guild members, and guild announcements.

Guilds start with only a maximum of 20 members:
if you want to enhance the maximum number of members or the making of the coat of arms, warehouses and other functions, it is necessary to increase the guild’s points.
Guild points are increased through the "donation of Zeni" and "Guild members with high reputation points".
When a member of with reputation points increases their reputation points, it will automatically increase the guild points.
Alternatively, you can log in to the guild to donate Zeni, 10,000 Zeni donated can get 500 points.
Points can be added to enhance the guild features; changing the coat of arms outside the guild, adding new features.

Guild Points



Guild warehouse


Up to 30 members allowed


Appoint up to two guild Masters


Up to 40 members allowed


Up to 50 members allowed


Appoint up to three guild Masters


Log guild’s coat of arms


Up to 60 members allowed


Up to 70 members allowed


Appoint up to four guild Masters


Up to 80 members allowed


Change guild coat of arms

Mail System
Players can send mail, goods, money, etc. to other players through the mailing system.
Besides the mailing system providing a convenient collection service, you can receive money from other players directly through the mail!
You can send mail at a mail box, You must pay a small fee when sending mail.

Be sure to enter the correct name of the recipient, if you want to send to friends, you can choose to use the drop-down menu.
Enter the Heading of the letter, and whether you want to send goods, money or require payment.
If you want to send items, please drag the items directly from your inventory into the mail interface.
You can send a maximum of one item per mail.
If you need to send money to and from a friend, check the "request" and add the amount you want, use the keypad to enter the amount requested.
If you want to send money, check the “send” button, then enter the amount using the keypad.
When finished, press the Send button to send, a letter sent with the goods and the cost of sending the mail will be deducted.

To receive a letter, please click on the mail to open the contents of the letter, additional items and money received will have a button to take the items out for the mail.
If the letter is to send money to the original sender the payment will be sent by mail at the push of a button.

Letters will be automatically deleted after a set amount of time.
If the letter is important, you can check the "lock" button to save the mail permanently.
You can save up to 30 letters at most.

Party System
Party System
When adventuring in the wilderness, It's dangerous to go alone, take a friend!
The Composition of a team is important, together with other players you can go further and do more.

Each Party team can have up to 5 people; the interface provided can be used to help the operation of the team. the player can choose "Create Party". The player will become the captain of the party that was established, with the following permissions.
  • - Invite other players to join the party
  • - Kick a team member out of the party
  • - Change props distribution
  • - Zeni & Item distribution changes
  • - Transfer captain Permissions
If you leave as the team captain, the captain will be randomly assigned to one another member.

You must enter the name of the team when the team is established, a name of up to eight characters.
The system will automatically generate a name if not given one.
You can invite other players through the friends list or by adding their name in the interface.
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