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The Nintendo Switch by robo pounder
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Dragon Ball Super by Nia
[Yesterday at 03:25:32 AM]

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 by Komatsuna
[October 24, 2016, 10:18:41 PM]

I'm Back by Bardock
[October 24, 2016, 10:42:37 AM]

what if ______________ by Aethelred
[October 24, 2016, 09:11:17 AM]

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  • Today at 04:47:50 AM
    but niiiice...i like it hahahaha  :peace:
  • Today at 04:47:20 AM
    awwww damn you popos face appeared fullscreen xD
  • Today at 03:30:48 AM
    i'm being haunted by Mr.Popo....fuuuuu....chance of survival: wat?
  • Today at 03:30:01 AM
    was listening to some music and then suddenly i hear this one [link] ...loud cuz my volume was a little louder than usual. scared the sh*t out of me hhahahaha aaand it was DBOR tab! 100% sure.
  • Today at 02:34:47 AM
    No clue man
  • Today at 02:31:27 AM
    ummm...Luke...i just heard Mr.Popos laugh on dbor forum ? xD
  • Today at 02:29:07 AM
    he couldn't deal with the fact that i'm not there anymore  :deal:
  • Yesterday at 11:46:58 PM
    I can't remember the reason, ayy
  • Yesterday at 11:19:43 PM
  • Yesterday at 11:07:21 PM
    iceman was done with it
  • Yesterday at 10:10:30 PM
    What on Earth happened to PrideWarriors?!
  • Yesterday at 09:54:29 PM
  • Yesterday at 07:15:59 PM
    Probably, Black has a scythe now
  • Yesterday at 07:15:07 PM
    Popo blocked my screen xD
  • Yesterday at 11:16:54 AM
    What the naughtyword was that Popo
  • Yesterday at 08:33:50 AM
    aaaand i'm not really sure if zamasu is still immortal after fusing with black...but if so, Vegito will have to use the mafuba *yaaay* ...and if he is not immortal anymore it will end up as usual: m-m-m-m-monster kill by SSJB Vegito
  • Yesterday at 08:31:25 AM
    would actually make sense since Goku and Vegeta won't have a chance against fused zamasu....also we have the kaioshins there who, as rumors say, could make vegito happen by giving goku and vegeta their earrings....makes also sense...
  • Yesterday at 08:29:55 AM
    sooo...i heard rumors about the appearance of Vegito ...SSJBlue Vegito...anyone else who heard about that?
  • Yesterday at 08:04:55 AM
    Ah. 25th in the US, 28th in the EU, and oddly enough November 2nd in Japan.
  • Yesterday at 08:03:34 AM
    I think XV2 comes out on the 28th internationally.
  • Yesterday at 07:41:33 AM
    wow that popo freaked me out... How dare you, stare into my soul like that... Huh? Wh...What are you doing? I Didn't mean it like that NOOOOOOOOoooooo.....
  • Yesterday at 12:50:14 AM
  • Yesterday at 12:48:25 AM
  • October 24, 2016, 11:04:08 PM
  • October 24, 2016, 11:04:01 PM
    xenoverse releases 25th in Europe, right?


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