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Topic: How is this Legal?  (Read 12853 times)

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How is this Legal?
« on: February 17, 2014, 11:21:57 PM »

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I'm sure this is on alot of your minds, and to answer the question simply, the answer is Yes, This is Legal.

But this thread was made to explain How this is in fact, legal.
I'll write this in Q/A type style, for easier reading.

1. Does DBORevelations use any of NTL's Code?

The absolute and short answer is no. Every bit of code developed for DBORevelations has been written from scratch by our developer's committing their time and effort to DBORevelations without the benefit of financial gain and as this post, we're the only project to start from scratch. (this is also why it's taking so long.)

2. How can we do this without NTL's Code?

DBORevelations is written through a process known as Reverse Engineering.
"Reverse engineering is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object, or system through analysis of its structure, function, and operation."
You can read more about what this is, here:

3. What about the client installed on my computer?
When you install the client and connect to the DBORevelations server with this application, you are doing so by your own accord.
DBORevelations cannot condone the usage of the DBO Client application with it's server emulation.

4. Don't you have to change the models and assets?

No we don't, as we're designing the server which the client connects too, we don't have to touch anything of the client. which is what is copyrighted.

We're purely recreating the server which tells the client what to do.

5. So how does this mean it's legal?

Understand, there is a fine line between illegal and legal and we've yet to cross it. Since DBORevelations won't distribute any of NTL's copyrighted material, it does not break any copyright laws.
DBORevelations works very hard to stay within it's legal right to produce it's emulator, and will do it's best to never include copyrighted materials, or infringe on any software patents.
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