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    At least you guys did something in chemistry class. I only remember opening a cow heart.
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    woah...that was hard man [link]
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    Also, yeah. I read something about that, but didn't get too much into the news so I don't know more than that
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    Story time with Luffy! I guess that explains your messed up face...
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    btw..anyone reading dbs manga? cuz things go different the newest chapter vegeta transformed into the red colored ssj god to fight black xD
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    could've gone blind. my teacher got really mad at whoever didn't wash their damn spoon properly

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Dragonball General Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Super
« on: March 16, 2017, 07:12:16 AM »
He didn't. SEGA just ripped him off so many times, he decided to rip them off in return.

SEGA ripped Toriyama off? I don't know what you're talking about.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Yup... No clue.

Dragonball General Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Super
« on: March 15, 2017, 05:35:00 AM »
By the way, can we talk about how Toriyama made a "space Dr. Robotnik (Eggman)" character?

Dragonball General Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Super
« on: March 14, 2017, 12:48:09 PM »
He needs to stay dead bruh .

You really think that would stop him? Remember he assisted the martial arts tournament while dead.

Español / Re: ¡Qué tal estáis guerreros Z!
« on: March 13, 2017, 03:18:49 AM »
¡Me alegra verte de vuelta por aquí!

En lo personal, la vida ha sido complicada. Los estudios me tienen parcialmente ocupado, y el resto del tiempo se me va entre trabajar y/o buscar trabajo, pero no me quejo. :P

En cuanto a DBOR, no te sabría decir cuando habrá una noticia ni nada por el estilo, pues no soy parte del equipo de desarrollo, pero te puedo asegurar que el proyecto sigue en marcha, limitado por el tiempo libre que ellos tengan para dedicarle. (Recuerda que hacen esto completamente gratis.)

Dragonball General Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Super
« on: March 02, 2017, 10:27:10 AM »
I think that the mortal rating they are talking about isn't about strength, but more about culture, government and good and evil. If it was based on strength, why didnt Zen-oh let the top tier universes fight then, that would be much more fun to watch i reckon. The reason universe 7's mortal rate is so low, is probably because of Frieza. He literally owned most of the universe (bit exaggerated maybe) and he terrorized tons of planets. He turned a lot of people evil and because of that the mortal rating is so low. Also, The current supreme kai is very unexperienced and Beerus is sleeping most of the time. so this universe isnt being governed very well.

If you look at the Kaioshin and Hakaishin of universe 9, you see that they dont "govern" really well... The kai is a psycho and the God of Destruction is very indicisive. The Furry Bros are also pretty crazy... That is my theory about the mortal rating. Not based on strength and power, but evilness and culture and stuff.

It makes sense, but I doubt it. They talk about strength or power or whatever. Having gods that fail at their job shouldn't influence the rating they're using.

Also, Zeno did allow all the universes to participate, he just decided the strongest four are exempt, which means they don't have to participate if they don't want to. All the other universes have to participate, no matter what.

Español / Re: Que paso con los Domingos con DBOR?
« on: February 28, 2017, 12:56:14 PM »
Para que hayas comentado por aquí significa bastante jajaja, espero y los sigas ayudando anónimamente en el Desarrollo.. que estoy seguro que si ;)


Y Link ni habla español. Seguro se tomó la molestia de traducirlo en algún lado para publicar aquí. XD

La verdad no lo culpo. Después de lo que tengo entendido le hicieron a sus cuentas personales, yo también tendría bastante rencor. :P

Dragonball General Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Super
« on: February 27, 2017, 12:37:10 PM »
That was a good episode.

Proves that Gohan still has a fighting spirit somewhere. He clearly won't be taking Goku's place, but he will be doing some stuff. We can tell he still has a lot of training to do though.

Explains with a little bit more detail what's gonna happen with the universes. There will only be 5 universes after this. Which means our beloved Universe 6, along with three other universes we don't care about enough, will probably end up being destroyed, unless they find a way to talk it out of Zeno's head.

There's also the chance that the 7th universe might actually lose, ending up with Zeno changing his mind because he doesn't want to delete Goku.

Also, based on what we've seen. Goku might have to carry all the Universe 7 fighters (who will probably be powerless except maybe Vegeta) in order for them to achieve victory, based on Toriyama's tendencies. I really hope this is not the case. I wish everyone gets to stand out. Some will lose, some will win but they'll stand out, eventually getting eliminated in the tournament and leaving the finals to Goku or something among those lines.

Dragonball General Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Super
« on: February 24, 2017, 05:44:18 AM »
So does they officially mean they're lazy or is it not a big a deal as I'm making it out to be iif they don't even fix up the blu ray to the best it could be . I guess now that animation is easier in modern times than it was back then I'm being a bit harsh

Either Toei is lazy and went with "just blur it because no one will watch it anyways," they want to reduce the costs to a minimum so they can save up their budget in their pockets, or they actually have a really poor budget (which I doubt because it's Toei and it's Dragon Ball).

Overall, the Blu-ray fixes look better in most of those pictures, but it's still bad, since it's usually just a blur to hide their mediocre work in most cases. When it comes to the re-draws, some of them did screw up, and others (I think it's just one) actually looked better. Won't go check them out again though. It's sickening enough to see such a mediocre job by Toei.

Now, for the animation, it will probably look exactly the same, but the art apparently didn't see such a great improvement.

Dragonball General Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Super
« on: February 23, 2017, 03:50:07 PM »
Even after going over the issues of them not looking the best for tv what about the blu ray release. Do each of the teams go back to work on each episode or is it just one team to keep the look consistent. I'm gussing it easier to fix something already created ?!

Well, I am yet to check out the Blu-ray release, but I can guess they just hired a better team than the one they had for those episode in order to improve it. As I said, the animation wasn't really that bad so mostly what they gotta do is fix the art. They re-draw the frames, keeping the basic poses.

Designing how each character will look in each frame is a lot of hard work too that the viewer is not aware of. The Blu-ray release doesn't have to worry about that, because it's already there, just poorly drawn.

Dragonball General Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Super
« on: February 23, 2017, 01:19:18 PM »
Ahem. Future animator here, currently studying Digital Animation. @LordWilhelmIV, I was gonna watch the video you posted, but it's quite long and I wanted to read all the posts. I also kinda want to write some stuff down before watching it.

First of all, I need to clear up a really, really common misconception with the term animation. People usually say "ugh, the animation here sucks," when it actually has a really, really good animation and it just has bad art. These two terms are usually confused by people, and I totally understand why.

The art is how it looks. It's how each element looks, like the proportion of the body, or non-derp faces. Here's a really famous example of bad art:
Spoiler for Hidden:

Dragon Ball Super's early episodes (except the first two) had sickening art, yet the animation was... Well, it was still mediocre considering it's Toei and it's Dragon Ball, but it wasn't as bad as people claim, since the art is making it look worse.

Here's a good example of someone that confuses both terms, and no one points it out in the comments because they don't know the difference:
Spoiler for Hidden:

Clickbait thumbnail. XD

What happens here, is that he's actually sharing the fights that have the best art, in his opinion (I'd still disagree on quite some of those), but he says "best animated fights" because he thinks it's the same thing. To be honest, the animation in most of those fights is good, but I can only talk for the ones I had actually seen before and not the ones unknown to me. Why? You can't appreciate the animation if the video is sped up, and this guys sped them all up.

The animation is based on completely different aspects. A good animated scene is determined by how fluid the movements are, if the pacing matches what it's going on, and so on. Of course, bad art will always make good animation look bad, but there's masterpieces in the animation business with terrible art. There's this 2008 anime called Kaiba, which people might say "the animation sucks," yet it's actually a really, really good animation considering this was around the time Studio Madhouse was starting crashing down, but I'll get into why later on. The problem with Kaiba isn't the animation, but the art. Here's a gif from it:
Spoiler for Hidden:

Check out how they move, how consistent their proportions are, how human they feel when they move, how perfectly they express what they are supposed to. Heck, even the glass the character on the right is consistent and keeps the same amount of liquid at all times after she drinks (yes, I just assumed a gender).

I haven't seen Kaiba myself so that gif could be fan-made or something, but I looked it up and watched like a whole minute of the first episode and the animation is pretty good, honestly. I wouldn't consider it to have bad art, it's just unique and that might scare people off.

Now, when there's both a good animation and a good art, this happens:
Spoiler for Hidden:

And I felt the need to post that because I'm a huge fan of Studio Bones and their work in Sword of the Stranger was breathtaking. Too bad that gif messes it up a little.

Why am I saying all this? Well, I wanted to get this out of my chest after seeing so many people get this wrong. Also, I'll begin talking about animation studios now and this might end up being involved somehow. Still, mostly just because I wanted to say it.

Actually, that's how most studios do it, even the ones done in seasons. The problem with some of the larger studios, like Toei or A-1, is they have poor working conditions and schedule things very poorly.
Generally, the higher quality anime studios like Ufotable or Kyoto Animation have a much better handling of their working situation, and are more careful with scheduling.
Even those high quality studios occasionally slip up (Ufotable's God Eater anime adaption is a rather notable dark spot on their record, due to the terrible way they handled scheduling as an example).
And despite popular belief, stuff like Ufotable's Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works doesn't actually have any larger a budget than most anime. Despite it's jaw dropping animation (especially in it's fight scenes), it doesn't have 'Unlimited Budget Works.' It's more a result of scheduling properly, and not treating their animation crew like dirt.

Imagine what these guys could do with the Dragon Ball license...
Spoiler for Hidden:

You're right, but still missing some important stuff. A modern animation studio works a lot different from how they did the past decade. Currently, people don't just sign a contract with an animation studio and stick with them. Here's an example:

Studio Bones calls you and hires you to work for them. You sign a contract that says you can only work for them and no one else. That means Bones is the only studio that gets your talent, and if they don't have work for you at the time, you're basically unemployed.

On the other hand, you could be a freelancer animator. Studio Bones calls you, you go and work on their 5th episode of My Hero Academia, but then you're no longer tied to Bones. After that, A-1 Pictures calls you and you work on the new Fairy Tail OVA. After you're there, you're open up again for any other studio. On top of that, you can even work in two projects at the same time, but that would be suicidal.

That's how the current system works. Animation studios only have certain people permanently hired and they're rarely animators. They're usually producers, writers, directors, etc. Because of this same reason, Studio Bones, for example, will say "Alright, Mob Psycho 100 season two, we need animators," and they just start calling the animators they know or look some new people online. They build a team, work on the season, and then most of the animators are gone.

A-1 Pictures adapted to this system, which is probably the reason why they end up scheduling things poorly. It's hard to make a schedule with a bunch of freelancers you might've never worked with, or maybe you just don't get along with Jack because he's a naughtyword. Stuff like this cause issues with these studios when it comes to organizing, but the animation should be good if they hire a good team and they managed to make things work great.

On the other hand, Madhouse has just recently adapted to this new system. They were getting a lot of hate and weren't delivering quality content because most of their team moved on to work as freelancers or were hired by other studios for better payment options or it was just convenient to them for any reason. Madhouse refused to work with freelancers and kept hiring permanent animators.

Now, I don't know enough about Toei to tell how they work, but I can guess they have a ton of freelancers too. I wouldn't be surprised if they hired cheap animators and artists for the first episodes of Super since it was "filler," considering Toriyama wasn't really involved. They just adapted the movies how they saw fit.

Lastly, just to mess up with Nia: Ufotable uses 3D for most of their work, and end up drawing over it. At least they know how to hide how lazy they are.

Before you get pissed at me, I gotta say they do a fine job anyways. They are a low-budget studio, in the most part, and it's actually a really smart idea they pulled to reduce budget costs and keep the elements in the right scale without having to worry about "oh, the arm is actually longer in this frame" and stuff.

TL;DR: It is very likely Toei hired some pretty cheap freelancers to animate the first Dragon Ball Super episodes and it's probably the reason why it looked so bad early on. As the anime progressed, I guess they started actually spending their budget on the good animators to make it look better.

I'll add some videos below that you can watch if you want to learn more. There's a YouTube channel called The Canipa Effect who basically talks about certain animators or studios and their history and the reason why they're so hated/loved.
Spoiler for Hidden:

Español / Re: Que paso con los Domingos con DBOR?
« on: February 21, 2017, 12:48:47 PM »
No entiendo tu fanatismo por DBOR, esto no es ningún tipo de religión. Hay una fina línea entre dar una fecha tentativa X (2014!!) y, tres años después, ni siquiera dar anuncio de que habrá un alpha cerca. ¿Qué te dice eso? ¿Que tuvieron "unos cuantos problemitas"? Nah, todo proyecto requiere de cierta responsabilidad y seriedad, y varios de los miembros de este staff por lo visto no tuvieron ni lo uno ni lo otro. Y todo bien, tampoco pasa nada en ese aspecto, pero me parece ridículo que haya gente esperando por DBOR, sabiendo su ritmo de trabajo, cuando ya hay otro equipo a punto de lanzar el juego.

Yo solo sé que la gente quiere jugar el maldito juego, por eso les digo que VAYAN A DBOG, ACÁ NO VAN A HACER ABSOLUTAMENTE MÁS QUE BOLUDEAR EN UN FORO MUERTO. No es que les haga publicidad, estimado. Si DBOR hubiese sacado primero el juego, entonces hablaría de ellos como lo hago de DBOG. Y el chiste se cuenta solo...

Podés seguir con el trashtalk sobre lo hijo de puta que es Daneos, etc... Eso no cambia nada. El flaco se hartó de esperar por DBOR, se los dijo en su cara y, ¿qué le respondieron? Que hiciera entonces sus propio server. Y eso hizo.

No es un fanatismo por DBOR ni lo alabo como una religión. Es el hecho de apoyar a un equipo que he tenido el honor de conocer y llamar mis amigos (eso suena cursi XD). Además se que sí están trabajando, así el juego esté listo en el 2025. Esa es mi manera de agradecerles su trabajo.

Entiendo perfectamente que Daneos haya empezado su propio proyecto, y lo respeto por lograr lo que ha logrado, pero no apruebo sus métodos. No quiero acercarme a DBOG para que llegue alguna compañía y los haga cerrar por ganar dinero de un juego que no les pertenece.

De nuevo, mi problema no es con DBOG, solo lo evito por la razón que acabo de explicar. Solo le tengo desprecio a ciertas personas en su equipo. Mi problema no es solo con Daneos. Él solo es la cara de un grupo de gente corrupta. Es como mi situación con Linkin Park: Amo a la banda y el trabajo que hicieron en el pasado, pero su música nueva me molesta y quiero escupirle un ojo a Chester Bennington, solo porque es el que más representa a la banda de todos ellos.

En fin, yo sigo confiando en el equipo de DBOR, así no haya casi miembros activos en el foro a estas alturas. Sigo pasando el rato aquí porque prefiero un foro más tranquilo que un foro con miles de usuarios.

Español / Re: Que paso con los Domingos con DBOR?
« on: February 21, 2017, 07:23:55 AM »
Yo estuve jugando en el server de DBOG estas últimas semanas y sí, no hay mucho que hacer después de llegar a 70 porque es recién una versión PRE BETA, hay varios bugs que corregir y falta añadir importantes eventos como el Budokai, el Scramble y Dojo War. No creo que pasen de este año para que salga a la luz el server oficial y verás cómo no va a ser para nada aburrido cuando suceda. Van por muy buen camino, el servidor es cada vez más estable.

Pueden esperar todo lo que quieran a DBOR, pero yo ya no pienso jugarlo una vez publicado. No sé ustedes, no tengo el tiempo para estar jugando en dos servers diferentes, sin mencionar la abismal diferencia de progreso. Los chicos de DBOG están haciendo bien las cosas y, guste o no, ya se llevaron el 80% de la comunidad de DBO. Muchísimos (como yo ahora) están esperando la versión oficial para comenzar a jugar.

Una verdadera lástima lo que pasó con este proyecto, pero bueno, como dije antes en otro comentario, no dimensionaron la seriedad con la que deberían de haber trabajado desde el principio. Por eso ya creían que iban a tener el juego para el 2014 o 015 (no recuerdo bien).

Creyeron que iban a poder tener el juego listo para el 2014 porque tuvieron un momento de bastante progreso. Pidieron disculpas por haber cometido tal error, pues se toparon con mútiples problemas que les complicaron las cosas.

Te aseguro que el equipo de DBOR se está tomando el proyecto con seriedad, pero no es su prioridad, pues no morirse de hambre, la familia, terminar los estudios, entre muchas otras cosas vienen primero. Recuerda que es un proyecto que ellos hacen de gratis, con la intención de traer de vuelta un juego que tanto amamos.

Le haces mucha publicidad a DBOG por tener más progreso, pero te recuerdo que ellos le dedican a DBOG porque es su trabajo de tiempo completo y ellos ganan dinero de un juego que no es suyo, cosa que es ilegal. De hecho, tengo entendido que ya Bandai está solicitándole a DBOG que cierre sus servidores por la misma razón, pero no se si eso es cierto.

Lo que me detesto del equipo de DBOG, y la razón por la que dejé de seguirlos por completo, es el hecho de que el equipo vaya a hacerse la vida reviviendo un juego que no les pertenece en primer lugar y que además está cobrando una fortuna por objetos en el juego, como el libro para resetear los skills que supuestamente cuesta como $30 según unos amigos que sí juegan.

No culpo a la gente por jugar DBOG, culpo a su equipo de desarrollo por hacer las injusticias que hacen.

Dragonball General Discussion / Re: Yeah... so we have a female Broly.
« on: February 20, 2017, 08:16:35 AM »
In her ssj form she doesn't look like much of a female to me lol.

It's just Broly.

The difference is that he she sorta has boobs now in that form.

(I still think they're just pretty big pecs.)

General Discussion / Re: I need an update :/
« on: February 19, 2017, 03:29:45 PM »
Jeez, sorry for the late reply.
Why do you dislike the creator of dbog?

Well, because of lots of messed up stuff he's done, but let's not pollute this site by talking more about that. There's a lot of threads about it at this point.

Español / Re: Que paso con los Domingos con DBOR?
« on: February 19, 2017, 09:56:17 AM »
Yo aun tengo FE de que saldrá..  SOLO ESPERO ESE DÍA <3

Esa es la actitud. Necesitamos paciencia, como siempre.

Español / Re: Que paso con los Domingos con DBOR?
« on: February 17, 2017, 12:27:05 AM »
Wow muchas gracias por la información, y @alest04  si ya se que esta dicho server pero el motivo es que dbo ha tenido una gran perdida de jugadores debido a que por ejemplo los jugadores como yo que ya han llegado a lvl 70 no tenemos nada mas que hacer y ese es el motivo por el cual he vuelto a DBOR, ademas de que este fue el primer proyecto al cual apoye, ademas del lvl 55 para arriba se hace difícil subir de lvl ya que no hay casi misiones, por eso estoy esperando a que salga DBOR para empezar de 0, Gracias a todos por responder y saludos

Me alegra verte de vuelta en el foro. Puedes seguir esperando DBOR sin frustración, porque seguro llegará. Progresa más lento que DBOG porque esto no es su trabajo tiempo completo, pero sí se mueve. No te preocupes por la gente que dice "el proyecto está muerto."

Dragonball General Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Super
« on: February 16, 2017, 02:44:16 PM »
Bro immajust point off this aint based off dubs , also I'd rather blow up king Kaia planet than the earth too bad so sad .

I'm sorry, but anyone would still be sad if I had to kill some friends to save others.

Dragonball General Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Super
« on: February 16, 2017, 02:15:36 PM »
Ok, I was determined to read through all of that, but I gave up halfway through.

He's my take on Goku being "more retarded" in Super:

To be honest, I feel he's just as Goku as he has ever been. He knows lots of people will die by the end of the tournament, and he's not cool with that. Remember he did tell everyone he was gonna talk about it with Zen'ö (think I got the name right) to make him change his mind and Whis talked him out of it because it would probably get them all erased.

It's not like he doesn't care at all that people will die, he's just too excited to fight the strongest people in the whole universe, and his dumb brain can't focus on the bad side for too long because of that. It's not like Goku ever agreed to those terms, but he didn't have a choice.

Roxas, I believe reading somewhere that you watched Dragon Ball through the Funimation dub, which changed Goku's personality drastically. I think that's the main reason why you feel he's dumber. Even when you do know Goku's stupidity, you can't wrap your head around how stupid he actually is now that you're seeing it with your own eyes.

I watched the Latin America dub, which managed to give the perfect feel to Goku's voice, making him sound like a childish adult and not just a child. They also kept Goku's personality exactly the same. While I believe they changed some of Goku's voice to make him sound a bit more mature, his actions made very clear to us viewers how stupid he actually is.

I also gotta point out how death itself has little to no value for Goku. You never saw him being worried about death. He took Cell to King Kai's and didn't really have a "I'm killing my master and some of my friends" look on his face. He just smiled and said something in the lines of "sorry for blowing you and your planet up."

Well, I started playing Heroes of the Storm as I wrote all this and lost my momentum so I'll post what I have.

Off Topic / Re: Best Dragonball Game Opening/Song
« on: February 13, 2017, 03:29:15 PM »
Can't really say much, since I haven't really been able to buy that many Dragon Ball games. As a kid, I had to play whatever my parents bought.

These are the two openings/intros for the two games I had:

So I'm not really posting them as "the best" but more like the ones I had.

Edit: Although, I just stumbled upon this and really liked it:

Gotta say the 2D openings for DBZ games are definitively better.

Dragonball General Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Super
« on: February 12, 2017, 04:42:46 AM »
I was quite behind in Super. Last I watched was episode 71, the first one of the two-episode Hit arc (if you can call it an arc). Now that I caught up, I can tell that I'm really looking forward to this since we're gonna see some fighters back in action.

Not only No. 17 and Roshi, like Shyruni said. Tenshinhan and 18 are joining the fight. Those two haven't seen action in a long time either, and when they did, it wasn't a big deal because of Goku and Vegeta taking all the focus.

By the looks of it, Gohan is gonna have his mystic state (or whatever it's called) back. I'm looking forward to see how everyone fits into this arc, and how they will prove that they still have some fight in them.

Español / Re: Que paso con los Domingos con DBOR?
« on: February 09, 2017, 01:36:53 PM »
Hay muy pocas personas que aun siguen visitando este foro, sea semanal hasta mensualmente, pero lo hacen.

Entonces LinkvsSangoku nunca dejo el equipo de DBOR? Pense que de verdad si lo habia dejado por la publicacion de Dumke

Bueno esperemos que esta ves si sea pronto! Por que Dumke siempre lo veo conectado aqui y pienso que sigue trabajando xD

Se sigue trabajando sin duda. El proceso se ha demorado por incontables problemas que han surgido, pero el equipo no se ha rendido. Especialmente Dumke, quien no va a dejar que su dedicacion muera, así no haya más desarrolladores. Si llega a pasar, él conseguirá gente nueva.

LinkvsSangoku abandonó el equipo porque sus cuentas personales habían sido afectadas por el asunto de los hackeos, pero sigue visitando el foro de vez en cuando, por lo que he visto. En mi post anterior redacté mal eso. XD

Graphic Design / Re: Non-specific Nia Art Thread
« on: February 08, 2017, 02:56:08 PM »
I've gotten to the point where I begin to draw the form of the character (still freehand), then add and remove lines as necessary. It allows me to make the anatomy a little less wonky, while still keeping to my normal style.

I never really cared much for doing sketchy basic shapes or skeletons; I basically taught myself to draw without them. Basic stuff like that, I learned to do from muscle memory after drawing it enough times.

There's also less need of guidelines for the form of a character if I have a reference to work off.
In this case, the reference materials were:
Spoiler for Hidden:

I was taught to never draw a human body without a skeleton or a base sketch first, but enough practice always makes people not need it at all. I have this one friend who uses base lines to make the head and the shoulders proportionate, but that's about it. After those, he just draws freely and he can make amazing masterpieces.

Now that you mention it, having references help a lot. I've drawn a lot of stuff in the past by having a reference (usually Dragon Ball characters) and I still struggle with proportions from time to time and spend a lot of time fixing it, but overall, the drawing ends up being almost exactly the same as the original.

For example, I was drawing SSJ2 Gohan, during the Cell fight, and Nailed the head and hair almost exactly, but when I got to the chest, stuff stopped looking proportionate. I decided to take a break and resume the drawing later... That was like 4 months ago. I even used up all the pages in that sketchbook and stored it so I could start using a new one.

Graphic Design / Re: Non-specific Nia Art Thread
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Whoof, I left this poor thread unused for a while... again.
But something I whipped up... at just shy of 4AM, because...
What am I doing with my life?

Well, except for that character in the middle, it looks pretty good.

Nah, kidding. It's neat! I can see some lines from mistakes your erased and fixed, but that's something that can be easily fixed in any editing program, you ever actually need to fix them. Maybe you didn't even erase them and that's why I can see them in the picture.

Considering you draw without any sketched basic shapes or skeletons to start, those kinds of things are more likely to happen with your technique. It's amazing that you skip that step and still do a great work. I don't know if you've just drawn so much that you don't need it anymore, or you just decided to skip that and learned to draw without it.

Introductions and Goodbyes / Re: Hello
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Heya! Nice to see you around again.

Anime / Re: Recommended anime
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Oh boy. Well, I will keep this short. Since I don't really want to write a lot like some others cough cough @Tofu cough cough

Boku no Hero Academia:
Honestly, one of the best of it's kind. The OST was remarkable, the characters were realistic, believable and likeable. The animation? Pretty great if you ask me. I really liked the story and the emotions it provided through it's 1st season, making it a favorite.

Log Horizon:
What would be an anime where it is told in a MMORPG where the players are trapped into a game that is actually good, playable and really solid, with good and likeable characters, awesome OST, great story, and actual battle tactics? If your answer was SAO, then you should be ashamed. Log Horizon provides everything for it's type and it does that quite great. Also there is actual character development, unlike some other anime.

Well, I could say a lot, so I will keep it simple. I liked it quite a lot, it did get me frustrated in many events, like Pain and the whole Sasuke thing and GOD DAMN IT GIVE ME MY FAVORITE CHARACTER BACK.
Just... Remove the filler. Seriously, if Naruto didn't have as much filler as it had it would be way better. For anyone who wants to see it, keep a filler list in the second window, you gonna need it.

KonoSuba(Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!):
Where should I start... Simply a perfect comedy anime imo. The characters are all likeable, the animation was ok, the comedy was top notch and of course the world itself is very beautiful and awesome. Darkness best girl everybody... Best girl.

BEST ANIME EVER CREATED. No seriously, for me there is nothing better than Gintama. You want troll? comedy? drama? action? troll? epic fights? troll? character development? troll? references? try to spot which anime they are now making a parody of? emotions? troll? tragic backstories? romance? slice of life? Look no further. Gintama can and will provide every single one of those(especially trolling, if you haven't noticed yet). My favorite anime yet and tbh, I don't think any other anime can ever top it.

Random gags, comedy, funny characters, classic Japanese humor. This anime is quite funny and likeable. While every action and story is random and doesn't really connects with the others, a story is slowly build and told through these amazing gags and funny moments.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar:
Well, this one is more serious. While it shares a similar concept with other anime, which is trapped inside of a game. It does that quite different. It gives you the main heroes, who are completely strangers and tbh, they suck in fighting. But this anime doesn't have it's weight on the fighting, although a big part of the game IS the fighting. It gives it's weight on how realistic the characteristics of every single character is. It embraces that this party is made of strangers and gives it a lot of depth. While the anime is quite slow and it's pacing is very, very slow. I would say that this is also one of it's strengths. Also the OST is remarkable.

I'd be surprised My Hero Academia hasn't been mentioned before, but this thread was kinda dead when it came out.

Added all of them, and also started adding links to some of the recommendation anime. I might eventually link them all.

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