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    lmao Link xD
  • Yesterday at 11:45:33 PM
    Step 2! Put your junk in that box!
  • Yesterday at 11:44:35 PM
    Step 1 Cut a hole in a box!
  • Yesterday at 11:40:34 PM
    Shadow complex --> Yeah we made so much money from ads, you don't imagine, we all live into a 5 star hotels with waitress to serve us
  • Yesterday at 04:03:05 PM
    I'm gonna have nightmares now
  • Yesterday at 03:08:40 PM
    No ones gonna believe you now. You violated your sisters pc. Urghs!
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    oh shit i thought i saw The Sims
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    wtf dude
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    Not recently, maybe on my mom's old computer... or my sisters... oh cosmic duck.. how i wonder where i got it
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    Delmoon, have you had The Sex?
  • Yesterday at 02:17:50 PM
    If your chick come close to me She ain't going home when she post to be
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    See, told ya it was still alive :P
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  • Yesterday at 02:06:52 PM
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    ┬┐Que tal?
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  • Yesterday at 01:34:24 PM
  • Yesterday at 12:58:32 PM
    Ads barely pay for the toilet bill
  • Yesterday at 12:58:10 PM
    They still make money off ads tbo. Them aussies are sneaky bastards
  • Yesterday at 12:56:54 PM
    The game has no choice than to be free
  • Yesterday at 12:04:49 PM
    no sarcasm!
  • Yesterday at 12:04:41 PM
  • Yesterday at 11:55:23 AM
    Because you refuse to read the FAQ, no. They will charge you for any minute you want to play.
  • Yesterday at 11:41:58 AM
    is this game gonna be free?
April 11, 2015, 06:22:12 AM by West
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Discuss this announcement here:

Hi guys,
Check out our newest update/tease, I don't want to spoil, just go!

I'll wait... ok?
So, hopefully for those who didn't know much about the story, you got some background. Read the WHOLE story HERE !
If you played Xenoverse, yes, it's a lot alike. YOU are the hero! lol.

Background news:
We won't be doing #FridaysWithDBOR anymore (for now) but instead #SundaysWithDBOR.
Yes, I know, silly haha. Sadly, we have no choice, most of us are back to our normal duties, such as University and we can't keep up with announcements on Fridays.
We don't know if this is a permanent change but we are only moving a couple of days, so chill. Let no one EVAH forget #FridaysWtihDBOR ^_^

PS: Obviously, there isn't going to be a #SundaysWithDBOR this Sunday...  :r_flame:
PS2: Looooooooove youuuu  <3
April 06, 2015, 06:05:09 PM by Luke[Dumke]
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Now that Easter has, officially ended in quite a few places.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break. :swag:

and for Australian students, enjoy the next week or holidays.  :cheeky:

and may monster carrot and his goons R.I.P.
April 04, 2015, 07:07:15 AM by West
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Discuss this announcement here:

Sup people,
Today we thought of showing some of what we worked on for a little while. Guilds and Party.
There isn't much to say, but if you got questions, ask away!
Didn't make any video out of this as... it would last 5 seconds :P

Cya soon! Much love!
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