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  • Today at 08:24:16 AM
    The only real difference is it seems to have a greater emphasis on family.
  • Today at 08:23:45 AM
    That was pretty much just like the original Dragon Ball series. How was it not?
  • Today at 08:21:00 AM
    DB sorta was like that, actually
  • Today at 08:15:28 AM
    I liked it.
  • Today at 08:13:58 AM
    How am I a hipster, it's shit. DB wasn't like this.
  • Today at 07:51:23 AM
    We get it, Mike. You're a hipster. Stop trying so hard.
  • Today at 07:48:25 AM
    >Kid Goten and Trunks, the worst characters in the franchise
  • Today at 07:48:14 AM
    >Horrible pacing
  • Today at 07:48:04 AM
    That DBS episode was shit
  • Today at 07:44:44 AM
    More importantly, it will not take a year to come out on DVD like Battle of Gods, since Fox isn't standing in the way of the movie's dub like they did with the last movie.
  • Today at 07:44:01 AM
    The new movie I think is going to be in theaters in August, if memory serves.
  • Today at 07:04:49 AM
    Yah not that bothered about a dvd version  that would take forever , I'm just waiting for a Cam version when it hits USA cinema
  • Today at 06:57:04 AM
    Cinema is not a DVD version and Fukkatsu no F will not be release fast in DVD like Battle of Gods because you know, cinema :p
  • Today at 06:40:24 AM
    Next month
  • Today at 06:36:27 AM
    Isn't it out in USA cinema this month ?
  • Today at 06:23:17 AM
    takes some training, but it was worth it
  • Today at 06:22:01 AM
    didn't you know that?
  • Today at 06:19:43 AM
    You can transmit through time? o.O
  • Today at 06:18:50 AM
    Vegeta --> You will not find any ripped version since you need to wait the DVD version in september in japan, have fun ;)
  • Today at 06:18:36 AM
    i can do that too
  • Today at 06:18:00 AM
    But I can use it through space and time
  • Today at 06:16:46 AM
    i learned that too, when i "visited" Yardrat
  • Today at 06:14:22 AM
    instant transmission?
  • Today at 06:11:59 AM
    I'm a Yardrat, I rock
  • Today at 06:10:52 AM
June 18, 2015, 06:13:48 PM by Luke[Dumke]
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G'day mates,

You can now Login and Register via Social Networks.

This list applies too;

- Steam
- Reddit
- Youtube
- Facebook
- Google+

- Twitter (When they stop denying my request for API use)

The register via social networks is particularly useful for people who have issues with our conventional registration system,
as it will not require the same authentication as others.

Spoiler for Hidden:

You can also attach your social networks to an already existing account via your account settings here;
Social Networks

Cheers mates :juggs:
June 14, 2015, 11:28:09 PM by Luke[Dumke]
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Discuss this announcement here:

G'day mates!

Here is a short gameplay of our server;
We are aware that there are some issues/bugs, aswell as a few things are still a work in progress.

We hope you enjoyed our gameplay.
Find out more on the next episode of SundaysWithDBOR! :future: whenever that may be. 
May 18, 2015, 03:09:06 AM by West
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Discuss this announcement here:

Hi guys,
We've been struggling a little bit on what we would be posting today. As you know, we've posted all the major content worth seeing already as so many weeks passed by, so we ended up wondering if there is anything left to show.
That's why I'm here to ask you if there's something you'd particularly like to see, comment about it down below.

We are currently working on the 3 pillars mentioned on the last Development Diary:

  • Movement-System(including movement checks, and precise movement calculation)
  • Combat-System(including balanced combat)
  • Quest-System(This does not include TMQs/UDs)

However, these 3 things aren't something we'd like to "show", as they will keep on changing during the development process.

So, to sum up, if there isn't anything really major to show, we won't be posting anything for now until the gameplays are ready to be released.
Sorry if this disturbs you but we feel like we've already shown as much as the game has to offer.
See you!
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