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  • Today at 09:15:19 PM
    hahaha XD lol
  • Today at 08:50:16 PM
    and if someone else comes to your spot where you're farming to earn money you rage cuz he steals yo mobs and become like this: [link]
  • Today at 08:47:46 PM
    you mean jobs? xD ...we have 2 jobs...PvP or PvE hahahahahhahaa xD (money comes from PvE) :D
  • Today at 08:34:56 PM
    Man this would be awesome
  • Today at 08:34:49 PM
    Dumke, how about proffessions!!!? Like you can choose professions to earn money , like being a bus driver!? or maybe a cleaner? or chef ?
  • Today at 08:04:13 PM
    Never played it
  • Today at 07:56:45 PM
    master system like the one in Age of Wushu?
  • Today at 07:49:12 PM
    Guys , would Master system would be cool in DBO?
  • Today at 05:40:42 PM
    I use it a lot, although I haven't used it in the forums yet
  • Today at 05:40:34 PM
    I love that joke
  • Today at 05:28:18 PM
    @Tofu [link]
  • Today at 05:27:21 PM
    I like to give karma to people who deserve it
  • Today at 05:26:45 PM
    You can say I'm sort of a big deal...
  • Today at 05:21:17 PM
    You made me check my Karma changes... I got 2 from team members :D
  • Today at 04:15:04 PM
    I just read them lol
  • Today at 03:47:19 PM
  • Today at 03:45:47 PM
    Good for you :P
  • Today at 03:41:53 PM
    I saw Vegito had 8 and i read it and i laughed my ass off
  • Today at 03:41:16 PM
    You actually read downvotes?
  • Today at 03:40:54 PM
  • Today at 03:40:12 PM
    Read Vegito's downvotes and you'll see true comedy!
  • Today at 03:39:51 PM
  • Today at 03:38:56 PM
    You're Unworthy-er!!!
  • Today at 03:38:19 PM
    "You are not worthy of instruction of the immobile arts, LEAVE MY PRESENCE!"
  • Today at 03:38:07 PM
    reading Vegito's downvotes :3
May 18, 2015, 03:09:06 AM by West
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Discuss this announcement here:

Hi guys,
We've been struggling a little bit on what we would be posting today. As you know, we've posted all the major content worth seeing already as so many weeks passed by, so we ended up wondering if there is anything left to show.
That's why I'm here to ask you if there's something you'd particularly like to see, comment about it down below.

We are currently working on the 3 pillars mentioned on the last Development Diary:

  • Movement-System(including movement checks, and precise movement calculation)
  • Combat-System(including balanced combat)
  • Quest-System(This does not include TMQs/UDs)

However, these 3 things aren't something we'd like to "show", as they will keep on changing during the development process.

So, to sum up, if there isn't anything really major to show, we wouldn't be posting anything for now until the gameplays are ready to be released.
Sorry if this disturbs you but we feel like we've already shown as much as the game has to offer.
See you!
May 14, 2015, 11:15:40 AM by Luke[Dumke]
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Hello valued fans and supporters, as promised here is our Development Diary #3.
It will mainly be about some updates with some insight on our server.

Before we get into the diary, we'd like to re-explain our intention of the project:
We, DBOR, are dedicated to creating a great server. We want the server to be stable. We want it balanced.
That means, we want to show the best of DBO. There is no sense in showing the opposite, an unstable,  unplayable server.
There were so many games out there, that failed, or got bad feedback, due to bugs.
I know you all want to play DBO again. But let's not fail this awesome game, let's do it right, so everyone can enjoy it again.

Let's now talk about some updates!
We've done a lot in the last couple of weeks, a lot of minor updates, but also some really cool updates.
One of these 'cool updates' mentioned is the mob system we developed.
This includes the mob movement, and the mob aggro.

Now, seeing is Believing, so Enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed this little preview, we believe it makes the server feel more alive.

Now onto the actual Development Diary!

Server performance is one of the things we've been working hard on, to give you, the players, a great DBO experience

We changed a lot of the implementations to increase the performance in every action (Mob-System, User Actions, NPC Actions, general server events, E.T.C.)
In the following picture we'll show you the speed (in milliseconds) of a worst case scenario.
That means when the server has to perform a lot of actions.
This could happen, if all mobs would move + all mob's LP and EP are getting updated:

Time in milliseconds, for XX events.(LP,EP update or movement, etc.)

Of course, this will increase a bit with the amount of Players, who are online.
Though its value, is pretty low. It's this low, because we improved our algorithms, for example for the objects management.
Also our implementation is ready for multi-threading, in the simulation part, aswell as in the session part.
That means we can execute actions with less blocking of the CPU, this reduces server lag, if we were to have calculations that uses a lot of CPU at once.

As you can see, we feel pretty happy with our system base now.

So what is our plan from now?
We are going to improve the server constantly of course.
Rating server contents that we want to have ready, I personally would say, something like this:

  • Movement-System(including m
May 11, 2015, 10:39:04 AM by Luke[Dumke]
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Discuss this announcement here:

Greetings fans and valued supporters.

Due to some time constraints, we're going to have move our Development Diary to Thursday this week.
Hopefully this doesn't upset anyone, but we hope it will be worth the wait.

The Development Diary will be focused on several server updates we've designed aswell as something we've been working on as of late.
We believe that the work shown will make DBOR feel one step closer to feeling like vanilla DBO.

Sorry that this seems short,
But we hope to see you Thursday, for Development Diary #3!
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