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    DBS is going to be bad regardless
July 24, 2015, 01:31:06 AM by Luke[Dumke]
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Discuss this announcement here:


DBORevelations Translations Progress

Since we haven't shown anything game related lately, which is something completely out of our hands, as we are all very busy this time of year.
I'm going to show off what I've done so far with the English translations, and @LinkvsSangoku likewise will show off what he's done with his french translations.

Understand that, we're only translating languages that we fluently speak.
However along that we will have the original Korean and Chinese Languages present.

If you wish to translate to your own language yourself or with another person:
DBOR Languages
Everything you need is in that thread.

Now on with the thread;

This will be "technical" as this would be a fairly simple way to put it.
I'll be listing the files in which language strings are contained, with how many lines have been translated, and short summary what is contained within.
Pictures will provided to show off examples.


4,962 Lines Translated - Completely Translated
This file contains all UI(User Interface) text, aswell as all error messages that appear through out the game.

Spoiler for screenshots:


1,251 Lines Translated - Completely Translated
This file Contains Budokai I...
June 18, 2015, 06:13:48 PM by Luke[Dumke]
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G'day mates,

You can now Login and Register via Social Networks.

This list applies too;

- Steam
- Reddit
- Youtube
- Facebook
- Google+

- Twitter (When they stop denying my request for API use)

The register via social networks is particularly useful for people who have issues with our conventional registration system,
as it will not require the same authentication as others.

Spoiler for Hidden:

You can also attach your social networks to an already existing account via your account settings here;
Social Networks

Cheers mates :juggs:
June 14, 2015, 11:28:09 PM by Luke[Dumke]
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Discuss this announcement here:

G'day mates!

Here is a short gameplay of our server;
We are aware that there are some issues/bugs, aswell as a few things are still a work in progress.

We hope you enjoyed our gameplay.
Find out more on the next episode of SundaysWithDBOR! :future: whenever that may be. 
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